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Rob Zombie More Human Than Human

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Rob Zombie More Human Than Human

  • More Human Than Human - Rob Zombie
    "I am the Astro- Creep a demolition Style hell american Freak - I am the Crawling dead - a Phantom in a box Shadow in your Head say acid Suicide freedom Of the blast read The fucker lies - Scratch"
  • More Human Than Human - White Zombie
    "I am the Astro- Creep a demolition Style hell american Freak - I am the Crawling dead - a Phantom in a box Shadow in your Head say acid Suicide freedom Of the blast read The fucker lies - Scratch"
    "I am, I am I breathe in and out I own a heart In the night I've only been here one time It's passing me by Into the night In the front of my judgmental eye Precious dismay Being so cold Going on my own"
  • Human - The Music
    "Human Humankind Human Humankind I can hear the silence Of what we used to be And I can see the sign of what you want to be Human Humankind Human Humankind You have so changed In many different ways But"
  • Human - Goldfrapp
    "They fall from your mouth propelled by your belly and your tongue I shiver when you shake and i fold into jelly I think I loved you more than me are you human or a dud are you human or d'you make it up"
  • Human - Maria McKee
    "Wanted to make you into a demigod Superhuman so you'd never die Die to me, my golden boy I was so in awe of you I was silenced inspired changed fired A graven image in my heart Chorus: You more than human"
  • Human - Lloyd
    "If I were just a fly onthe table by your apple pie Would you ask me to try and explain how aeronautics made me fly? If I were just a mouse in the attic of your lovely house Would you ask my surmise on"
  • More Than Human - Bride
    "Devil in your head A serpent in your tree Soaring through the heavens of your lost soul You believe every lie Jump from every shadow Listen to them you will live in guilt and shame We are, Here to Save"
  • More Human Than Human (Meet Bambi In The King's Ha - White Zombie
    "Yeah I am the Astro Creep A demolition style hell American freak Yeah I am the crawling dead A phantom in a box Shadow in your head Say Acid suicide freedom of the blast Read the fucker lies yeah Scratch"
  • Human - Cheetah Girls
    "I'm only human I'm only human There comes a time When you have to look back At your life All the things you know that You have done All the things that you've become It's hard to say All the reasons that"
  • Human - Bebe Rexha
    "Phones in our faces Still waiting for that high, next notification Where's the conversation? I'm getting real restless, staring at faces Filter this, filter that It don't even matter what you got Who"
  • Human - Brave Combo
    "There are no rules My world is strange It might shock you To see I've changed Cause nothing here Works anymore And everyone's insane I guess we like our backs Against the wall Our stupid search Has finally"
  • The human race - Sweatshop Union
    "Inside the place where we hide our faceAnd try to fake out fate with the faith we placeInside a world wide race where the humans chaseFor more than what we're givenNowadays people don't talk freelyWe walk"
  • Human being - Vale Of Tears
    "Human, too human On the boundary of sanity. A wonderful feeling That's void of vanity. The experience of trust, The secret of longevity. I compare this indifferent life To a distant, irrational one. The"
  • Human Sculpture - Shade Empire
    "I declare war, war against human nature. I demand more, more from this dilemma you call life. You're so blind, you cannot see that with our mind controlling solutions we have controlled your "superior""
  • Human Being - Terrorvision
    "Don't cry baby rest your weary head Don't cry mama daddy didn't mean what he said Wake up baby it's a brand new day Wake up mama I think he's gone away And it's always on my mind we're only human What"
  • Human Touch - Alanis Morissette
    "Give me what I'm askin' for Stop bringin' me down or I'll slam the door You're getting out of line with the Beverly Boys You start makin' the moves they start makin' the noise You know you're not getting"
  • Human behavior - King's X
    "Business as usual just what's on your mind Give you some of mine So the breaks don't come so easy hesitate and fall asleep Taking care of mine. So the crime we find is just human behavior Everybody's in"
  • Only human - Eddy
    "She's one in a million, I've heard that a million times The odds were less than even she'd be mine How many times does a dream come true, come into your life I can't believe the way she makes me feel I"
  • Human Equality - Overcome
    "Complain about everything that we have to say equality is preached from every band when your not like us it's okay to change your stand. You wouldn't risk hurting your reputation to come and talk to"

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