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Robbie Williams Win Some Lose Some

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Robbie Williams Win Some Lose Some
  • Kolędy We wish you a merry christmas
    "We wish you a Merry Christmas x3 and a Happy New Year. Good tidings we bring to you and your kin We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Now bring us some figgy pudding x3 "
  • Susan Boyle Wild Horses
    "Childhood living is easy to do The things you wanted I bought them for you Graceless lady you know who I am You know I can't let you slide through my hands Wild horses couldn't drag me away Wild, wild"
  • The Rolling Stones Wild horses
    "Childhood living is easy to do The things you wanted I bought them for you Graceless lady you know who I am You know I can't let you slide through my hands Wild horses couldn't drag me away Wild, wild"
  • Ania Waraszko Lovely Love
    "You taste for me like sweet lemon shandy My world is changing now, that’s crazy You are the piece of candy My heart is waiting so take me So baby Take my hand really slow Touch me baby don’t let go Take"
  • Rudimental Scared Of Love (feat. Ray BLK & Stefflon Don)
    "I can see you in your eyes you locking up your mind you wanna turn around and run I wanna say this every time when I am wavey for the wind but I always bite my tongue I know you been through some shit what’s"
  • City Girls Twerk (ft. Cardi B)
    "do it baby stick it baby move it, baby lick it, baby suck up on that clit until that pussy got a hickey, baby watch big, coulda bought a Range Rover chain little, but I spent some change on it nigga mad,"
  • Captain & Tennille Shop Around
    "Just because you've become a young woman now There's still some things that you don't understand now Before you ask some guy for his hand now Keep your freedom for as long as you can now My mama told me You"
  • Lil Skies Real Ties
    "people knowing that we lit nigga, they knowing that we lit it’s lit! money coming in people knowing that we lit do if for the fam we gon’ die for this shit that’s some real ties when we pull up whit the"
  • Mike Posner Move On
    "i wish Tracy Chapman was my friend she would know exactly what to say beginnings always hide themselves in ends at some point I will be ok. So I got high when I met you I got high to forget you I feel"
  • Kehlani Nights Like This (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
    "you act like you need remindin tryna do it over bring it back and rewind it but all that glitters isn’t gold I was blinded should have never gave you my heart on consignment and I can’t believe the lies"
  • Alice Merton Funny Business
    "no Funny Business no Funny Business trust me trust me when i say I was innocent trust me he only stayed cause we were just listening we were just listening I know what you think I know you’re scared I’ll"
  • Masters & Focus Cicha noc
    "Cicha noc, święta noc, Pokój niesie ludziom wszem, A u żłóbka Matka Święta Czuwa sama uśmiechnięta Nad dzieciątka snem, Nad dzieciątka snem. Cicha noc, święta noc, Pastuszkowie od swych trzód Biegną wielce"
  • Bring Me The Horizon medicine
    "some people are a lot like clouds you know cause life’s so much brighter when they go you rained on my heart for far too long couldn’t see the thunder for the storm because I cut my teeth and bite mt"
  • YNW Melly Mixed Personalities (ft. Kanye West)
    "say you want someone say you want someone I think I got , Mixed Personalities this bitch switched my whole mentality this girl, she got mixed personalities one day she’s happy then she mad at me say"
  • Sarah Silverman, Gal Gadot, and Cast A Place Called Slaughter Race (pioseka z filmu Ralph Demolka w internecie)
    "what can it be that calls me to this place today? this lawless car baller what can it be am I a baby pigeon sprouting wings to soar? was that a metaphor? hey, there’s a dollar store look, I am rhyming"
  • Tory Lanez FeRRis WhEEL (feat. Trippie Redd)
    "we stay lit all that shit damn, lil baby what you call that shit that’s the red nose shawty you a dog lil bitch touch the damn floor wyth your paws, lil bitch shake that fat ass on my balls, lil bitch damn,"
  • R Kelly feat Usher Same girl
    "Yo Ush What up Kells Wanna introduce you to this girl, I think I really love this girl Yeah Man she so fine Straight up dawg She stand about 54 coka cola red bone Damn She drives a black Durango"
  • Captain & Tennille Love Will Keep Us Together
    "Love, love will keep us together Think of me babe whenever Some sweet talking girl comes along singing her song Don't mess around, You gotta be strong Just Stop , 'cause I really love You Stop , I'll"
  • Royce da 5'9" Cocaine
    "so low door is closed trust is broke words got choked in my throat can’t let go of my high hopes my high hopes my high hopes papa came home form another dayof hard work and handed my his key told me:"
  • Hozier Almost (Sweet Music)
    "i came in from the outside burned out from a joyride she likes to roll here in my ashes anyway played from the besides Stella by starlight there was my heart the drums that start off night and day the"

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