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Rickie Lee Jones - The Evening Of My Best Day

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Rickie Lee Jones - The Evening Of My Best Day

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Rickie Lee Jones - The Evening Of My Best Day
  • Rickie Lee Jones Evening Of My Best Day
    "they all smile they shake your hand they want to know your name y ou sit in your mothers room look through the window pane when they know you're not watching they talk behind your back they laugh about"
  • Rickie Lee Jones The Evening Of My Best Day
    "They all smile They shake your hand They want to know your name Y ou sit in your mothers room Look through the window pane When they know you're not watching They talk behind your back They laugh about"
  • The Browns Evening
    "Lying here beside you in the shadows With your body close to mine I can't help but wish that I could have you Here beside me all the time Knowing that I cannot keep you From your going when the day"
  • Mike Jones Jones
    "You can catch meHustlin, gridin, shakin haters who's whining I'm blindin the world, cause I was day 2 day grindin I'ma blow up, I told ya, think I'm lieing, I'ma show ya From Houston to Penscola we candy"
  • The Moody Blues Evening
    "(Evening: Time to Get Away) Evening has come to pass, The time of day doesn't last. Evening, has earned its place today, I'm tired of working away. Working, living it brings, Only way to have those things. Toiling"
  • Pat Benatar Evening
    "Evening, every night you come and you find me And you always remind me, that my baby's gone Evening, you got me deeper in your power Every minute seems like an hour Now that my baby's gone Shadows fall"
  • Unfinished Thought Evening
    "I've Got A Crystal Clear Conscience And An Alibi An Accidental Overdose That Flew Too High If It Weren't For This Ambivalence I'd Feel Alive If You're Looking For Advice On Broken Hearts And Tragedies I've"
  • Per Gessle Rickie Lee
    "Words and Music by Per Gessle Published by Music For Money/Inhouse Music Som en vrvind mot mitt ansikte / Ett hstlv p min stig / Eller en vit vit flagg som berttar / Att mit hjrta kommer hem frn ett krig"
  • Chris Rock Basketball Jones
    "(feat. Barry White) Basketball Jooooones I got a Basketball Jooooones I got a Basketball Jooooones, oh baby Ohhhhhhhhhhh, oh! [(Barry White) Chris Rock] (Jones) Hey, that's Barry White! (an obsession) (A"
  • Aceyalone Solomon Jones
    "A bunch of wild boys was hanging around At the local neighborhood saloon And some cat kept dropping quarters down in the jukebox Playing all the favorite tunes And back by the bar playing cards looking"
  • The Lightning Seeds My Best Day
    "Oh well you had to fit But you're fit to drop Open up the window and jump into the blue Things could be marvellous Things could be fabulous You need a push I'll push you off Open up the window and jump"
  • Mike Jones Mr. Jones
    "You can ride all day long Another mike dizzle production(Mike Jones) But you'll never catch Mr. Jones ha ha ha ha ha haaa(Mr. Jones) He's got a shot gun so (Who?) go back home (Who? Who? Who?) Cuz you'll"
  • Lindsey Buckingham Mary Lee Jones
    "Written by Lindsey Buckingham. Days were lonely and so were the nights She could not tell wrong from right. Body broken, worn to the bone, The final days of Mary Lee Jones, Mary Lee Jones. She could"
  • Beastie Boys Kenny Jones (country knows best)
    "This is a song 'bout an old country singer friend of mine His name is Kenny Jones He was a small town legend from Tennessee He went in search of the big city with some dreams he was lookin' for But things"
  • Rickie Lee Jones Where I Like It Best
    "I wanted to pray I wanted to let you go on your way I wanted to know why they laid there Dying in the streets next to the restaurant Where people were eating and yes I wanted to pray How do you pray in"
  • Carpark North Best Day
    "I'm back here in the states (thoughts turning over) I've seen the marks go by (beside you) I've dreamt about this place (with thoughts turning over) Of how this morning will arise IT'S THE BEST DAY OF"
  • Rickie Lee Jones 7th Day
    "If you believe You are light as air If you believe You will fly There is no tear that is stronger than The faith that's in your eye Look now at my body Broken there by the sin And all my friends who"
  • Danny Saucedo Best day
    "I never wanted more than I could fit in the palm of my handBut you were never satisfied by the stuff that stuck to the sole of your shoeI always find the bright side of a cloudy dayBut you always complain"
  • Sunny Day Real Estate Rodeo Jones
    "Off of my hand Flew a snow white dove Watch it disappear into the sun Your's a halo For dreams that sounded does Words are all on the page And tears and blood Off of my hand Flew the snow white dove Into"
  • Feist One Evening
    "The evening is long, my kisses were true, it's obviously you. That something you said, the timing was right, the pleasure was mine. The time and the place, the look on your face, sincerest of eyes. If"

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