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Rigor Mortis

  • Rigor Mortis - Immolation
    "You're dying but you're still alive Slow gradual decay Doused with chemicals forever your cursed To walk the earth as undead Eating the brains the way to endure The painfulness of death Stiffening"
  • Rigor Mortis - Temple Of Metal
    "Dark bogs draw my walk, Dark bogs draw my walk, My steps arrive at the sight of my lord. Only the scepter of my king will understand my thirst for revenge by now placated gives birth in me... memories"
  • Reggae Mortis - Voltaire
    "I...find it very very scary To be diggin' in a cemetery In a cool Jamaican breeze There's a zombie; I set him free I let him loose from his grave Kingston-town is no more safe An experiment malign With"
  • Obscura Arcana Mortis - Forgotten Tomb
    "On the path to darkness, the darkness of these nights Through the fog we' re dressed with our black robes Silence... The wolves will lead us towards the place of nightmares... A deserted house stands"
  • Uno Momento Mortis - Grzegorz Turnau
    "Nim napiszesz wiersz pomyśl i zważ jak dalece słuszny to krok i czy naprawdę masz czas żeby pisać wiersz żeby pisać wiersz Może raczej wstań może lepiej leż literatura jest piękna i bez podobnie"
  • In Articulo Mortis - Vicious Crusade
    "Mon Dieu, dis-moi, comment dois-je exister? Mon Dieu, dis-moi, comment fuir les peches? Mon Dieu, dis-moi, puis-je surmonter le monde Qui nait, qui meurt et ne que hurie et gronde? Reponds, mon Dieu, comment"
  • Sopor Fratrem Mortis Est - Sopor Aeternus
    ""... kiss the corpse, the blessed sigh, enter the garden of the night. Shed a tear, suspended in fear ... - Every soul is starving here ..." The silence of the graves is not silent at all: Millions of"
  • Asphyxia - Rigor Mortis
    "The blood is pounding in my head I feel a tightness in my chest The room is spinning backwards and I cannot seem to catch my breath My life flashes before my eyes I realize I'm gonna choke to death (Chorus:) Asphyxia"
  • Bodily Dismemberment - Rigor Mortis
    "Welcome to my room my dear I'll show you a good time It's too bad that you never heard my fetish is a crime There's no need to worry bitch, just lay there and relax And as you reach your climax I'll be"
  • Cattle Mutilation - Rigor Mortis
    "Deep in the forrest where few men have been Stands a house black as sin All who have been there are dead or insane Shocking things lurk within All fear the house where the haunted are dwelling! Horrible"
  • Chained In The Attic - Rigor Mortis
    "Mother died when I was born, all her insides ripped and torn Father hates the sight of me - I'm an oddity! I'm the ugly hidden son kept away from everyone Captive in a private cell - acrimony swells!"
  • Condemned To Hell - Rigor Mortis
    "I knew my destination from my moment of birth I'd live my life my own way and wreak havoc on Earth Through my entire childhood most everyone could tell I have no earthly master 'cause I'm condemned to"
  • Contagious Contamination - Rigor Mortis
    "Blood, blood - runs from putrid sores Screams, screams- worse than any war Toxic, toxic - Sick contamination Raping, raping - Through our planet's nations Gruesome crimson bodies Suffer final anguish"
  • Dead Fish - Rigor Mortis
    "Thrown in a meat grinder shredding the flesh Is it human intestines or is it dead fish' Locked in a freezer destined to die Hung up on a meat hook and waiting to dry Wouldn't you like to meat Dead"
  • Demons - Rigor Mortis
    "We are instruments of evil we come straight from hell We're the legions of the demons that are haunting for the kill Cathedrals are now cemetaries doom is all you see We have come to take the world and"
  • Die In Pain - Rigor Mortis
    "Born on a battlefield and baptized in blood You took your first steps in the red reeking mud Killed your first man at the age of thirteen Life's lessons taught you to be cruel and mean All your prayers"
  • Freaks - Rigor Mortis
    "The faces deformed and grotesque The disfigured bodies and limbs You cringe at the sickening sight The freaks are accepting you in Hide your disgust as they greet you They cannot help their misfortune"
  • Mummified - Rigor Mortis
    "Entrapped by cold nowhere to go they wait below Crypt of darkness silent abyss eternal unrest Entombed in this place the light of day can't penetrate Exhumed to discover the deathless remains waiting"
  • Psycho Therapy - Rigor Mortis
    "Psycho therapy Psycho therapy Psycho therapy That's what they wanna give me Psycho therapy Psycho therapy Psycho therapy All they wanna give me I'm a teenage schizoid The one your parents despise Psycho"
  • Re-Animator - Rigor Mortis
    "He seeks fresh bodies in the morgue to test his new creation Injecting serum in the corpses for the hope of re-animation He has conquered brain death, welcome back to life! Re-animator, re-animate me The"

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