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Robin Thicke - Back Together

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Robin Thicke - Back Together
  • Alan x Walkers Unity
    ""For a month now I’ve had an ongoing production process together with Walkers. This is the final result! It’s called «Unity» and is produced, written and recorded by us. Really proud of what we’ve achieved"
  • Martin Garrix These Are The Times (feat. JRM)
    "when life gets you down we find a way to make It better when days turn into dark that’s when we light up together these are times that we’ve been praying for these are the moments that we will not forget this"
  • Bishop Briggs Champion
    "alone in my car i am in a parking lot darkest spot in my mind my tongue is dry what do I crumble stumble swiftly cursing myself I burned the furniture a million times in my head I’m feeling low got"
  • Gromee Love You Better
    "i am trying you all alone cuz when call you hit ignore I know I;ve beet too high and low yeah, I can’t lie I know I’ve put you through a lot when times we’re though you kept me strong and then I went"
  • Jeremy Renner Nomad
    "miles and miles and miles I’ve traveled the world and back so many times with nothing on my back but a guitar and a smile chasin’ a dream only fools like me would follow I was born a soldier wagin’ a"
  • Brittany Howard Stay High
    "i already feel like doing it again, honey cuz once you k now then you know and you don’t wanna go back to wherever it is that you come from I just want to stay high with you cuz where i come from"
  • Lil Nas X Old Town Road (Area 51 Video) feat. Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug, & Mason Ramsey
    "i am gonna take my horse to the old town road I;m gonna ride till I can’t no more I;m gonna take my horse to the old town road I am gonna ride till I can’t no more I got the horses in the back horse tack"
  • Turilli/Lione Rhapsody I Am
    "While looking back I feel I chosethe widest peaks to climb But I believe my change was worth All that effort, tears and sorrow Once the wild river broke the bank I searched for help beyond the skyline When"

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