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Rihanna The last song

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Rihanna The last song

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Rihanna The last song
  • The Wanted Walks Like Rihanna
    "Have you seen that girl, have you seen her She's the freakiest thing, you gotta need her You do whatever it takes to get her by your side, woah It's not the way she smiles, with her little laugh It's not"
  • Nicole Scherzinger Winning women (feat Rihanna)
    "Introduction: Nicole. Ri-Rihanna. Ni-Ni-Nicole. Ri-Rihanna. Ni-Ni-Nicole. Ri-Rihanna. Ni-Ni-Nicole. Gonna win it no limit, strong women we are. Gotta win it no limit, strong women we are. Gonna win it"
  • Eminem The Monster (feat. Rihanna)
    "I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed Get along with the voices inside of my head You're trying to save me, stop holding your breath And you think I'm crazy, yeah, you think I'm crazy I wanted"
  • Drake Too Good (feat. Rihanna)
    "I don’t know how to talk to you I don’t know how to ask you if you’re ok. My friends always feel the need to tell me things Seems like they’re just happier than these days These days I don’t know how"
  • Busta Rhymes Pon De Replay (Remix) Rihanna
    "Come Mr. DJ song pon de replay Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up All the gals pon the dance floor wanting some more what Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up You got a hotter other than"
  • Rihanna My name is Rihanna
    "New on the streets, my name's Rihanna... I'm a soldier true and true, I know I make it true the storm... I really want you to realize, I really want you to put me on... I've been searching for some fire"
  • Rihanna The Last Time
    "Once was a time you and I Made a promise till the day we die I trusted each and every word Never thinking that I'd get burned Silly me I believed in your fairy tales Boy I thought that I knew you so very"
  • Sean Paul Break It Off (Ft Rihanna)
    "(Sean Paul) Breaking it off and setting it off in the real way Making the girls them chill them mind (feel fine) making them have a good time Yeah man, SPZ yo, long side Ri, Ri Come down now Rihanna,"
  • Mike WiLL Made It Nothing Is Promised (ft. Rihanna)
    "Ain;t none of this shit promise /4x Ain;t none of this shit certain /2x Ain;t none of us perfect I hope it was worth it! Shopping in Paris We going to shopping in Paris, Nigga They can’t even compare"
  • Rihanna Last Time
    "Once was a time, You and I made a promise to the day we die, I trusted each and every word, Never thinking I get burned, Silly me, I believed in your fairy tales, Boy I thought that I knew you so very"
  • The Cardigans Last Song
    "Words/Music: Sveningsson the night she died in the rented room as the whole town was sleeping she held her breath like a star in bloom could burn down tomorrow the summer breeze was caressing me as I"
  • Shakira Can’t Remember To Forget You (ft. Rihanna)
    "I left a note on my bedpost Said: "Not to repeat yesterday's mistakes" What I tend to do when it comes to you I see only the good, selective memory! It’s makes me feel You've never met someone so different And"
  • The All American Rejects Last song
    "This may be the last thing that i write for longCan you hear me smiling when i sing this song, for you and onlyyouAs I leave will you be someone to say good-byeAs I leave will you be someone to wipe your"
  • Zayn Malik Angel (ft. Rihanna)
    "I need an angel to save me from myself holding my savior to keep my hearth upon shelf do you remember the things we said the things we’d left calling for ever for every passing moment left I need an"
  • Biffy Clyro Umbrella (Rihanna Cover)
    "You have my heart And we'll never be worlds apart Maybe in magazines, but you'll still be my star Baby 'cause in the dark, you can't see shiny cats And that's when you need me there With you I'll always"
  • Kinky Machine Last Song
    "??? Only because she takes my loose change And down the twisted course I find myself tied to the reins This is the last song This is the last song I ever wanna sing This is the last song This is the last"
  • Hale Last Song
    "I'm breathing the air I'm thinking of what you've done and said You crumpled my heart I was down on my knees I'm hurting down inside Wondered if you still even cared I've cried all alone I'm done with"
  • The Smashing Pumpkins The last song
    "This is the last song This is the last song I'll sing for you This is the last song This is the last song I can give you The roaring city sleeps Metal fingers clutching dirty sheets And no one comes for"
  • Jerry Jeff Walker Last song
    "Well this might be the last song that I'm ever gonna write Cause the world seems more confused to me than any time in my life I know it all sounds crazy but, if it turns out to be true Than the last song"
  • John Entwistle Last Song
    "I go where the music takes me A turn the music takes me home She knows she can never shake me The longest love I've ever known Now I can't stop, stop living this life One note at a time, the words you"

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