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Rihanna - Diamonds -In The Sky-

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Rihanna - Diamonds -In The Sky-

  • Diamonds - The Cult
    "Drop all your You ain't got nothing to say My girls no flirt she can walk and she walks like she talks My girl fade away she got diamonds every day don't even when she walks away she's all mine she decides She's"
  • Diamonds - The Boxer Rebellion
    "Pretty little thing did you feel something Did you always want me to be something To mend a broken a heart From a Devil of shallow nonsense Turned your world upside down Whatever said that it'd mean something Whatever"
  • Diamonds - Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
    "You told me you love me you told me you care But when I'm around you it's like I'm not there. I need a reminder something I can see Something on my finger shines so brightly. Don't you know diamonds"
  • Diamonds - Janet Jackson
    "You tell me you love me You tell me you care But when I'm around you It's like I'm not there I need a reminder Something can see Something on my finger Shining so brightly Don't you know Diamonds"
  • Diamonds - Chris Rea
    "Oh getaway and don't come back Who do you think you're fooling with lies like that? You have dreams that set the rain on fire Burning with a cheap desire And it's plain as grey that what you say Have meanings"
  • Diamonds - Janet
    "You tell me you love me You tell me you care But when I'm around you, it's like I'm not there I need a reminder, something I can see Something on my finger, shining so brightly Chorus: Don't you know,"
  • Diamonds - Sunrise Avenue
    "You woke up to hate your life again Feeling it's all been said and seen today Woke up to fake your smile again You're not the one; you're not the one You feel bittersweet when others win You'd rather"
  • Angel (ft. Rihanna) - Zayn Malik
    "I need an angel to save me from myself holding my savior to keep my hearth upon shelf do you remember the things we said the things we’d left calling for ever for every passing moment left I need an"
  • Too Good (feat. Rihanna) - Drake
    "I don’t know how to talk to you I don’t know how to ask you if you’re ok. My friends always feel the need to tell me things Seems like they’re just happier than these days These days I don’t know how"
  • Eddy & Diamonds - Neal Casal
    "Let's just say I've got my soul set I'm finding things out Too many seem to have forgotten This is a mighty small town Eddy and Diamonds Threw caution farther to the wind Then all the cuss that said "I"
  • Diamonds & Stones - Laika
    "It is long gone This right went wrong Stop your cryin child Diamonds and stones My skin my bones Stop your cryin child 'Cause the time has been and gone Might as well just move along The days go by I"
  • Sky - Craving Theo
    "I can sense this feeling coming over me Kind of scary, please tell me what it might be Starting to feel a little distant now Wonder why it's time to leave this place Reach out touch the sky Reach out"
  • Sky - Ayaka
    "Ameagari no niji wo mita yo Sorakara no eeru kara Puraido to ka meiyo nante Ima wa sa oite yukou kata no ni hazu shite Fly to the sky ryou te wo hirogete kaze kanjite Fly to the sky kareteta hana ni mizu"
  • Diamonds and why men buy them - Pierce The Veil
    "Oh no, here we go again I look to receive what the earth and sea Had thought it'd be best not to even give me Even give me Now you say that I never bother you The way he did (Now open eyes) Now I saw"
  • Diamonds and pearls - Monrose
    "Diamonds and pearls girls can never get enough of diamonds and pearlsMonrose The diamonds are the girls best friendBoys I need the kind of thing bigger than any blingDiamonds Make it shine into my eyes"
  • Four Little Diamonds - ELO
    "''Is this on? OK, after four! Four!'' I used to think she was the greatest thing I really can't give her a diamond ring She said she'd rather die than ever leave me Well, I never saw her face since then And"
  • Queen Of Diamonds - Chiodos
    "Look at all that rain Let it keep on rain What light is for lovers High on their seats undercover So get up and leave the room So get up and leave the room And lose what you love So get up and leave the"
  • Fistful Of Diamonds - WASP
    "Money makes me crazy Money drives me insane Diamonds, silver, gold, and precious steel I want it all It's mine to claim I hold my hands out, I take it all I want a fistful, fistful of diamonds I live"
  • Fistful Of Diamonds - W.A.S.P.
    "Money makes me crazy, money drives me insane Diamonds, silver, gold, and precious steel I want it all, it's mine to claim I hold my hands out, I take it all I want a fistful, fistful of diamonds I"
  • The Sky! - The Junior Varsity
    "So tired and half insane I'm fed a steady diet of novacaine But it's not enough to numb the pain But when the sky, the sky comes falling down And our burned up bodies reach into the ground There's voices"

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