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Robbery Juice wrld

  • Godzilla (ft. Juice WRLD) - Eminem
    "ugh you’re a monster i can swallow a bottle of alcohol and I’ll feel like Godzilla better hit the deck like the card dealer my whole squad’s in here walking around the party shady’s in this bitch I am"
  • Without Me (ft. Juice WRLD) - Halsey
    "Found you when your heart was broke I filled your cup until it overflowed Took it so far to keep you close (keep you close) I was afraid to leave you on your own I say I'd catch you if you fall And if"
  • All Night (Feat. Juice WRLD) - BTS (방탄소년단)
    "I knick out the door yeah I kick out the door go grap the mick and I let out the sore this my fammail wanna I’ve out my heart this an archive I just record the flow com to my studio magic happens two step"
  • Hate Me (ft. Juice Wrld) - Ellie Goulding
    "HATE ME, HATE ME still tryna replace me chase me, chase me tell me how you hate me erase me, ‘rase me wish you never dated me lies, tell me lies, baby tell me how you hate me HATE ME HATE ME still"
  • JUICE - Beteo
    "Umarł Juice WRLD A ja właśnie czytam o tym newsa Wciągnęła go noc Niespokojna jego dusza Ja myślę o tym ilu moich ludzi Wczoraj ćpało Oby nic się nie stało, mordy Nic się nie stało 200 na godzinę A kierowca"
  • 6 Kiss (ft. Juice WRLD, YNW Melly) - Trippie Redd
    "pourin up fours mud in my cup won’t look at the past it’s behind us fallin’ on the bottomless pit find up life is a purge sound of the sirens do whatever I want don’t give a fuck life my life I got your"
  • Can't Leave You Alone (ft. Juice WRLD) - Maroon 5
    "I just can’t leave you alone We keep going back and forth Why can’t you tell me how you’re feeling Why can’t you admit it I told you everything about me Quick, give me some novocaine It’s almost like"
  • Sweet Robbery - Three 6 Mafia
    "(Chorus) (DJ Paul) I cruise to my chevy shakin' these late nights And soon a killah will thank me will come out again to take another life I'm tired of hidin' form the 5-0 cause these fools scope me nightly"
  • Robbery - Da Nappy Headz
    ""Robbery" Ay Gee Smelt, hit this shit, it off tha chain This one here for the thugs All my thugs cock your nines like this (chik-chik boom) Shoot a bitch and don't you miss All my thugs cock your nines"
  • Robbery - Teena Marie
    "Standing on the corner of rhythm and blues A Valentino smile gave me my first clue Tell me girl, I wonder can you spare me some time He said, I mean more than just your nine to five Love at first sight"
  • Sweet Robbery (Pt. 2) - Three 6 Mafia
    "(Chorus) (DJ Paul) I cruise to my chevy shakin' these late nights And soon a killah will thank me will come out again to take another life I'm tired of hidin' form the 5-0 cause these fools scope me nightly"
  • Robbery - Claude Kelly
    "My hearts missing Has anybody seen it? 'Til I find it Ain't nobody up in here Leave it DJ cut the music Just somebody Turn the lights up Party people Please stop moving Cause something here Is very unusual See"
  • Robbery - Killah Priest
    "Yeah, you know I got to get this damn money, man Nah, I can't take this this time Everybody got the boy stressed, about to do somethin', you know Trynna hold me back too long, try to get this money any"
  • Robbery - Master P
    "Nigga we got three minutes to get in and out this motherfucker and when you get in there don't act like no bitch (shot) Freeze motherfucker, alright bitch strip get down (shot) nothing but assholes and"
  • Robbery - Raekwon
    "(feat. Ice Water Inc.) {*whispering*} Eh yo.. eh yo. {*speaking normally*} Ice Water (yeah yeah) Don't get it twisted We'll shoot yo' ass, nigga Haha (P.C., nigga, P.C.) Y'all mothafuckas got about"
  • Robbery&Form - Borys LBD, MC Śmiechu, Robbery&Form
    "Robbery & Form sami swoi są ze mną imprezy, podróże, sport my robimy swoje wciąż plaża, basen, siłka, kort czekaj na nas na brzegu odwiedzimy twój port Robbery&Form Robbery&Form to Robbery&Form Robbery"
  • Juice - Sara Boruc Mannei
    "can be no one else I am running form myself .. I am comfortable inside my skin dear my time in hell .. I am sorry and nothing gonna wear me thing so throw my your bullets and make me a foulest through"
  • Juice - Kurtis Blow
    "I was walkin' down the avenue the other day When I heard this crazy sound It was nothing but a guy with a set of drums But he was really gettin' down He said my name is Jack and I'm a rhythm attack When"
  • Juice - Chingy
    "What's up y'all? It's Chingy slot a lot in the house We got Jackpot The Pimp in the back We came herre today to address a certain issue That all you young playas need to know about, for real Juice these"
  • Juice - Coldplay
    "She cant hide no matter how hard she triesher secret disguise behind the liesand at night she cries away her pridewith eyes shut tight and starin at her inside all her firends know why she cant sleep at"

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