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Robin Schulz Sugar

  • Miss You (feat. Robin Schulz) - Oliver Tree
    "Don't remind me I'm mindin' my own damn business Don't try to find me I'm better left alone than in this It doesn't surprise me Do you really think that I could care? If you really don't like me Find somebody"
  • Chlorine feat. Ava Max (Robin Schulz Remix) - TWENTY ONE PILOTS
    "Sippin' on straight chlorine, Let the vibe slide over me, This beat is a chemical, beat is a chemical, When I leave don't save my seat, I’ll be back when it’s all complete the moment is medical, moment"
  • Schulz - Orkiestra Na Zdrowie
  • Sugar (feat. Francesco Yates) - Robin Schulz
    "She got cherry lips Angel eyes She knows exactly how to tantalize She's out to get you, danger by design Cold blooded vixen, she don't compromise She's optimistic of the coded lights So far from typical,"
  • Robin - Dean Strickland
    "Who is she I'd sure like to know More about her Like what makes her always glow And her interest Does she like to sing songs I always find myself singing her name Come on and sing along Robin She's as"
  • Robin - Seals and Crofts
    "(lyrics by James Seals; music by James Seals & Dash Crofts, 1970) From the albums DOWN HOME (1970), SEALS AND CROFTS I AND II (1974), THE SEALS & CROFTS COLLECTION (1979) and TODAY (1998, 2000). Everywhere"
  • Robin - a balladeer
    "Well, it's been a few days now So how have you been Not that I should know what state you're in I could care less Well, I just bawled my eyes out and feel really relieved Not that I threw up enough to"
  • All This Love - Robin Schulz
    "Robin Schulz"
  • Rambling Robin - Christy Moore
    "When first from boyhood I came to a man To ramble the nation through soon I began Oh the ramblin' thought that came into me mind So they christened me Ramblin' Robin oh, So they christened me Ramblin'"
  • Rockin' Robin - Jackson 5
    "He rocks in the tree tops all day long Hoppin' and a-boppin' and singing his song All the little birdies on Jaybird Street Love to hear the robin go tweet tweet tweet Rockin' robin, rock rock Rockin' robin' Blow"
  • Rockin' Robin - The Jacksons
    "Tweedily deedily dee, Tweedily deedily dee Tweedily deedily dee, Tweedily deedily dee Tweedily deedily dee, Tweedily deedily dee Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet He rocks in the treetops all day long Hoppin'"
  • Rockin' Robin - The Hollies
    "(Thomas) Twiddley dee, Twiddley diddley dee Twiddley dee, Twiddley diddley dee Twiddley dee, Twiddley diddley dee Tweet, tweet, twiddley de He rocks in the treetops all the day long Hoppin' and a-boppin'"
  • Rockin' Robin - Lolly
    "he rocks in the treetop all day long hoppin' and a-boppin' and a-singin' his song all the little birds on jaybird street love to hear the robin go tweet, tweet, tweet. rockin' robin (tweet, tweet, tweet) rockin'"
  • Rockin' robin - Chuck Berry
    "He rocks in the tree tops all day longHoppin' and a-boppin' and a singing his songAll the little birdies on Jaybird StreetLove to hear the robin go tweet tweet tweetRockin' robin, tweet tweet tweetRockin'"
  • Rockin Robin - McFly
    "He rocks in the tree-tops all a day long Hoppin' and a-boppin' and a-singin' this song All the little birdies on J-Bird St. Love to hear the robin goin' tweet tweet tweet Rockin' robin (tweet tweet tweet) Rockin'"
  • Rockin' Robin - Bobby Day
    "(Tweedle-lee-dee-dee-dee, tweedle-lee-dee-dee) (Tweedle-lee-dee-dee-dee, tweedle-lee-dee-dee) (Tweedle-lee-dee-dee-dee, tweedle-lee-dee-dee) (Tweet tweet tweet tweet) He rocks in the tree-top all a day"
  • Little Robin - Marty Robbins
    "Little robin are you ever lonely and blue Has your lover gone with somebody new Or will she return when nightime is near To cuddle up closer and ever so near You look so lonely up there in the tree Won't"
  • Robin Sparrow - Seabear
    "Robin Sparrow Know you're the only one Who can make me sad And if our hands should Meet again Let them Not much is what you talk Time might take a flight And lock the door 'Cause I'm not passing it"
  • Robin Hooj - Nag
    "Robin Hooj chciał kupić kozaki Które kosztują całe cztery paki Zakwitły maki wyrosły stragany Nasz bohater wyruszył kupić sobie glany W najbliższym zamku niespodzianka Spotkał przed bramą znajomego punka"
  • Batman & Robin - Snoop Doggy Dogg
    "(feat. Lady Of Rage & RBX) {*scratching* "To the Batmobile - let's go!"} "Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed" "Roger, ready to move out" No one, can save the day like Batman Robin, will"

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