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Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard

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Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard

  • Hustle - G. Love And Special Sauce
    "Well its a hustle, its a hustle every day of life,And its enough to keep your head above the water, see.It seems the older i get the more freedom i have,But everything is complicated to me.Responsibilitys"
  • Bailey - Making April
    "i noticed you before you bothered to acknowledge me your golden ropes hung down the back of your restricting jeans there was this glow, i did just know before you even turned your head so many things i"
  • Hustle - Pink
    "i gave you soft i gave you sweet just like a lion you came for sheep oh no don’t try to hustle me you took my love mistook it for weakness I guarantee I won’t repeat this no! don’t try to hustle me (don’t"
  • Hustle - B.G.
    "(Feat. Young Jeezy) What it do? Hustle, Hustle {100 Grand in my bed instead of getting cash you can catch me on the block in the 07 jag cuz I hustle, watch my hustle Rubberbands by my money and my neck"
  • Hustle - Luther Vandross
    "HUSTLE Luther Vandross and Marcus Miller (album: NEVER LET ME GO - 1993) Monologue: I love when the day is new We get to start all over But the thing is sometimes getting through the day Is just one big"
  • Hustle - Kottonmouth Kings
    "Put your money where your mouth is D-Loc ain't playing I know cats like you that are broke just claiming Ain't saying nothing just flapping your lips Just running your mouth because you can talk some shit Ain't"
  • Hustle - Yung Ralph
    "I go back to the studio and write a couple raps Then I go back to the hood and I go hard in the trap That's how I hustle baby, that's how I hustle baby That's how I hustle baby, that's how I hustle baby Repeat "
  • Hustle - Youngbloodz
    "Yea, youngbloodz, kill the mic, track boys yall aint ready for this shit, Yea, yea, yea, yea, yea, yea, yea ok we back and bumpin, youngbloodz thats us fo sho from left to right we rockin and kickin"
  • Hustle - Jamelia
    "Now boy, it's about that time again For all the gentlemen Pick your game up, track your lady type Sign your name up, hustle who you like Last time we made a ten So that's right where we begin Follow me"
  • Hustle - Vandross Luther
    "Monologue:I love when the day is newWe get to start all overBut the thing is sometimes getting through the dayIs just one big hustleThe world is waiting, dawn is hereAin't got time to waste, we need to"
  • Drumshanbo Hustle - Van Morrison
    "Lord have mercy! Feel so good I think I'm gonna work I was talking to the judge, just before we left the countryside Piece of paper in his hand, tryin' to find the way Tryin' to rip it out, well now I've"
  • Bailey Bridge - Agent Felix
    "i wrote this song for my now ex-girlfriend but she hadn't heard it yet so i changed all the words so that she'll never know what it said all those witty lines about her thrown away and gone but i'll still"
  • Bill Bailey - Bobby Darin
    "In a cavern down by a canyon Excavatin' for a mine, There lived a miner from North Carolina And his daughter, chubby Clementine. Now every mornin', just about dawnin' A'when"
  • The standard - Liquido
    "I dont belong here and youve said so no footprints in the haze youve heard me yellin and youve walked on from that empty space remember that freakshow and it bored you charming with a dry eye on a lonely"
  • Standard Break - Alkaline Trio
    "I've got a regular problem So my standard break from life is in order I'm having trouble making sentences I'm older but I don't feel any smarter You see I don't know what I said to you And now you're pissed"
  • Standard Lines - Dashboard Confessional
    "Which of the bold-faced lies will we use? "I hope that you're happy" "You really deserve it" "This will be best for us both in the end." But your taste still lingers on my lips Like I just placed them"
  • Double Standard - Face To Face
    "So what if I'm just a little apprehensive So what if I'm not exactly what I've led you to believe It doesn't mean a thing It's a total lie that we're expected to believe There's no such thing as a"
  • Standard flow - Blazin' Squad
    "In the beginning there were two decks and a microphone, in the end the Blazin Squad stood alone, we're the Eastends best kept secret, ten men in our crew, TNT Xplosive bringing the tunes and we're busting"
  • Standard Life - Legends Of Rodeo
    "For 23 years, I've looked down the long road / where the only things that I've known / are the things I've been shown / now I'm scared to know more / and I'm scared to stay / and the long road keeps calling"
  • Standard-free - I Against I
    "I know what you're like cause i've seen your kind these words iHave heard many times, many timesThere's always someone who thinks he knows you she knows whatYou're like just by looking at you amI not what"

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