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Rico Bernasconi ft. Natalie T party in mykonos

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Rico Bernasconi ft. Natalie T party in mykonos

  • Mykonos - Fleet Foxes
    "The door slammed loud and rose up a cloud of dust on us Footsteps follow, down through the hollow sound, torn up And you will go to Mykonos With a vision of a gentle coast And a sun to maybe dissipate Shadows"
  • Natalie - Stephen Duffy
    "I hear music in colors I see it in the air And all the sisters and brothers I see them there When all the lights go out all over town And all the pretty fireworks fall down I'm waiting for a wake up call"
  • Rico - Angry Salad
    "I'd say for certain to watch over me Phone rings at half past three I'd say for certain to watch over me When the phone rings at half past three My mind and it's coming back to back To me from my dreams Only"
  • Rico - Vandals
    "I live in the land of the freeways Home of the smog and traffic The sun and the air The mountains and sea Streams and palm trees The valleys... The canyons... The mountains... The beaches... Hollywood,"
  • Guacala Q Rico - Molotov
    "(orgasmo femenino) Dónde jugarn las nias decentes, las que leen libros y usan lentes, que no tengan caca en la mente, sepa la verge es que no existe. Hazte la mustia enfrente de tus amigas"
  • Natalie - Dr. Hook
    "If makin' money was easy as spendin' money I'd have spendin' money to spend on you Believe me honey, I'd be spendin' money like a fool I know all of my money is nothin' but spendin' money To a rich man"
  • Natalie - David Crosby
    "(Stephen Bishop) First time I saw her she was still in school Chewin' on a pencil playin' pool Stayin' up all night And full of dreams I've known her family ever since we were small Gettin' in trouble"
  • Natalie - Bruno Mars
    "Oh, I never done this before Never wanna do this again Wrong turn on a dusty road I did it to myself, I can't pretend Well, I learned just a little too late Good God, I must've been blind 'Cause she got"
  • Natalie - Duffy Stephen
    "And so we're chastened We feel so insecure We're frightened Now not sleeping around's Enlightened What did we do wrong? While love bereaves me I can't believe in me Natalie it started Only an hour ago Lying"
  • Natalie - Bell X1
    "Natalie always seem to notice These traces of our lives before this But Natalie always seemed to notice me She said we must leave, uproot, erase this For this is the kind of love that maims us And"
  • Natalie - But Alive
    "Hier kommt die multikulturelle Doppelmoral, eine Handvoll integrieren und der Rest ist egal. Ihr wollt Weltfrieden spielen in Eurem Wohlstandsghetto, und das ist auch gar nicht schwer mit deinen 3,2 Netto. Willst"
  • Party Anthem (Ft. Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Missy Elliott) - Timbaland
    "It's that modern day Tony Stark, biggest dog in the game with the biggest bark Money, money, money, money don't make the man Man make the money with the biggest master plan I got the, got the, got the,"
  • Traum Von Mykonos - Die Flippers
    "In der Taverne mit Freunden da sa ich beim roten Wein da sangen sie Lieder und waren ein kleines Stck daheim. In ihren Worten klang Sehnsucht und ein Gefhl in mir sag' heute Nacht geht ein Traum auf"
  • Barrio Rico - Traidores
    "Barrio rico, barrio rico, barrio rico Donde no puedes poner tus sucios pies Barrio rico Donde no hay nada que temer Nio rico Con la cabeza llena de intereses Idiotas Que en la miseria y el hambre no creen Barrio"
  • Puerto Rico - Colin Hay
    "Lolita standing on the corner Such beauty in one so young Her eyes stare only for a moment With the sun's glare She is gone It's one world, one world to another No warning of things to come The splendour"
  • Puerto Rico - Vaya Con Dios
    "Wake up Angelita, your mama just turned off the light Manolo is already waiting by the old water-pipe Her shoes in one hand she carefully walks down the stairs Holding her breath 'cause there's danger"
  • Whoop Rico - Soulja Boy
    "When we start dancing What we do. We hurt they feelings. When we start dancing What we do. We hurt the feelings. Security step up deep Whoop rico and break his neck. Whoop rico and break his neck."
  • Murda (ft. Pusha T) - Kid Ink
    "I got a piece, for all the drama Walking around like I'm president Obama Yeah you see me with the team, deeper than the secret service Drop-drop-drop it down baby girl, you know it's worth it Heard you"
  • Ain't No Way (ft. 6LACK, Rico Nasty, JID & Jasiah) - Denzel Curry
    "Ain't no way niggas still doubt me after this shit Ain't no way you been here this long and still ain't rich I done dumped my savings and my dreams like ayy Pull up on your bitch like wait Still talkin'"
  • Ghost (ft. Rico & Miella) - StadiumX & Tom Swoon
    "Ghost, If you hear me, leave me alone. I can't take another night of your haunting, please go. Love, If you hear me, leave me alone. Find some other place to rest your soul I'm not going anywhere I think"

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