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Robbie Williams Win Some Lose Some

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Robbie Williams Win Some Lose Some

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Robbie Williams Win Some Lose Some
  • The Yogscast Diggy Diggy Hole
    "Brothers of the mine rejoice Swing, swing, swing with me Raise your pick and raise your voice! Sing, sing, sing with me Down and down into the deep Who knows what we'll find beneath? Diamonds, rubins,"
  • Paris Hilton I Need You
    "I wanna put the happy in your Birthday And I wanna be the merry n your Christmas I’m always giving thanks for you on every Thanksgiving Sure as the sun will rise I need you I wanna be the bunny in youe"
  • Khalid & Normani Love Lies
    "sorry if it’s hard to catch my vibe I need a lover to rest tell me you’re on my side and you down or the ride? it’s not easy for someone to catch my eye but I;ve been waiting for you for my whole damn"
  • D'Angelo Brown Sugar
    "1st verse: Let me tell you 'bout this girl Maybe I shouldn't I met her in Philly and her name was Brown Sugar See we be makin' love constantly That's why my eyes are a shade blood burgandy The way that"
  • Shanguy La Louze
    "Je te charchais dens la foule et tous ces blaireux qui me saoulent je crois que j’ai perdu tout espoir alors je m’en remets au hazard j’aurais du te faire I’amoour aux premieres lueurs du jour mais j’ai"
  • Tinashe Faded Love (ft. Tinashe)
    "you and that faded love I love /4x you and that faded love I love /4x you and that faded love I love /4x you and that faded love no don’t give me your name no I don’t need your number saved in my phone just"
  • Portugal. The Man Keep On
    "keep on hanging on stuck here till I’m gone boys still throwing stones running till I’m wrong I never listened to tell the truth I never knew but nobody misses what you did quite I like do got me thinking"
  • Monika Urlik Momentum
    "I am on the right track I am never looking back nothing can slow me down I gonna break new ground somewhere I have never been something I have never seen I’m running from the noise don’t wanna lose"
  • Happy Prince Don't let go
    "you say you’re calling form cross fire hold you’re ground we maybe late but we still trying to win the fight and no a thing will pass me by this time but Don't Let Go to fall to the ground Don't Let"
  • Felix Jaehn Cool (ft. Marc E. Bassy, Gucci Mane)
    "I see you treat me differently cause you don’t need therapy on a Friday night And you said you’d be there for me I can’t believe I should have known you wouldn’t at the time no no promise me you’ll never"
  • Parson James Only You
    "and i need your love i need you here with me and I don’t care about much else and I know it’s hard for 5 million reasons but I don’t think I could wait when I’m feeling your love it’s like a wind that"
  • Dua Lipa No Goodbyes
    "Maybe one day I can see you We can smile and wave, and it'll be okay Maybe one day it'll be cool We could just be friends without the complications that it brings When we start saying things Yeah, I hurt"
  • Bazzi Mine
    "now I just had a lil’ bit too much of Honnessy just gotta tell you how I feel you so fucking precious when you smile hit for the back and drive you wild girl, I lose myself up in those eyes I just had"
  • R3HAB x Mike Williams Lullaby
    "Hypnotized this love out of me without your air I can t even breath lead my way out into the light sing your lullaby cherries in the stray take me through the day I just gotta make you drunk in memory see"
  • Bishop Briggs Never Tear Us Apart
    "Don't ask me what you know is true Don't have to tell you I love your precious heart I was standing, you were there Two worlds collided And they could never tear us apart We could live for a thousand"
  • Merghani Zwolnij na chwile
    "zwolnij na chwile to takie prosto to wilczy bilet chce cię ostrzec to duży deal, ufamy sobie nie liczymy chwil życie jak film gdy jesteś obok to łatwiej jest mi jest mi naprawdę łatwiej mi ja chcę tylko"
  • Justin Timberlake Man of the Woods
    "I brag about you to anyone outside but I’m a man of the woods, it’s my pride I’m sorry baby, you know I try but I’m a man of the woods, it’s my pride hey, sugar plum look at where we are so tonight if"
  • Taylor Swift Haunted
    "You and I walk a fragile line I have known it all this time but I never thought I'd live to see it break It's getting dark and it's all too quiet And I can't trust anything now And it's coming over you"
  • Jay-Z Young Forever (feat. Mr. Hudson)
    "Let's dance in style Let's dance for a while Heaven can wait we're only watching the skies Hoping for the best but expecting the worst Are you gonna drop the bomb or not? Let us die young or let us live"
  • Jay-Z Run This Town (feat. Rihanna & Kanye West)
    "Feel it coming in the air Hear the screams from everywhere I’m addicted to the thrill It's a dangerous love affair Can’t be scared when it goes down Got a problem tell me now Only thing that's on"

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