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Robert Downey Jr Sings With Sting And Absolutely Kills It

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Robert Downey Jr Sings With Sting And Absolutely Kills It

  • Spader Vs. Everyone Except Downey Jr. - Daiquiri
    "Spader can sing about walking the night, But how sincere was he? When face to face with Kim Richards How sincere would you be? You'd say what you had to say, anything you had to say This is Kim Richards"
  • Sting - Fletcher
    "XO, do you ever miss me You chose brand new over history that’s cold, guess were 50/50 Don’t cha wish I was your girlfriend still? Tough luck, we were in a bad place Fucked up, made a couple s(ex) tapes"
  • Absolutely - 213
    "Me and Nate Dogg were so funky fresh We fell off into a club to try to pop it to Daz A lil' Moet to go with the way I'm dressed A seven-piece outfit with a mink vest Couple of ladies skating waiting on"
  • Sings - Justin Timberlake ft. Snoop Dogg
    "I'm not sure of what I see Cupid don't fuck wit me Are you tellin' me this is a sign? She lookin' in my eyes Noticin' no other guys Are you telling me this is a sign? Ooh Don't think about it Boy leave"
  • Absolutely - Gareth Gates
    "Everybody Knows That You're A Star Gucci Shoes Beluga Caviar They All Know Exactly Who You Are And They All Wanna Get Next To You I See Your Face In Every Magazine Staring Out From Every Movie Screen Your"
  • Absolutely - Headstones
    "And now it's coming on down A hard and fast regime I see 'em coming man up But I'm a fish you cannot clean Could be it's coming apart So close they cannot miss I rise above the silence To a sea of belligerence I"
  • Fatal Sting - Wu-Tang Clan
    "In the battle fields mics collide like sword fights Get stabbed up by the swift technique of a Black Knight Who pierce strikes like vicious snakes, rhymes elevate Niggaz get sniped watch me annihilate The"
  • Absolutely - Veronica Glapa
    "I dont think that this boys Charm That he is the bests in class He talks about friends of mine He talks that he had the best marks Hes cool, he is dancer too He singing Everything I do I love when"
  • Absolutely Wasted - Sporting Riff Raff
    "i wanna get rich, get off of my face, wanna have a party now in this place, get plastered, pasted, absolutely wasted, i wanna get rich, get off of my face, wanna have a party now in this place, get plastered,"
  • Absolutely free - Frank Zappa
    "I don't do publicity balling for you anymore... The first word in this song is discorporate. It means: to leave your body Discorporate & come with me Shifting; drifting Cloudless; starless VELVET VALLEYS"
  • Absolutely, Salutely - Billie The Vision & The Dancers
    "I'm on tour with the Canarie folks, it's the summer of 2005, and Charlie need to pee I make him company and he says something I never forget. You know you've been away too long when your penis smells"
  • Sings - Beyonce
    "In December every sign has it's own mode I was in love with a Sagittarius See the emotions he put me through From Capricorns to Aquarius They all got their different minds The affection of a Virgo Which"
  • Robert - Dolly Parton
    "Robert's appearance is something to behold Dressed in the finest of store bought clothes My mamma sews my clothes cause I'm just a poor girl But Robert is as real as his daddies gold Robert could have"
  • Robert - House Of Large Sizes
    "Robert calls me on the telephone He wants to make sure that I'm still at home He pauses a second, mouths a silent prayer It's nice to know that someone really cares At all His hands are planted and they're"
  • Blood Sings - Suzanne Vega
    "When blood sees blood Of its own It sings to see itself again It sings to hear the voice it's known It sings to recognize the face One body split and passed along the line From the shoulder to the hip I"
  • Til It Kills - Tilt
    "Go on any further And we will lay to waste Precious blossoms in our haste We ravage all of them Desperate for the medicine Take a salve that used to soothe Make sure it can knock you cold Take a"
  • I sings - Mary Mary
    "Keep moving, keep movingKeep moving, keep moving Yo from the Brooklyn Bridge to the woods of HollyI roll like Tonto, Houncho KimosabeeButta's still hereNo doubt I'm thankful MommyLife's beautifulI'm laying"
  • It Kills Me - Melanie Fiona
    "Oh yah I've got trouble with my friends Trouble in my life Problems when you don't come home at night But when you do you always start a fight But I cant be alone, I need you to come on home I know you"
  • Robert Perry - Kool Keith
    "Robert Perry (Robert Perry) Bronx! (Bronx!) Manhattan (Manhattan) Queens (Queens) Staten Island (Staten Island) Brooklyn! (Brooklyn!) Across the George Washington Bridge from New Jersey (Jersey) You know"
  • Love Kills - Freddie Mercury
    "(Giorgio Moroder and Freddie Mercury) Love don't give no compensation, love don't pay no bills Love don't give no indication, love just won't stand still Love kills, drills you through your heart Love"

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