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Robert Palmer Get Outside

  • Get Outside - Robert Palmer
    "(Robert Palmer) If your vision is holding you If you can't fathom out what to do If you can't read what you write If you find yourself waking in the middle of the night Get outside Get outside Get outside If"
  • Baby It's Cold Outside - Robert Palmer
    "I really can't stay - Baby it's cold outside I've got to go away - Baby it's cold outside This evening has been - Been hoping that you'd drop in So very nice - I'll hold your hands, they're just like"
  • Roberta - Billy Joel
    "Roberta, you say you know me, But I see only what you're paid to show me. Oh, I wish you had the time, Oh, I wish you had the time. Oh, Roberta, I understand you, I know you need to move in other circles"
  • Why Get Up? - Robert Palmer
    "Phone keeps ringin' right off the hook. Some bill collecter I know I cussed. I think I'll stay in bed and dream all day. The world outside bugs me anyway. When I get things going the going gets rough,"
  • Outside - The Early November
    "It's time to go outside, I'm gonna be sick for a while it's gonna be quite some time.If that's what we never had, we gotta get used to it, I'm glad to get used to it fastTell me what my name can mean,"
  • Outside - 311
    "Sunshine Are you outside? I am a simpleton by choice not speaking to hear my voice Sunshine Why are you sleeping? Gotta get outside Cover the ground on foot Not hitching around your spur Over the river"
  • Outside - 10 Seconds Down
    "Wandering around in the middle of the night You know that I've been searching but I have got no light Hanging in a cloud in the middle of these trees Bumped into so many but not one was right for me On"
  • Outside - Yukka
    "If I had known about the consequence I'd never have made the move (Moving in the way I need, now I need the way you move) And I wasn't looking for romance I just wanted something to feel (Feeling in the"
  • Rose Robert - Of Montreal
    "Rose Robert I'd like to welcome you to our affair. We'll write a lovely little story just you and I as time goes by me and my Rose Robert. People stare when we walk arm in arm along the thoroughfare. The"
  • Robert Perry - Kool Keith
    "Robert Perry (Robert Perry) Bronx! (Bronx!) Manhattan (Manhattan) Queens (Queens) Staten Island (Staten Island) Brooklyn! (Brooklyn!) Across the George Washington Bridge from New Jersey (Jersey) You know"
  • Refuge (ft. Robert Cichy, Monika Borzym) - Pawbeats
    "If I know, If I know If I know that I'll be A wealthy guy with the biggest team Then I hope, then I hope Then I hope, that I'll give Everyone something just for free So let me know, let me know Let me"
  • My Life Robert - Beanie Sigel
    "Yea I'm the realiest nigga sale brick to sorty I move back to philly do you get my story fighting niggas is a waist a time I only started spitting because they barried my mom life in hell felt like I was"
  • Laura Palmer - Skycamefalling
    "For hours I tried to outrun the sun, tried to speak with a mouthful of blood. But still I'm choking on your tears, still I'm choking on you tears. Words slowly fall of my tongue, maybe I never tried, hard"
  • Laura Palmer - Bastille
    "Walking out into the dark Cutting out a different path Lead by your beating heart All the people of the town Cast their eyes right to the ground In matters of the heart The night was all you had You"
  • New Name Fi Informer Mr. Palmer (Vybz Kartel Diss) - Mavado
    "New Name Fi Informa Ah Mr Palmer Grudge Me Fi So Mi Sing Dah Pslams Yah Strap Wid Mi Hamma Clip Longer Dan Banana Bwoy Come Pass Di Corna. Gunshot Ring Inna Yu Ears Like Llaama Everybody Ask Wha Cause"
  • Gotta Get A Grip On You (Part II) - Robert Palmer
    "(R Palmer/ A Powell) I can't tell temptation from chance You are gonna have to lead me a dance You are stepping so treacherously It makes me wonder why it's gettin' to me Gotta get a grip on you, gotta"
  • Inside/Outside - Concrete Blonde
    "what I feel inside, sometimes is hard to get out. lost in translation what I'm thinking about. the voices inside... I believe when I hear they come from somewhere between my heart & my ear... INSIDE"
  • Outside Chance - Warren Zevon
    "(Warren Zevon) You can try to please me But it won't be easy Stone walls surround me I'm surprised you even found me And you don't stand an outside chance And you don't stand an outside chance And you"
  • Get It On - Robert Palmer
    "I've been really tryin' baby Trying to hold back this feeling for so long And if you feel like I feel, come on, oh come on Let's get it on, ahhh baby Let's get it on, let's love baby Let's get it on, sugar,"
  • Outside Chance - Counting Crows
    "(Original by The Turtles - written by Warron Zevon ) You can try to please me But it won't be easy Stone walls surround me I'm surprised that you even found me Chorus: And you don't stand an outside chance (you"

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