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Roch poliszczuk

  • Cabrocha do rocha - Noel Rosa
    "Eu tenho uma cabrocha que mora no Rocha E no relaxa Sei que ela joga no bicho, que dana maxixe Que d muita bolacha Eu tenho uma cabrocha que mora no Rocha E no relaxa Sei que ela joga no bicho, que dana"
  • JU$T (ft. Pharrell Williams and Zack de la Rocha) - Run the Jewels
    "Mastered economics Cause you took yourself from squalor Mastered academics Cause your grades say you scholar Mastered Instagram Cause you can instigate a follow Leek at all these slave masters posin’"
  • Na Mumina Stajl - Roch
    "ups no i tak znowu ta sytuacja że choć próbujesz nie potrafisz stać z gracją właśnie zacząłeś swą przygodę z grawitacją festiwal min dziwny krok u hahaha jaka śmieszna sytuacja wieczornoletnia alkoholofizylacja relacja"
  • Widzę to tak - Roch
    "Widze to tak! Mocno świat za rogi łap gdy się obudzisz Widze to tak! Najnormalniej bądz jak brat dla innych ludzi Widze to tak! Nie chodujmy w sobie zła bo się ubrudzisz Widze to tak! Lepiej nie wyruszać"
  • City Of New Orleans - Roch Voisine
    "Riding on the City of New Orleans, Illinois Central Monday morning rail Fifteen cars and fifteen restless riders, Three conductors and twenty-five sacks of mail All along the southbound odyssey The train"
  • Until Death Do Us Part - Roch Voisine
    "I was nothing before, still I stand here today As a keeper of dreams, till the night fades away Je l'aime mourir You can tell me again, all the reasons to leave But with a touch of her hand, she can make"
  • Blue Birdq - Roch Voisine
    "I've already written lots of songs But never did for blue birds I guess I never had the chance To see one and to observe They say they come from far away Blue Bird, Blue Bird Don't you ever fly away Cause"
  • By Myself - Roch Voisine
    "i didn't wanna have to make you cry i didn't want to say goodbye i couldn't bare to face the truth but i was me and you were you i didn't wanna have to let you down i didn't want to hang around pretending"
  • Deliver Me - Roch Voisine
    "2 o'clock in the morning god im still awake thunder rolls like a warning my hearts about to brake lying here beside you where love used to be deliver me deliver me im losing ground you're the only one"
  • Helene English Version - Roch Voisine
    "TWO hundred miles from my home a million miles from you living without you on my own u know its hard to do and through the nite feeling its gone you know i need you so lighting and thunder may appear"
  • Higher - Roch Voisine
    "Sometimes it's so hard to explain What our hearts conceal. I would just get lost in between The things I feel. Now all I want to do for you Is to rectify. (Rectify) All I meant to say Every night and"
  • H - Roch Voisine
    "Seul sur le sable les yeux dans l'eau Mon rve tait trop beau L't qui s'achve tu partiras A cent mille lieux de moi Comment oublier ton sourire Et tellement de souvenirs Nos jeux dans les vagues prs du"
  • I'll Always Be There - Roch Voisine
    "You and I have followed the trace, laid by people of faith and pride With hungry eyes You and I could conquer the stars, if we tried or simply live by simpler vows and let the storm go by You and"
  • Kissing Rain - Roch Voisine
    "Another night of fallin' rain Your memory flickers like a flame And it comes like it's destined to And dances on the 4 walls of my room Your hair as black as the book of frame You'll have to feel the"
  • La Berceuse Du Petit Diable - Roch Voisine
    "Mikey Mouse et ton teddybear ton donner rendez-vous de l'autre coter de tes poupiers qui se ferment sur tes jous dans ton berceau de lumiere tu t'envole luin de nous ou tous les enfants de la terre danse"
  • Lost Without You - Roch Voisine
    "It was the 4th of July I just wanted to lay donw and die I lost a friend Never thought that it might end What was I to do So alone without you Now it's plain to see It could never be the same How bad"
  • She Picked On Me - Roch Voisine
    "Chorus: She picked on me When I was lonely She picked on me When I was down She picked on me It was'nt easy To pull me up And to bring me around She picked on me When I was lonely She kicked me when I"
  • Shed A Light - Roch Voisine
    "In her world of fantasy Wanting to fill her heart's desires She has travelled in her dreams To places she hopes to find But you have all the answers In simple words that say I love you Shed a light on"
  • Shout Out Loud - Roch Voisine
    "Well I've been some places And seen lots of faces facing towards the distant light Now I hear people laughing And see people smiling All over the news tonight Oh I see new generations Bringing new vibrations They're"
  • That's More Like It - Roch Voisine
    "Sometimes an hour feels like a minute; Sometimes an mile feels so close; I'd still feel the warmth from you Just like the sun From 93 000 000 miles away. Sometimes a voice can be carried As far as the"

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