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Robbie And Jonny Keep It Up For Soccer Aid

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Robbie And Jonny Keep It Up For Soccer Aid

  • For Jonny - System Syn
    "And it was last night i think Or i heard That jonny died Flew thirty feet So fast One last flight And i hung up the phone And paused for a minute Standing there thinking about it Before i broke down Because"
  • Soccer Practice - Gay Pimp
    "Hey dude Hey dude Hey dude Hey bro Hey buddy Hey dude Hey dude Hey dude Hey dude I was thinking we could go do something dirty Hey dude I was thinking we could go do something dirty Yea Uh I don't know"
  • Soccer mom - Vandals
    "Gliding across the lawn, oranges and Evian. And pizza right after the game. Just tell me where and when, Volvos and collagen. Hope you might feel the same. My Soccer mom, it's on. Knew all along so right"
  • Jonny - Kittie
    "Listen to me this time We're just whores on a fucking assembly line Believe me,i was there Take what i want,get the fuck outta love Trains won't stop me Trains won't stop me Jonny's been a very bad boy"
  • Hey, Jonny - Huey Lewis & The News
    "Had Race Bannnon's car for just five minutes I had to back in and get my phone When I came back again, he saw his car Well, I thought it had crashed on it's own What a bummer, I was so bought down Race"
  • Jonny Was - Jonny Was
    "Jonny Was, a street walker(x 4) He travels light Ooh, you shouldve seen him Walked right past ya You could not believe it Lyin on the street corner wearin next to nothin Yet he sports a smile And all the"
  • THE DAYS (feat. Robbie Williams) - Avicii
    "Under the tree where the grass don't grow We made a promise to never get old You had a chance and you took it on me And I made a promise that I couldn't keep Heart ache, heart break All over town But"
  • Aids - Anti-Flag
    "The public's so fucking stupid, you've fallen for their lies Believe in every word they say, you dare not criticise "aids always existed, those faggots made it spread" But you deserve to know the truth,"
  • Soccer Dad - ScHoolboy Q
    "Now here we go again Before I had a fan was mapping out everting I wanted earned what I planned you Pussy Niggas know about my body caught my second wind quit acting like me and my crew of niggas ain’t"
  • Searchlights (Indoor Soccer) - Falling Up
    "Let me know If you want to breathe will you just If you want it, then you'll see it Wash away the tears, will you just Need to see it It's like a breath before the dive It's like the truth after a lie This"
  • First Aid - Subhumans
    "I need first aid can't you see? I'm cut up bad you can't recognize me Got a couple of bullets in my leg And your morphine shit going through my head Gimme first aid that's what you're for Gimme a shot"
  • Lemon-aid - GOB
    "I go out cause I live in an empty house and it Rains and it rains and it never stops Im a case In this place now mixed up with you I had a Perfect fit until you called me up then it didnt Even rain the"
  • Slag aid - Chumbawamba
    "This is the last one Organize, occupy, kick the bastards out Don't wear the gold lam In keeping with the fashion for charity, not change Here's out contribution--we've called it Slag Aid For every pop"
  • Jonny - Wonderwall
    "On the night of April the 14th A little girl walked to New York, New York Her best friend Jonny said It'd be impossible 'cause Seattle is too far away from New York, New York Seattle is too far away from"
  • Kids (With Robbie Williams) - Kylie Minogue
    "K: Me no bubbletious R: Me smoke heavy tar K: Me be groovin' slowly where you are R: Notify your next of kin 'cause your never coming back K: I've been dropping beats since Back in Black Chorus: And we'll"
  • Jonny Makeup - Gravy Train!!!!
    "Toot toot! And a beep beep! You're a coal miner's daughter who turned to the street And with a toot toot! And a beep beep! You snorted two hot loads off of the bar seat In Hello Kitty couture, always the"
  • New World Soccer - Linea 77
    "Just words just words make a new disaster psichedelic war tanks in church god bless you all: holy iron, holy iron is like futurism but with no poetry in my mind soldiers are running naked don't mind Osama"
  • Aids - Ani DiFranco
    "Everywhere she looks She looks through the corner of her eye Everytime she left She never turned to say goodbye Swaying in the corner of the ballroom Alone by the music She looked like a spiderweb Fresh"
  • Kool Aid - Bowling For Soup
    "Why i was sitting all by myself just thinking Now i'm lyin awake in bed I can't forget about what you said I tell myself, "Hey man, you should know better" Ya gotta act like nothings wrong Ya gotta stand"
  • Keep It Up - Monroe Michael
    "Well Judas swore to Jesus "Man, I could never turn you in." Jesus turned the other cheek and said "You're gonna let the Devil win." Corruption's still the word today It's the same old sin Keep It Up. Keep"

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