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Rod Stewart Another Heartache

  • Another Heartache - Rod Stewart
    "(B. Adams, J. Vallance, R. Stewart, R. Wayne) I told you once I'm a jealous man But you never want to listen to who I am We're divided, completely out of touch I guess that's why we seem to fight so much Believe"
  • Everyday (feat. Rod Stewart x Miguel x Mark Ronson) - A$AP Rocky (ASAP Rocky)
    "Everyday I spend my time Drinking wine, feeling fine Waiting here to find the sign That I can understand Yes I am So everyday I spend my time Drinking wine, feeling fine Waiting here to find the sign That"
  • Missing You Stewart, Rod 4:18 - Rod Stewart
    "Everytime I think of you, I always catch my breath And I'm still standing here, and you're miles away And I'm wonderin' why you left And there's a storm that's raging through my frozen heart tonight I"
  • Another Heartache - Rod Steward
    "I told you once I'm a jealous man But you never want to listen to who I am. We're divided completely out of touch I guess that's why we seem to fight so much. Believe me darling this ain't no game If"
  • Another Heartache - Pug Jelly
    "I can't make sense in what i've done, She starts to cry, she starts to run. When things aren't bad enough to change, Then things will stay the same... Why can't you see that, No matter what you do some"
  • Heartache - Giuffria
    "I left you long ago, my life was mine alone Dreams chased and lost in a second square How was I to ever know, all that shines, isn't gold Bright lights on the lonely load, and I'm missing you And it's"
  • Heartache - Converge
    "we are all falling down we are all falling every word that you pray makes another slave every idol that you build brings another plague every cross that you bear grows another grave we are all"
  • Heartache - Farmer's Boys
    "Heartache Heartache's back again And I never thought I'd stand to feel this pain Teardrops are falling down my face And as each one falls another takes its place And as I sit and watch the children laughing"
  • Heartache - Justin Bieber
    "speak: What? Wait? But yesterday we were.... I dont understand (Verse 1) We started out, it was perfect nothing but fun and my heart was convinced to say that ur the one And I thought it would last"
  • Just Another Heartache - Chely Wright
    "I'm fallin' head over heals for him He's callin' me twice a night then callin' again When I talk he likes to listen He says I'm the one that he's been missin' Somebody tell me that he isn't Just another"
  • Just Another Heartache - Nazareth
    "Who took the smile out of your face Who put the tears and sadness in its place Who took the sun out of your sky Don't turn around or ask for reasons why No place to run, nowhere to hide It's just another"
  • It's A Heartache - Rod Stewart
    "It's a heartache Nothing but a heartache Hits you when it's too late Hits you when you're down It's a fool's game Nothing but a fools game Standing in the cold rain Feeling like a clown It's a heartache Nothing"
  • Hey Hot Rod - Clint Black
    "Out on the highway flyin' by me Headlights and tail lights are all I could see Down at the junction another flies by They come and go in the blink of an eye. Down at the strip you see 'em waitin' in line Lay"
  • Heartache city - Uriah Heep
    "Hit the city, hit the nightCrazy people, neon lightHit the club, sip the wineJust remember to leave on timeHit the red lights, check the girlsYou're steppin' into another worldSee the man, he'll spin you"
  • Suburban Heartache - Senses Fail
    "Stainless heart that never speaks, Reads like a story never sold. What if you just forgot, what you were told? You can't replace, You can't retract, You can't forget To get what's back. And"
  • Lonely Heartache - Gotthard
    "No I can't stand another minute Wanna beat it It's quite a sacrifice so hard to realize I see you cryin', you keep on tryin' But I don't wanna play the fool again You're talking, talking, but I don't"
  • Just Another Honky - Rod Stewart
    "(ronnie lane) I close my eyes and ignore all the signs I'm walking 'round in circles I've closed my ears and believed my own lies And break the silence always I make a lot of words, big storm in the air All"
  • Superstars Of Heartache - Rachel Stamp
    "Self-pity is the death of the soul Blue is the colour of my heart - the reason I'm not sleeping Red is the colour of my eyes - I'm so sick of weeping You were the one who led me here and now you're leaving But"
  • Good morning heartache - Ol' Dirty Bastard
    "feat. Lil' Mo Ladies and gentlemen, huh This a song.. that dedicated.. (wee kah boo boo doo doo boo dah boh dah bah dah boh doh goh doh doh..) .. to me.. (dah boh goh ding.. ah, lalalalalalalah) MmmmmmmmMMmmmm.."
  • Heartache no 9 - Blue System
    "She was a working girl; no time - no money A crazy world, cause she's so lonely She was so upset, was alone oh in her bed She was crying too much, on her lonely rainbow There was no touch, only TV shows"

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