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Rob Stone

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Rob Stone

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Rob Stone
  • Wim Sonneveld Rob
    "Ik heb van m'n ouders, God hebbe hun ziel Teveel aan fatsoen meegekregen voor later Ik heb 'r meer last dan plezier van gehad En 't meest weerzinwekkende voorbeeld is Rob Ik kende 'm pas, toen al bleek"
  • Kabaret Potem Rob
    "Na całym ogródku lalalalala Zielono jak w gaju lalalalala Wśród kwiatów i warzyw wre robótka A chłopcy mi tutaj pomagają Dba Stefan o róże lalalalala A róże wciąż większe lalalalala Widać, że im Stefan"
  • The Beatnuts Stone crazy
    "Hey yo it's all love, but love's got a thin line and Pun's got a big nine, respect crime but not when it reflect mine The shit I'm on is wrong but it lasts long Pull a fast one, then Pun'll wake up, with"
  • One Minute Silence 16 Stone Pig
    "Never know what life is gonna throw at you Never know what life is gonna throw at you They say he struggled they say he fell I say he found himself black in a pig cell Never know what life's gonna throw"
  • Opeth The Twilight Is My Robe
    "Unto you I whisper The wildest dreams In the coldness of night Shrouded in crystals Through a frosty dusk Souls of the fullmoon awaits Their shadows ablaze We are all bending Our tired leaves over your"
  • ERJot Sanktuarium (feat. Stone)
    "Teraz wszystko co robię trzymam w sercu i głowie Pytasz się po co? A wiesz, nie odpowiem Patrzę na zdjęcia i widzę momenty Całość też coś mówi o tobie Masz talent i dar od boga Piękno, które nie pozwala"
  • Ludacris Rob Quarters
    "What's the deal people?! It's the Natural Disaster: T-Storm comin' at you with another hip-hop spotlight. Since the success of being a radio air personality from back in the day and later goin' on to"
  • Onyx Rob & Vic
    "It's a story about two brothers, Rob and Vic Grew up in the world alone God forgot about them, hmm Forced to fend for themselves In the Rotten Apples of New York City This story takes place, in 1993 How"
  • Jimmy Somerville Stone
  • Alice In Chains Stone
    "I know you think I'm wrong, but I'm not your tour guide Haven't guessed it, Don't let them look inside Cold, dry, stone What makes you want to carve your initials in me? Rain and weather erasing hard"
  • Axel Rudi Pell Stone
    "Tangled dream and endless highways Bang the drum in a foreign land Sometimes I wonder just what I'm chasing When all I need is the touch of your hand But I've got no fixed abode I'm out of my own Babe"
  • Kim Wilde Stone
    "Written by Ricky, Kim & Marty Wilde Most people wake From a nightmare to find Everything's great It was all in their mind So am I still sleeping Or is this all real If I keep on pinching myself Will the"
  • Unbelievable Truth Stone
    "The words that I deliver, always out of breath out on a limb. Life out of the mainstream, I declare it dead and gone, out of the scene. None of this is harder than knowing about you. If you were someone"
  • McKinley Stone
    "(McKinley) My room gets as huge as heaven, wide and deep as hell on the nights I practice dying. But I know I know I know the pea the princess sleeps on is the rock she won't walk away from, knocking out"
  • Cyrus Villanueva Stone
    "I should have known From your voice alone That you're gonna mess me up Too much pleasure like a sugar rush I should have guessed From those cherry lips That you're gonna leave your mark Never had a kiss"
  • Chris Rea Stone
    "Tangled dream and endless highways Bang the drum in a foreign land Sometimes I wonder what I'm chasing When all I need is the touch of your hand I've got no fixed abode out of own Babe it gets so cold Without"
  • Tristesse De La Lune Stone
    "Kreischende Stimmen Schmerzen deine Wort sind der Blick verhllt kein Licht in deine Seele dringt You only think black or white You don't realise my soul this night your heart is cold like stone on ice Please"
  • Downhere Stone
    "So much for fame and things you can lose So much for substitutes So much for the strain of playing a game Where champions always lose everything I won't treat Your love Like an adolescent fling 'Cause"
  • Charon Stone
    "I'm ready to go. I'm ready to fall into her black. Oh, how can it stain. Why is her eyes so full of pain. Oh, why can't I bleed like you do. Why can't I breath like I did. Nothing inside of my heart. Nothing"
  • Stereophonics Stone
    "I don't know why I let you go You said you'd wait I said I'd hope you would We talked 'til late until we walked away What's meant to be will be the same And I feel like stone Yes I feel ice cold I pick"

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