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Robert Plant Freedom Fries

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Robert Plant Freedom Fries

  • Freedom Fries - Robert Plant
    "The father, son and the Holy Ghost Took the last train to the coast They were moving fast, they were raising sand They were running wild in the promised land The father, son and the three wise men Operating"
  • Plant A Seed - Kottonmouth Kings
    "You know all life comes from aseed, and that goes for youand it definatly goes for me I stare into the fire, andwatch the flames go towardsthe sky (whooaaa)And I cant help but wonder,what this tree did"
  • Sons of freedom - Robert Plant
    "Go fetch another nice girlTo play with in the sandThe one I have right now is brokeThe one I really want has plannedTo get religion - to find another wayShe's at the temple - all I've got to sayI've got"
  • Robert - Dolly Parton
    "Robert's appearance is something to behold Dressed in the finest of store bought clothes My mamma sews my clothes cause I'm just a poor girl But Robert is as real as his daddies gold Robert could have"
  • Robert - House Of Large Sizes
    "Robert calls me on the telephone He wants to make sure that I'm still at home He pauses a second, mouths a silent prayer It's nice to know that someone really cares At all His hands are planted and they're"
  • Robert - Henri Salvador
    "Je sais bien, NanetteQu'hier soir je t'avais promisDe t'emmener au bal chez NiniEt je t'ai pos un lapinMais tu sais bien que j'y suis pour rienJe sais bien, NanetteT'avais mis ta robe en dentelleEt moi"
  • Freedom - Robert Miles
    "All my life I have searched for clues This is what they taught me Every mystery I pursued Was a secret I already knew Deep down you know - in your soul Love is in control Oh - if you could find the"
  • French Fries - Calvi John
    "FRENCH FRIES by John Calvi, c. 1982 This old world has troubles, everyone knows there's garbage in all of our lives We try to get through it, each our own way, And for me, I just eat french fries. Some"
  • The Fries - Mr. Lif
    "Go to the beach And realize that you got a scanline across your tanline And find microchips in your hands Fluid in your grands As a result of somebody else's plan That nobody really understands Even though"
    "Take a look around…what the fuck is going on…all the tensions in the world today. Makes me fuckin sick…insane.. I’m sick and tired of this surveillance all the time It crashes my mind and these villains"
  • Plant Rap - Eminem
    "ok folks enough of the gay jokes especially from a gay broke bitch yourself hey lo this guys doo doo you've worked here longer than me and i get paid more than you do Dawg take a seat, what's this guy"
  • Power Plant - Andrew Jackson Jihad
    "The drugs you do were made by people who think in dollar signs, and thats not very punk of you, maybe you should change your mind, reconsider the whole deal. And maybe we like to criticize more than we"
  • Century Plant - Victoria Williams
    "Outside my house is a cactus plant They call the century tree Only once in a hundred years It flowers gracefully And you never know when it will bloom CHORUS: Hey, do you want to come out And play the"
  • Century Plant - Camp
    "Outside my house is a cactus plant they call the century tree Only once in a hundred years it flowers gracefully and you never know when it will bloom CHORUS: Hey, do you wanna come out and play the game? it's"
  • Face Plant - Pepper
    "The sun is melting that ego, you better find a new place to hide it. Do you really know who you are? Does anybody really care? Go purchase your friends at the mall, there going on sale soon. Meet us at the"
  • Power Plant - Her Majesty
    "I've spent my life to get this far and now I have it all a perfect wife and a brand new car parked outside our happy home she waves me off when I go away to work I kiss her cheek and I leave her kids"
  • Black Plant - The Last Shadow Puppets
    "He bit your lip And on the tip Of your tongue Was your view The heavy belt With how you felt In ways That tilted you The paper cuts From the love letter You never gave him Could not meet Your new found"
  • Burgers And Fries - Charley Pride
    "Burgers and fries and cherry pies, it was simple and good back then Walking in the sand hand in hand never thinking that it could end Making our love with the moon above at the drive in picture show And"
  • Fries With That - Jester
    "Smile, walk away Go home & cry It's just a bad dream You are a little spoon You are hippy You make me happy With flowers in your hair So sign the dotted line Will that be all? I'll take five That will"
  • Takamba - Robert Plant
    "Sing a song of freedom write it in the sky Pocket full of secrets, a belly full of lies Fiction to believe in, created then denied Tricks and mirror Slight of hand Hoola hoola Promised land Rhyme and"

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