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Rockabye clea bandi

  • Rockabye - Ani DiFranco
    "tending the garden of noise when I grow the traffic and the churchbells and the neighborhood boys singing to myself as the solitude sets in in tune with the symphony of south brooklyn I sing rockabye,"
  • Rockabye - Ministry
    "Do or die It's a rockabye Come on over mine tonight Do or die It's a rockabye Come on over mine tonight Get your filthy hands off my ice cream Put your filthy mind in my hands When you open your mouth"
  • Rockabye - Shawn Mullins
    "She grew up with the children of the stars in the Hollywood hills and the boulevards. Her parents threw big parties. Everyone was there. They hung out with folks like Dennis Hopper and Bob Seger and Sonny"
  • Rockabye Dixie - Abigail Washburn
    "Me and Dixie, we'd waste away Sleep thru the night and all the next day Sleep thru the sun, rain, and moon here in this room Oh, rockabye my Dixie child Oh, rockabye my Dixie child Me and Dixie, we rolled"
  • Sir Rockabye - Frank Black
    "You've got a sad face You don't show it And you're smiling it, too Even in deep, deep outer space There's something for you I'm Sir Rockabye And rockin' I am I'm Sir Rockabye And rockin' I am The world"
  • Rockabye Heart - Martina McBride
    "This world is full of highs and lows wide open smiles and tears that flow and you're bound to have your share of both, that's guaranteed sometimes you'll fly, sometimes you'll dance around it all, but"
  • Rockabye (ft. Anne-Marie & Sean Paul) - Clean Bandit
    "Piosenka "Rockabye" będzie promować drugi album Clean Bandit. Data premiery nie jest jeszcze znana. Nowy krążek brytyjskiej formacji planowany jest na koniec 2016 roku."
  • A guy like you - Clea
    "What you doin', I wanna knowWhere you goin', I'll followWhat you playin', I like the gameAnd I'm good at many things (yeah)You know your lips, they're sugar sweetAnd you're sexy, it speaks to meI like"
  • Butterflies and rainbows - Clea
    "I want wings big enough to flyWhen I look at colours in the skyAfter it's been rainingBut, I'm the night and you're the dayIt's like you're interrupting meTrying to keep my moon from shining Why bring"
  • Crush - Clea
    "It was cold outside when you walked inHow was I to knowThe way that I would feelYou kissed me like a promise andFrom that moment onI realised that we'll We'll be flyingWe'll be floatingJust as long as"
  • First love - Clea
    "4 in the morning and I just can't sleepYou know why Missing you is killing me, honey Emotions cut deep I've tried so hard babyTo make you seeYou get back what you giveCan't get something for nothingNothing"
  • Identity crisis - Clea
    "Why change anythingWhen there's nothing to change at allYou got a heart like a promise ringYou've been a real good friend to meI like to see you laugh out loudWhen we're dancing in a crowdBut at times"
  • Lucky like that - Clea
    "Let us live for today Never mind the past Can't you see that we're lucky like that? Let me tell you, about how I feel Ooh baby, you're too good to be real You fill my heart with love It's just what I need"
  • Mind games - Clea
    "Mind Games Mind Games Late at night and the lights are low And I think I know that you're watching me Take the chance I make the glance cos This temptation is killing me If I turned my head and smiled"
  • One more try - Clea
    "I am the childTrying to learn how to forgiveDon't wanna miss outOn the dream I'm to live You're the believer Trying to undo what has been doneWe are togetherWe're the birds trying to flyGotta try one more"
  • Pretty little bad girl - Clea
    "Huh - Do ya like that?Uh Huh, yeah I like that uh huhBad girl, bad girlBad girl, bad girlPretty little bad girlPretty little bad girlPretty littlePretty little bad girlI'm bad, I'm badYou know I'm bad,"
  • Reminisce - Clea
    "We were always togetherIt was always me and youLaughing at the good timesCrying when we had the bluesI remember the pact we madeThe crazy things we'd doI don't regret all the things we didEven when we"
  • Sprung - Clea
    "Still in bedThinking about his kissesOh, what a nightWhat's his name? I think I'll miss himThe smell of eggsHe's cooking in my kitchenIs he for real?Gonna make it hard to ditch him Got me sprung on youWhat"
  • The lie - Clea
    "I can't get around it, so IDig underneath it, and my Lips started twitching as I lie How could I do that Wish I could take it back Do I trust, say goodbye Now between you and IThere's a lie Have you ever"
  • We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off - Clea
    "Not a word, from your lips You just took for granted that I want to skinny dip. A quick hit, that's your game. But I'm not a piece of meat, still you like my brain. Night is young, so are we. Let's"

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