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Robbie Williams Win Some Lose Some

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Robbie Williams Win Some Lose Some

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Robbie Williams Win Some Lose Some
  • Fifth Harmony Like I'm Gonna Lose You
    "I found myself dreaming in silver and gold Like a scene from a movie that every broken heart knows We were walking on moonlight, like silver and gold Split second and you disappeared and then I was all"
  • R3HAB x Mike Williams Lullaby
    "Hypnotized this love out of me without your air I can t even breath lead my way out into the light sing your lullaby cherries in the stray take me through the day I just gotta make you drunk in memory see"
  • Dua Lipa Self Control
    "I'll be the boyfriend in your wet dreams tonight Noses on a rail, little virgin wears the white You cut your hair but you used to live a blonded life Wish I was there, wish we'd grown up on the same advice And"
  • Fifth Harmony Going Nowhere
    "First off Give a girl some credit I'm a keep on loving you 'Cause you be the realest all day and all night And that's why you stay by my side I don't always Do the right thing And that don't matter 'Cause"
  • Dua Lipa Want To
    "Gimme release Keep the drugs Just gimme relief Keep the love Just gimme a piece of that One piece of that Give it to me Don’t judge Just give it to me No heart, no second degree tonight Run free tonight "
  • Dua Lipa Lions & Tigers & Bears
    "I look in the mirror All I see is nothing I look out the window for some peace But all I find is nothing Then you take my hand, and suddenly I feel something Side by side, lying next to you I feel something All"
  • Dua Lipa New Love
    "Now it's getting quiet here, now it's getting blue And this baby ain't no fair, taking up my youth You've been telling me some lies, I be thinking it's the truth But I see it in your eyes, the things that"
  • D'Angelo Brown Sugar
    "1st verse: Let me tell you 'bout this girl Maybe I shouldn't I met her in Philly and her name was Brown Sugar See we be makin' love constantly That's why my eyes are a shade blood burgandy The way that"
  • Khalid & Normani Love Lies
    "sorry if it’s hard to catch my vibe I need a lover to rest tell me you’re on my side and you down or the ride? it’s not easy for someone to catch my eye but I;ve been waiting for you for my whole damn"
  • FISHER Kiedyś Razem
    "My kiedyś tylko razem Tak dla siebie Żyliśmy tak dla siebie A los nie pozwolił nam Spełnić naszych marzeń Skreślił to co chciał Dobrze wiem, dobrze wiem Jak wybaczyć trudno sobie Teraz wiem, teraz wiem Nie"
  • Owl City Lucid Dream
    "I am a light sleeper but I am a heavy dreamer my imagination gives me wings and I can go anywhere and when I wander away to some other place I’m suddenly there way up in the air where passengers trains catch"
  • Bishop Briggs Never Tear Us Apart
    "Don't ask me what you know is true Don't have to tell you I love your precious heart I was standing, you were there Two worlds collided And they could never tear us apart We could live for a thousand"
  • Dua Lipa No Goodbyes
    "Maybe one day I can see you We can smile and wave, and it'll be okay Maybe one day it'll be cool We could just be friends without the complications that it brings When we start saying things Yeah, I hurt"
  • Jay-Z Young Forever (feat. Mr. Hudson)
    "Let's dance in style Let's dance for a while Heaven can wait we're only watching the skies Hoping for the best but expecting the worst Are you gonna drop the bomb or not? Let us die young or let us live"
  • Camila Cabello Inside Out
    "Mhmm Oh yeah, yeah, yeah I wanna love you inside out Wanna love you inside out Baby, give it to me, no doubt 'Cause I wanna love you inside out (yeah, yeah, yeah) I wanna love you inside out Show me"
  • Dua Lipa Here
    "I'm sorry if I seem uninterested Or I'm not listenin', or, I'm indifferent Truly I ain't got no business here But since my friends are here, I just came to kick it But really I would rather be at home"
  • Fifth Harmony We Are Never Getting Back Together
    "Normani: I remember when we broke up, (Ally: The first time) Saying this is it, I've had enough, We haven't seen each other in a month When you, said you (with Fifth Harmony: needed space) Lauren: Then"
  • Alan Cyprysiak Can't Stop Loving You (feat. Eva Ekwa)
    "it’s been a long time since we know we realize that where we go we going nowhere even if you try even if sometime we think it’s fine but I Can't Stop Loving You Can't Stop Loving You, no and I still"
  • Fifth Harmony Set Fire To The Rain
    "Lauren: I let it fall, my heart, And as it fell, you rose to claim it, It was dark and I was over, Until you kissed my lips and you saved me Normani: But there's a side to you that I never knew, never"
  • Parson James Only You
    "and i need your love i need you here with me and I don’t care about much else and I know it’s hard for 5 million reasons but I don’t think I could wait when I’m feeling your love it’s like a wind that"

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