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Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad (Control Room)

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Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad (Control Room)

  • Good Girl Gone Bad - Rihanna
    "We stay moving around solo Ask us where you at, we don't know And don't care (don't care) All we know is we was at home 'cause you left us there You got your boys and got gone and left us all alone Now"
  • Good Girl Gone Bad (Deutsche - Rihanna
    "Wir bleiben zuhause, gehen nur wenig raus Fragt uns wo ihr seid - Wir wissen es nicht & es interessiert uns nicht! Als was wir wissen ist, dass wir zuhause sind, weil ihr uns da zurck gelassen habt! Ihr"
  • Good Girl Gone Bad - Kiss
    "It ain't love, but it ain't so bad She ain't nothin' like you ever had Face of a woman, hands of a child, yeah Been a long time comin', now she's goin' wild Well I know she ain't the girl next door She"
  • Good Girl Gone Bad - Scarface
    "Mikey woke us up when he beeped us Said he found some dope, not only dope but it was cheapest Gave me the numbers, I said "Yo B, My nigga Mike done found some bricks 11-7 a ki" (yeah) It didn't sound legit,"
  • Good girl gone bad - Lil Wayne
    "Okay, I'm talkin' about aGood girl, gone badCrooked world, wrong pathRight Mom, wrong DadI sing this song mad, but not mad enough to shoot youBut it just eats me up, like some bbq from Luther'sIn the mornin'"
  • Good Girls Gone Bad - Ne-Yo
    "We stay moving around solo Ask us where you at We dont know and dont care (dont care) All we know is we was at home cuz you left us there You got your boys and got gone and left us all alone Now she in"
  • Bad Broad (Good Girl Gone Bad) - Chrome Division
    "I opened up and gave you everything It didn't mean much to you You were never satisfied I never knew what to do Every feeling you ever gave me Was just a fake The only thing that you ever wanted Was to"
  • Good Man Gone Bad - B.B. King
    "I want you to stop right there, baby Baby, and try to understand Hey, I might have been your fool for a while, baby But I know I'm a good loving man And you shouldn't lie to me, baby Makes me mad as a"
  • My name is Rihanna - Rihanna
    "New on the streets, my name's Rihanna... I'm a soldier true and true, I know I make it true the storm... I really want you to realize, I really want you to put me on... I've been searching for some fire"
  • Good Girl Goes Bad - Spice 1
    "Intro: Aha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha BLAOW! Y'know I'm sure all you hustlers out there know every rose got its thorns Aha-ha You know I gotta lil' some some y'all probably dobe been thru before If"
  • Girl Gone Wild - Madonna
    "It’s so hypnotic The way he pulls on me It’s like the force of gravity Right up under my feet It’s so erotic This feeling can’t be beat It’s coursing through my whole body Feel the heat I got that burnin’"
  • Bad girl - Black Buddafly
    "Guess who (hey, hey) F to the A-B (hey) Black Buddafly Let's go And I'm a bad boy Like Martin and Will Show u what u been missin' Like da kids on the carton of milk Hey, I can snatch something bad outta"
  • Bad Girl - Scarlet
    "I've given up and that's a shame when you're a dreamer I've had enough And that's hard on a believer I'm gonna take back control You took the shine off my soul No I'm not stopping now I've given all I"
  • Good Lovin' Gone Bad - Bad Company
    "If I hear you knocking hard up on my door Ain't no way that I'm gonna answer it 'Cos cheating is one thing and lying is another And when I say it's over that's it I'm gonna quit, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah Now"
  • Girl Gone Bad - Van Halen
    "Ah, lazy eyes in the summer heat Fresh from out of town Now she's working on the street Shake them poor boys down Woo (Girl) Woo, Girl gone bad, ye-ah (Girl) Girl gone bad Found that girl with a lonesome"
  • Walks Like Rihanna - The Wanted
    "Have you seen that girl, have you seen her She's the freakiest thing, you gotta need her You do whatever it takes to get her by your side, woah It's not the way she smiles, with her little laugh It's not"
  • Good good girl - 3LW
    "Should I give you some, that is the question And will it change the way you look at me I have been so afraid while you've been so patient My mother would have a fit if she could see... You made a good"
  • Good Girl - Dezire
    "I can't believe what I did I left my homie's I'm with And found myself kinda new, damn you I usually don't act like that Now I behave really bad And so I came with the spot, so hot And I said: I"
  • Good Boy Gone Bad - TXT (투모로우바이투게더)
    "yeongweoniran mal wie motjilhae gwanttukkeongeul deopeo neon yakhaeppajyeosseotteon nal wanjeonhi bakkweonwasseo nan nega dwego shipeo jongil geoul ape seoseo eolgureul halkwieo, shimjangeul samkyeo nareul"
  • Bad For Good - Meat Loaf
    "(Steinman) The sea is whipping the sky The sky is whipping the sea You can hide away forever from the storm But you'll never hide away from me The icy cold will cut us like a knife in the dark And we"

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