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Rickie Lee Jones - The Last Chance Texaco

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Rickie Lee Jones - The Last Chance Texaco

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Rickie Lee Jones - The Last Chance Texaco
  • Rickie Lee Jones The Last Chance Texaco
    "A long stretch of headlights Bends into I-9 Tiptoe into truck stops And sleepy diesel eyes Volcanoes rumble in the taxi And glow in the dark Camels in the driver's seat A slow, easy mark But you ran out"
  • Diamond Rio Two Pump Texaco
    "(Michael Dulaney/Neil Thrasher) He was wipin' motor oil off her dipstick She was pullin' on the hair that got caught in her lipstick And with the smell of her perfume he forgot the smell of gasoline As"
  • Per Gessle Rickie Lee
    "Words and Music by Per Gessle Published by Music For Money/Inhouse Music Som en vrvind mot mitt ansikte / Ett hstlv p min stig / Eller en vit vit flagg som berttar / Att mit hjrta kommer hem frn ett krig"
  • Lindsey Buckingham Mary Lee Jones
    "Written by Lindsey Buckingham. Days were lonely and so were the nights She could not tell wrong from right. Body broken, worn to the bone, The final days of Mary Lee Jones, Mary Lee Jones. She could"
  • Rickie Lee Jones Second Chance
    "summertime and everything is sweet walking barefoot to the circle k on the burning street summertime and everything's on fire this town is a drive-by for the whole inland empire but down on the boulevard"
  • Rickie Lee Jones A Second Chance
    "Summertime and everything is sweet Walking barefoot to the circle k On the burning street Summertime and everything's on fire This town is a drive-by for the Whole inland empire But down on the boulevard They"
  • Brian McFadden Jones
    "Wake up JonesStop sleeping on your mama's couchWaiting for it to happenGet off home with your yellow finger tipsAnd belly full of whata could beensWell I could do, but I'm happy doing nothingThis way the"
  • Chris Rock Basketball Jones
    "(feat. Barry White) Basketball Jooooones I got a Basketball Jooooones I got a Basketball Jooooones, oh baby Ohhhhhhhhhhh, oh! [(Barry White) Chris Rock] (Jones) Hey, that's Barry White! (an obsession) (A"
  • High School Musical 3 Last Chance
    "Its out last chance to share the stage, before we go our separate ways. We should spend these final days together. Well be together Its our last chance for us to shine, to make some music one more time. So"
  • Sugarplum Fairy Last Chance
    "I got the clue from you looking at me Tired of waiting for you to turn me on It's getting late and this is my last dance Are you gonna take your last chance? Got the clue from you looking at me Tired"
  • Andy Williams Last Chance
    "Slow dance, last chance Time for romance Someone needs somebody Someone wants to share When a heart find each other Oh, love will be there It's a part of a game That's as old as the rain Slow dance, last"
  • Allure Last chance
    "This is my last dance with you This is my only chance to do all I can do To let you know that what I feel for you is real This is the last chance for us This is the moment that I just cannot let end Before"
  • Colony 5 Last Chance
    "Life is hard, for some people it's even a hell The smell of lack of hope every day I pass this way Begging for a way to get its own addiction relieved No minor roof over its head covered with some plastic"
  • Soft Cell Last Chance
    "In a city lost in time Somewhere sordid and sublime We met over a gin and lime One rainy evening Survivors clinging to the mast Trying to make the moment last just Two people way past their prime And how"
  • Kottonmouth Kings Last Chance
    "In this lifetime no one's guaranteed tomorrow So you make today the best day you can make it One life one chance This will be our last chance Our dying breath Last chance before the end Last chance"
  • Idiot Pilot Last Chance
    "There has to be good in here Have all things gold turned souvenir? But what was that you said? All the things we love we hate instead Last chance as if it could hurt Too much to be first The first admit"
  • Night Ranger Last Chance
    "Drifting down a river turning back Wishing I could turn the water black Wishing someone else could here my screams Wishing you were here to rescue me Fools remain but nothing gold can stay All that glitters"
  • Swingin' Utters Last Chance
    "the last of the daydreams have walked out the open door avoiding any problems they might've had with the social law well, i remember Tuesday and every last day of my life and i'll never forget anything"
  • Turin Brakes Last Chance
    "This is the last chance, The last chance to heed the call, This is the moment, The moment awaits us all You've got so many questions, Buzzing around your brain yeah This is the last time, The last time"
  • Switched Last Chance
    "Why do I try to mend this pain, it haunts me. The times we spent, only memories washed away ... I'll wait another day searching for you, my friend. What have you done to deserve this. My last chance"

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