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Roger meno- what my heart wanna say

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Roger meno- what my heart wanna say

  • Roger Rabbit - Sleeping With Sirens
    "Is there a right way for how this goes You've got your friends And you've got your foes They want a piece of something hot Forget your name like they forgot Ain't that something So when I see you crash"
  • No More Roger - Yello
    "Yesterday I got that phone The streets are empty Now I am alone Too young to die Too old to live I gave them What I had to give I know They gonna do me in I know I have had my chance to win I know I have"
  • Say What I Wanna Say - Alias
    "With that innocent smile, you said trust me Together we'll go far, you just trust me Making promises in vain, that's easy for you You gather all the pain, that's all you can do All on my own, I was blind"
  • Say What You Wanna Say - Hit The Lights
    "Out of friends At an end for sure When you've got no side to side with You'll deal with that It's a waste Time it takes if you think that I Ever want a confession or an alibi Just say what you wanna"
  • Roger Wilco - Shawn Colvin
    "Roger Wilco it`s okay It's all yours it's anything that you say My company fell in we were dropped like like sticks in the wind I relinquish this misson sir in the intrest of my men I do not expect to"
  • Roger - Sparks
    "(Russel Mael) I'm picking up where I once left off in the search for a justified balance between the wealth that I have now and the wealth that they all want to have Let's ask Roger if he knows what"
  • Here's to Ya, Roger - Austin Cunningham
    "Austin Cunningham Let That Poor Boy Sing Here's to Ya, Roger Well, my tailpipe, it was draggin', and my brakes would barely stop So I pulled my old pickup in this automotive shop I said, 'I'd like an estimate'"
  • Roger - The Frames
    "Your big mouth, steelish stare It fills my wings, enough to fly I sent a letter on a stone Through your window down the hall One more day, still stuck in here I burnt my words, on a beaten stove I sent"
  • Say what u say - Ja Rule
    "Yeah, fuck that, Ja Rule, Ranjahz, uh It's MURRDAAAAA Faculty, fucker Huh, give it to 'em Niggas act like they don't know Uh, one hand wash the other hand, y'knawmean? fuck it You can say what you wanna"
  • Don't wanna say goodbye - Blu Cantrell
    "I can barely remember What it was that made me walk away But something inside my heart is telling me I still love you Now I'm walking all alone this cold December day I see you come to me but I can't see"
  • Say - Kem
    "Baby say What's on your mind What's on your mind I've been here all morning waitin' For your answer I'm waitin' I've been sober long enough to remember How good love is How sweet your love is Notwithstanding"
  • Say - Gloria Estefan
    "Ain't much for promises But I'm a fool for your sweet caress Don't mean to be obsessed But all that I can do is guess And when I miss you I try to keep my head But when I kiss you My heart speaks out"
  • I don't wanna say that - Alexander
    "No, no, no, no. Huh, huh, huh, huh, yeah. Tomorrow baby there is another day. Oh, youre dying for nothing. Tomorrow love is always findin a way. You are dying for nothing. Oh this, oh tell me big enough,"
  • Say What - Erasure
    "Say what, make out Say what, make out It's a crazy situation Keeps my body hot I want infatuation Something you ain't got This fire inside A love so bright Say what The hell you think you've done Drive"
  • Say What - Method Man
    "(feat. Missy Elliott, P. Diddy) Yeah! This-this-this-this This is an exclusive (let's go) Mr. Meth, you're so Def, you put them other M.C.'s out to rest (that's right) And they test (uh-huh), but they"
  • What My Heart Whats To Say - Gareth Gates
    "You're Amazing, so amazing Have I told you enough? You're my angel, my guardian angel God knows I, have been blessed with love. But if i'll be gone tomorrow Would you know how deep my love goes? Have"
  • What my heart wants to say - Chenoa
    "You're amazingSo amazingHave i told youEnoughYou're my angelGuardian angelGod knows i've been blessed with loveBut if i been gone tomorrowWould you know how deep my loves goesHave i ever told youYou're"
  • What My Heart Wants To Say - Champagne Pink
    "your amazing so amazing haven't told u enough your my angel my guradian angel god noes i've been blessed with love but if i'd been gone tomrrow would u know how deep my love goes have i evA told u dat"
  • What My Heart Wants To Say - Gareth Gates
    "You're amazing so amazing Have I told you enough You're my angel my guardian angel God knows I've been blessed with you But if I'll be gone tomorrow Would you know how deep my love goes Have I ever"
  • Say what's in your heart - Restless Heart
    "Sometimes a woman and a man make plans, And then change in the middle of the stream. Why does the flame die, where does the blame lie?And what becomes of their dreams?Will I be startin' on my own again"

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