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Roisin Murphy Exploitation (Single Edit)

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Roisin Murphy Exploitation (Single Edit)

  • Exploitation - Roisin Murphy
    "If you let me __ This is a soul-cold true story We have the time of our lives Starin up clouds Of scannon Freedom Your automat freedom And no one show __ The fiasco Who’s exploiting who I just don’t know"
  • Soon (Single Edit) - Yes
    "(Anderson) Soon oh soon the light Pass within and soothe this endless night And wait here for you Our reason to be here Soon oh soon the time All we move to gain will reach and calm Our heart is open Our"
  • Genius (single edit) - Pitchshifter
    "Dysfunction. Dysfunction is a function. Dysfunction. Dysfunction is a function. If dysfunction is a function, If dysfunction is a function, If dysfunction is a function, Then i must be some kind of Ge--ni--us!!! Ge--ni--us!!! With"
  • Vienna (Single Edit) - Ultravox
    "We walked in the cold air Freezing breath on a window pane Lying and waiting A man in the dark in a picture frame So mystic and soulful A voice reaching out in a piercing cry It stays with you until The"
  • Black (single Edit) - Colony 5
    "Black eyes, black lips, black nails. We're dancing a slow dance. Kiss of ash, my tongue fails, at the sharp blade of romance Tongue of ash catches drop from sharp and bloody steel. We've danced too long"
  • Hate (single Edit) - Colony 5
    "I've seen this before but not so close to heart so much anger to release the chemicals put it there life is not a movie this is fact not fiction push the trigger and kill your addiction How does it feel to"
  • Exploitation - Conflict
    "Another fine timing for a step into line For four budding young stars who've just found the time An old tune and shit words, as long as they rhyme Well just watch them boys because they can't fail this"
  • Freddie's Dead (Single Edit) - Curtis Mayfield
    "Hey, hey... Love, love... Yeah, yeah... Uh huh... Freddie's dead. That's what I said... Let the man rap a plan; 'said he'd send him home. But his hope was a rope, and he should have known. It's hard to"
  • O Compagnons (Single Edit) - Raphael
    "Ici-bas sur la terre noire A celui qui pisse le plus loin C'est se crever les yeux compagnons On n'en voit pas la fin Mais avant de monter au ciel Je te montre mes dents Tu vas avaler les tiennes"
  • Dead Battery (single edit) - Pitchshifter
    "Multinational sitcom rating, Inoffensive (self effacing). The fountain of light infotainment will never run dry. Another lunch break, another crisis, The bombs are smarter, the teeth are whiteness. Pay"
  • Sharkey's Day (single Edit) - Laurie Anderson
    "Sun's coming up. Like a big bald head. Poking up over the grocery store. It's Sharkey's day. It's Sharkey's day today. Sharkey wakes up and Sharkey says: There was this man... And there was this road...And"
  • Electric Man (single Edit) - Mansun
    "You were the seven deadly sins Making sense in your 'screw me' dress The beautiful ones just slip away To a mirror where we used to kiss With your disco heartbeat You're not even human We're so electric Do"
  • The Chase (Single Edit) - Rednex
    "The Chase I, I, I let it come my way I, I, I let it come my way One day Mambway Aa Ee Yaeaea Mambwe Aa Ee Yaeaea Mambwe Aa Ee Yaeaea aaeeoo They come on the prairies They come on the hills They come"
  • Colony 5 (single Edit) - Colony 5
    "Civil wars over the world, powerful unions interfere It's a dangerous situation for us all Atomic bombs are ready to be launched It's time we unite it's time we scan the universe We had to move on We"
  • Prisoners In Paradise (Single Edit) - Europe
  • Come With Me (Single Edit) - Special D
    "Come with, come with me Come with, come with me At the end of every week each one of us becomes a freak Tonight the DJ makes makes us move And then the sweat drops from the roof Its time to let the base"
  • Ride The Hurricane's Eye (Single Edit) - Rednex
    "Who's gonna win Who's gonna survive Who's going in Who's staying alive Who's gonna win Who dares to try Who's gonna Ride The Hurricane's Eye The warlords have all gathered They've tightened up their"
  • We Are The Greatest (Single Edit) - Scooter
    "Check, Check, 1,2,3, in the place to be This one's for the electric generation. Introducing the ultimate sound. This track's called: WE ARE THE GREATEST!! There will be SCOOTER in the house We gonna rock"
  • My Home's In Alabama - Single Edit - Alabama
    "Drinkin' was forbidden in my Christian country home I learned to play the flattop on them good old Gospel songs Then I heard about the barrooms just across the Georgia line Where a boy could make a livin'"
  • Roisin dubh - Thin Lizzy
    "Tell me the legends of long agoWhen the kings and queens would dance in the realm of the Black RosePlay me the melodies I want to knowSo I can teach my children, ohPray tell me the story of young C ChulainnHow"

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