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Rival Schools - Holding Sand

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Rival Schools - Holding Sand

  • Holding Sand - Rival Schools
    "Sew a late seed And so inside A cast out, unwanted son A crawl to what you want Sit down, you fault, you run away from anyone And where you live, I feel most on A corner of space that you don run And guard"
  • Rival - Pearl Jam
    "all my rivals will see what i have in store, my gun... i've been harboring fleets in this reservoir, red sun... and this nation's about to explode your disciples are riddled with metaphors, well hung... better"
  • The Switch - Rival Schools
    "Another quarter mile, we can stop running Must be on time Holding the lost files A drop off coming Too soon for us This is the switch One day, one far from wee in now Wel look back and laugh If we make"
  • My Echo - Rival Schools
    "Three voices on the phone Between me, you and my echo Decide to let me know That you can't hear at all Constant interference of my echo Can you give me clearance, Clarence? Some relief, I long to be back"
  • Travel By Telephone - Rival Schools
    "Must have been a mistake While you make things hard for me Wouldn hurt you at all if I didn have to Give in it our first fight Now that I see this side I want to more than I did before This night has opened"
  • Rival - Berryz Kobo
    "Go! Go! Fight! Go! Go! Fight! hitotsu futatsu ookiku mawase mittsu yottsu saa yukou {Go! Go! Fight!} lalala lalala ai no utagoe ga kikoete kuru kara koi suru dake nara natoka naru kedo ai suru to naru"
  • Holding Back - Dougie MacLean
    "It's in the darkness of believing It's in the shadows where we have to stand Beside the loving and the grieving O I'll never understand It's in the way it has to reach us It's in the restless of the shifting"
  • The Sand - Hippos
    "you say neglect is all I understand I know I haven't done the best I can if I don't change my selfish ways today you say you'll go away to my dismay grab your thongs we're going for a ride singing songs"
  • Schools Out - Lisa
    "No More Teachers, No More Books. No More Pencils, No More Looks. No More Crayons or Erasers, No More Notebooks, Desks or Papers. No More Classes, Chairs or Rulers, Cause it's Summer, Hot"
  • Schools Out - A Teens
    "Well we got no choice All the girls and boys Making all that noise Cuz theyve found new toys We cant salute ya, Cant find a flag If that dont suit ya Thats a drag Schools out for summer Schools out forever Im"
  • They Schools - Dead Prez
    "Why haven't you learned anything? Man that school shit is a joke The same people who control the school system control The prison system, and the whole social system Ever since slavery, nawsayin? I"
  • My Rival - Steely Dan
    "The wind was driving in my face The smell of prickly pear The milk truck eased into my space Somebody screamed somewhere I struck a match against the door Of Anthony's Bar and Grill I was the whining"
  • Rival Tria - Cut City
    "Dear catastrophes and friends I sold myself short this time It reveals more of how I conceive this play Can't count the times I've turned to you in dismay But I would never... Different hands draw different"
  • Rival Leaders - Exploited
    "The countdown has started to go Computers are locked on their foes The president is on his way Down to live another day 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Here we go The fail safety mechanism is off The baby lies sleeping"
  • Rival Leaders - The Exploited
    "The countdown has started to go Computers are locked on their foes The president is on his way Down to live another day 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Here we go The fail safety mechanism is off The baby"
  • Churches And Schools - Rheostatics
    "Tim Vesely We were born where the earth and sky mix up. Many drown in conventional mire. Underfoot is a stable home When it's quarantined from the air above. We got churches and... We got schools and... We"
  • Schools are prisons - Sex Pistols
    "You took the best years of my lifeAnd made it so I couldn't decideUnable to respondTo the beautiful worldThat goes on and onAnd on and onAnd those 13 years in prisonDidn't teach me how to loveThey say"
  • I'll Be Holding On - Doro Pesch
    "I have lived my life my way For tonight and for today Just the strongest hearts, they say Always survive And I'm fallin' through the years All these dreams disappear And the night is full of tears I'll"
  • Holding - Sarah Masen
    "You're holding my life in your hands Shaping me into Your plans You're twisting and turning my heart 'til it's yearning for more Your ways are consuming my thoughts 'Til the world that's around me is lost It's"
  • Holding - Jackson Browne
    "I'm standing here and hoping for you Holding my door open for you now Ask just what you will of me I'll bend just like a willow tree And now I'm holdin' Holdin' my door open to the wind Well seven times"

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