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Roksana węgiel John i want to be

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Roksana węgiel John i want to be

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Roksana węgiel John i want to be
  • Rompey Mam obsesję (gość. Roksana Węgiel)
    "Hej czy Ty wiesz… Hej czy Ty wiesz, że ja już mam obsesję Wiedzą już o tym, chyba w całym mieście Hej czy Ty wiesz, że ja Ci nie odpuszczę Do serca pukam, a Ty proszę wpuść mnie Hej czy Ty wiesz, że ja"
  • B-OK Live it up (feat. Roksana Węgiel - Roxie, Kristian Kostov)
    "we keep our eyes on the headlights got your hand and it feels right to drive sway in a runaway car like a ride on the wild side you’re the fuel when I am run down don’t be scared you just let then talk and"
  • Roksana Węgiel Anyone I Want To Be (piosenka na Eurowizja Junior 2018)
    "used to live in the shadow now I am not afraid to risk at all I can talk a bit louder Be the power of the thunderstorm mam niepokorny stan czuje coraz mocniej dzień po dni kiedy moje serce złapie rytm nie"
  • Bethany Joy Lenz John
    "You're everything I thought I wanted as a young girlHandsome and troubled, worldly - wise andmisunderstoodThey call you a scholar but they don't know thedifference andThey call you "professor" but they"
  • Zagi John
    "Why do we say goodbyes? if our hearts are ten steps behind us? Why do we feel so empty? 'cause we're finally free, but sadly so lonely I am not gonna be something you'd like to see things that scare"
  • Elton John Dear John
    "I got home today Took a look around Trying to find that girl of mine She could not be found All her things were gone She just left a note It don't take no mastermind To figure what she wrote And she"
  • Loney, Dear I Am John
    "Johnny and I, we got lost tonight, we got carried away. It takes someone like me to lose track like that, to be troubled down, got a heart full of plans but nowhere to run. There were seventeen dogs out"
  • Olivia Newton-John I Want To Be Wanted
    "Alone, So alone that I could cry. I want to be wanted. Alone, watching lovers passing by. I want to be wanted When I am kissed I want his lips to really kiss me. When we're apart I want his heart to really"
  • Olivia Newton John I want to be wanted
    "Alone, so alone, that I could cry, I wanna be wantedAlone, watching lovers passing by, I wanna be wantedWhen I'm kissed, I want his lips to really kiss meWhen we're apart, I want his heart to really miss"
  • Dolly Parton John Daniel
    "(Dolly Parton) John Daniel came to town one summer afternoon Wearin' dirty work clothes so everyone presumed He was just another logger from the loggin' camp nearby And he was, but there was somethin'"
  • Cyndi Lauper Dear John
    "Dear John, What's wrong ? Why can't you just be anything you want ? Why not ? Why not ? I tried to tell you then. You didn't understand. They try and pigeonhole you. Buddy, they don't even know you. But"
  • Eddi Reader Dear John
    "Oh, dear John I hate to be the one to break the news But its concerning me and you This is the letter no one ever wants to write You may not believe me But its the hardest thing Ive ever done My eyes see"
  • Billy Idol John Wayne
    "You know you make me crazy And my mind is racing You're wastin' all my time Someone come and save me Oh, yeah 'Cause when I need you I can see through And I feel you Right now On my highway Doin' my way And"
  • Jeff Buckley Demon John
    "Say farewell G'night, Sonny-Jim In your defenseless Winning smile What do you hope to win? And bliss face down, defended Well, now stoned Demon John There's no town the boy cannot belong Why did"
  • Buster Brown John Henry
    "John Henry 2:34 Trk 2 (trad.) Buster Brown (Wayman Glasco) Buster Brown - harmonica & vocal (background male vocalist unk) Fire Records 1960 Album: Buster Brown New King of Blues Yeah! Johnny told"
  • Kate Rusby John Barbury
    "There was a lady fine and gay, She looked so neat and trim, She went into her own garden-wall, To see her ships come in. And there she spies her daughter Jane, Who looked so pale and wan: Oh, have you"
  • Good Riddance Queen & John
    "you spoke your piece with a trembling voice then turned away i'm looking for reasons why do i always act this way running on self pity i was only thinking about myself you said i never considered you so"
  • Shade Sheist John Doe
    "(feat. AMG, DJ Quik, Hi-C, Swift) Yo, it ain't nothin' new (ain't nothin'), just a change in the name Sheist done came and changed the game unexplained Ways for days show you how to wait for your"
  • Nazareth Dear John
    "(copyright Nazareth, Tiflis Tunes, inc.-ascap) You came 'round today You never even knocked on my door Your note tried to say That you don't love me no more bridge: I"
  • Roksana Węgiel Że To Nie To
    "nie szukasz przygód nie gonisz za tym co spędza z powiek sen to tak naprawdę wytarte karty co wróżą dobry dzień jest coraz cieplej coraz goręcej na twarzy rześki wiatr lecz jednak czujesz to prześladuje,"

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