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Roger Waters - Perfect sense

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Roger Waters - Perfect sense

  • Perfect Sense, Part II - Roger Waters
    "Can't you see It all makes perfect sense Expressed in dollars and cents Pounds shillings and pence Can't you see It all makes perfect sense Little black soul departs in perfect focus Prime time fodder"
  • Perfect Sense, Part I - Roger Waters
    "The monkey sat on a pile of stones And stared at the broken bone in his hand And the stains of a Viennese quartet Rang out across the land The monkey looked up at the stars And thought to himself Memory"
  • Perfect sense - 98 Mute
    "Its been so long since the first day I met you girl and since then Weve been to heaven and been through hell Weve seen life in each others skin and through each others eyes You know me better than I know"
  • Perfect Sense - No Fun At All
    "I saw you coming in, you condescending smile I saw you standing there, you didn't care at all You never listened much, a lack of interest You came around to me But how could I anticipate your love? Like"
  • Perfect Sense - John Mayer
    "Sometimes I wish that I was the weather You'd bring me up in conversation forever And when it rains I'd be the talk of the day Oh sometimes, I wish that I was a cold beer I'd rest assure that you would"
  • Furthest Sense - Ride
    "Unsure of emotions And unsure of my stand That time was so perfect Who could ever understand? So don't try to criticise You don't know the change that's in my eyes Plastic feelings and emotions Your"
  • Roger - Sparks
    "(Russel Mael) I'm picking up where I once left off in the search for a justified balance between the wealth that I have now and the wealth that they all want to have Let's ask Roger if he knows what"
  • Roger - Frenzal Rhomb
    "I turn you on at 6 o'clock why is it that you're such a cock You smile and tell me that it's a good evening Then you put on that stupid frown talk about the bullshit going down It's hard to stop myself"
  • Roger - The Frames
    "Your big mouth, steelish stare It fills my wings, enough to fly I sent a letter on a stone Through your window down the hall One more day, still stuck in here I burnt my words, on a beaten stove I sent"
  • Hanoi Waters - Stage Dolls
    "(T. Flakne/B. Icon) Johnny went off duty, caught a bullet from a gun they sent a car back to his mama's place to tell her 'bout her son oh, now he's just a picture on the wall gave his life, makes no sense"
  • Quiet Waters - Starfield
    "Quiet Waters Tim Neufeld, Dave Miller You have led me to the banks of quiet waters I can still remember how We'd walk and talk for hours You would lead me past the outer courts Into your secret place Through"
  • This Will All Make Perfect Sense Someday - John Mayer
    "This will all make perfect sense someday I'll be a-okay All my bills have all gone pink I shit the bed I broke the bed This coulda been a slow song A laundry list of all the wrongs But end of the day This"
  • Perfect - Midtown
    "This time I think it could be perfect But you'd push it away I came here today with a purpose Should I try or just let it go 'Cause these things I'd like to ask you Are things I can't explain Or should"
  • Sense Of Demise - Sinister
    "Burning cross appears, symbolizing death Black waters stir, a painful sight Secret faces overarc the spheres The wind groans, seance repeats Gorge of night, unseen woods Shadows cast out, purgatory winds Desert"
  • Spelled in Waters - Van Canto
    "Phrases laughing right in your face. Writing depth into this shallowness. Carving a name just to leave a trace. A body resounding with hollowness. Meaning, please come onto me. Explain these deeds of"
  • Sense - Terry Hall
    "Sense Ian Broudie/Terry Hall I'm flying high on something beautiful and aimless, it's got a name but I prefer to call it nameless. It comes and goes leaves me on a bed of splinters, feels like I'm living"
  • Sense - The Lightning Seeds
    "I'm flying high on something beautiful and aimless, it's got a name but I prefer to call it nameless. It comes and goes leaves me on a bed of splinters, feels like I'm living in a town closed down for"
  • Sense - Pete Yorn
    "Time flew away, But something won't forgive it all, Days and weeks, Let's start from the beginning of a life. She called today, Pretending not to care at all, For days and weeks, Now he's hanging from"
  • Nothin' Bout Love Makes Sense - LeAnn Rimes
    "Like a cloud full of rain shouldn't hang in the sky Ice shouldn't burn or a bumblebee fly If you feel so happy, then why do you cry? Oh nothin' 'bout love makes sense Like an ocean liner shouldn't float"
  • Ain't No Sense In Love - Take That
    "I'm afraid of the morning I'm afraid of the light You should come with a warning You should be wearing a sign That says you're beautiful trouble So you better beware One look and I was in right over my"

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