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Rickie Lee Jones Firewalker

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Rickie Lee Jones Firewalker

  • Firewalker - Rickie Lee Jones
    "Julie got some ecstasy, she laid down on the steering wheel Love comes to the first thing love sees Love comes to the first thing that makes it real, makes it real Everybody's been hit, everybody's been"
  • Rickie Lee - Per Gessle
    "Words and Music by Per Gessle Published by Music For Money/Inhouse Music Som en vrvind mot mitt ansikte / Ett hstlv p min stig / Eller en vit vit flagg som berttar / Att mit hjrta kommer hem frn ett krig"
  • Firewalker - Slapshot
    "Firewalker - a smooth talker, who likes to prey on the weak Firewalker - a false promise to a disciple you seek Firewalker - you're preaching wisdom, that you don't know at all Firewalker - we're just"
  • Firewalker - LIZ PHAIR
    "My hopes are like embers lying around inside a firebed and Your mind is a firewalker, it steps on them like they are dead but I can grow In spite of all you know You might not recognize me tomorrow Yes"
  • Mary Lee Jones - Lindsey Buckingham
    "Written by Lindsey Buckingham. Days were lonely and so were the nights She could not tell wrong from right. Body broken, worn to the bone, The final days of Mary Lee Jones, Mary Lee Jones. She could"
  • Basketball Jones - Chris Rock
    "(feat. Barry White) Basketball Jooooones I got a Basketball Jooooones I got a Basketball Jooooones, oh baby Ohhhhhhhhhhh, oh! [(Barry White) Chris Rock] (Jones) Hey, that's Barry White! (an obsession) (A"
  • Nathan Jones - Diana Ross & The Supremes
    "NO MATTER WHAT SIGN YOU ARE The Supremes Capricorn, Scorpio, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo Cancer, Pieces, Leo, Libra, Aries, Aquarius, Sagitarius The moon shines bright above and the charts declare it's not"
  • Hey, Bub - Rickie Lee Jones
    "(Written by Rickie Lee Jones) I would call him, Hey Bub He had a little place he kept for me And he would tell me - (poof) Boy, we were so in love He moved us to a home there A place where he'd take"
  • Letters From The 9th Ward / Walk Away Renee - Rickie Lee Jones
    "(Rickie Lee Jones / Brown-Calilli-Sansone) And when I see the sign that points one way The lot we used to pass by every day Just walk away Renee You won't see me follow you back home The empty sidewalks"
  • Jones - Mike Jones
    "You can catch meHustlin, gridin, shakin haters who's whining I'm blindin the world, cause I was day 2 day grindin I'ma blow up, I told ya, think I'm lieing, I'ma show ya From Houston to Penscola we candy"
  • Coolsville - Rickie Lee Jones
    "I and Braggar, and Junior Lee, well that's the way we always thought it would be In the wind-strewn leaves of September, how we met Decked out like aces, we'd beat anybody's bet Cuz we was Coolsville....cuz"
  • Bitchenostrophy - Rickie Lee Jones
    "Close your eyes and dream of me You've found the one you love Life is long and then it's through But you go on and on Nous serons une nuit brillante Comme tous les papillons Longue (est) la vie La mort...ce"
  • Autumn Leaves -- With Rob Wasserman - Rickie Lee Jones
    "C'est une chanson, Qui nous ressemble, Toi qui m'aimais, Et je t'aimais, Nous vivions tous les deux ensemble, Toi qui m'aimais, Moi qui t'aimais, Mais la vie spare, Ceux qui s'aiment, Tout doucement,"
  • Little Mysteries - Rickie Lee Jones
    "A gypsy boy came up to you With a newspaper spread across his arm To hid his fingers in your pocket... Meanwhile, in another part of town I buy a ticket for a game And la petite femme, smoking les gitanes Is"
  • Myzsterious Mizster Jones - Slade
    "(Noddy Holder & Jimmy Lea) He'll wanna read you palm And keep you calm Gotta Voodoo head on a lucky charm With a snake tatoo Going down his arm The myzsterious mizster Jones Well he's the living proof Of"
  • Jones - Brian McFadden
    "Wake up JonesStop sleeping on your mama's couchWaiting for it to happenGet off home with your yellow finger tipsAnd belly full of whata could beensWell I could do, but I'm happy doing nothingThis way the"
  • Mr. Jones - Mike Jones
    "You can ride all day long Another mike dizzle production(Mike Jones) But you'll never catch Mr. Jones ha ha ha ha ha haaa(Mr. Jones) He's got a shot gun so (Who?) go back home (Who? Who? Who?) Cuz you'll"
  • Casey Jones - Spike Jones
    "You all know Casey was the engineeer, but have you heard the story of the bombardier? Casey Junior was a gentlemen's name, he's the fighting son of Casey and his name was the same. The call to scramble"
  • Jones Vs. Jones - Kool & The Gang
    "We don't feel like talking There's nothing to be said I guess it's just confusion Rolling 'round our heads Still, we know there's love here The hardest part of all, babe It breaking up and out So here"
  • Lee - Tenacious D
    "Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Leeee, Leeee, Leeee, Leeee! Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, We're talkin' fuckin' Lee! I had a friend named Lee He cast a spell, A spell on mee! If me and Lee, and"

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