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Ripynt - To the Top

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Ripynt - To the Top

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Ripynt - To the Top
  • Garret Top
    "Slow paces are taking me home My head dont really know where Im coming from In that dark street Ive just been in Ive heard a shot and somebody scream People get down everyday but... hey Rain started to"
  • Live Top
    "this is not helping me at all what you are doing here in the name of god and love it's the distribution of fear pyramids, healing wires, analysts with fame I haven't got your degree and I forgot your name pick"
  • The Cure The Top
    ""I don't care" If only I could say that And not feel so sick and scared "I don't care" If only I could say that If only my eyes would close... "It's Jesus brilliant" You used to laugh "Walking these gorgeous"
  • Twin Shadow To the top
    "Oh, I know it's not the right time tonight But I won't move until this stops Go back to the top Back to the top You will never belong to me Now I can see the light That you are Never good at controlling"
  • Peter Andre To The Top
    "Take it to the top'Cos I never wanna stopTo the top, c'monTake it to the top'Cos I never wanna stopTo the top, come onDon't try to play me downTake it to the top'Cos I never wanna stopTo the top, come"
  • August Premier To The Top
    "there's only one thing in this world worth living for there's only one thought in my head i won't ignore it's only raining over me this time climbing up just to cover our mistakes so we'll take this to"
  • Bleach To The Top
    "You climb to the top you never would stop To look at the bodies you left on the floor With knives in their backs you made your attack And now you're thirsting for more But someone is gonna have to pay You"
  • Waltari The Top
    ""All's well that ends well": everybody simply decides to vanish into thin air and disappear into the pages of internet! Let's go to the top! To the top! Top! Let's go to the top! To the top! Top! Top! "
  • The Style Council Shout To The Top
    "I was half in mind - I was half in need, And as the rain came down - I dropped to my knees and prayed I said "oh Heavenly thing - please cleanse my soul, I've seen all on offer and I'm not impressed at"
  • The Killers On Top
    "Remember Rio and get down Like some other DJ, in some other town She's been trying to tell me to hold tight But I've been waiting this whole night But I've been down across a road or two But now I've"
  • The Raconteurs Top Yourself
    "How are you going to top yourself When there is nobody else How are you gonna do it by yourself Cus I'm not gonna be here to help you Yeah (Alright) How you gonna top yourself When there is nobody"
  • The Osborne Brothers Rocky Top
    "Wish that I was on old Rocky Top Down in the Tennessee hills Ain't no smoggy smoke on Rocky Top Ain't no telephone bills Once I had a girl on Rocky Top Half bear the other half cat Wild as a mink but"
  • The Moldy Peaches On Top
    "Just a cool cat in a small town (small town) Working my ass at a Walbounds (Walbounds) Waiting to groove in a hip town (hip town) Get down I'm waiting for the sound of a new town Trying to avoid a little"
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers Top Rankin'
    "They don't want to see us unite: All they want us to do is keep on fussing and fighting They don't want to see us live together: All they want us to do is keep on killing one another Top rankin', top"
  • The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Rocky Top
    "Wish that I was on ole rocky top, Down in the tennessee hills. Ain't no smoggy smoke on rocky top, Ain't no telephone bills. Once there was a girl on rocky top, Half bear the other half cat. Wild as a"
  • The Goo Goo Dolls Flat Top
    "Flat top intervention Bringing home the new invention See it there in pieces on the ground A television war between the cynics and the saints Flip the dial and that's whose side you're on Sleeping on the"
  • Dubstar Rise To The Top
    "Day to day Your eyes are cold Living turned to rot Make your way through everything With never time to stop And with the way You're looking everyday You know that Things are gonna get worse And the thoughts"
  • Sammy Hagar Straight To The Top
    "You say you like to have a good time You're no different than the rest And you know it's not the first time That you've given it your best But for some unknown reason This one went straight to the top And"
  • Kate Alexa Way To The Top
    "I'm not just a girl, another bimbo with diamonds and pearls. Hear me when I say, I'm gonna break through and show you my way. I'll show you where I stand, your gonna see me for all that I am. Its time"
  • High School Musical Cast Bop To The Top
    "Mucho gusto Ai qui fabolosa ay ay ay Arrrrriba Quieres Bailar? Mirame I believe in dreaming Shooting for the stars Baby to be number one You've got to raise the bar Kicking and a"

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