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Roksana wegiel anyoe to be

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Roksana wegiel anyoe to be

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Roksana wegiel anyoe to be
  • Rompey Mam obsesję (gość. Roksana Węgiel)
    "Hej czy Ty wiesz… Hej czy Ty wiesz, że ja już mam obsesję Wiedzą już o tym, chyba w całym mieście Hej czy Ty wiesz, że ja Ci nie odpuszczę Do serca pukam, a Ty proszę wpuść mnie Hej czy Ty wiesz, że ja"
  • B-OK Live it up (feat. Roksana Węgiel - Roxie, Kristian Kostov)
    "we keep our eyes on the headlights got your hand and it feels right to drive sway in a runaway car like a ride on the wild side you’re the fuel when I am run down don’t be scared you just let then talk and"
  • Gromee Share the joy (Roxie Węgiel & Common Song Junior Eurovision 2019)
    "i got this butterfly my body keeps on holdin’ go and walk I am excited every day .. is far far from here keeps us worming going like I am excited every day and I am loving this feeling I am luck it"
  • Gieras La Familia Parentes (feat. Roksana Grobelna)
    "Mam ciary na ciele całym jak to pisze Zawsze tak wiele La Familia Te klisze Moja mama, powiedz na nią złe słowo to przyjebie jak Osama Pożegnasz się z głową Ona się modliła żebym się urodził żywy Dzisiaj"
  • Roksana Węgiel Anyone I Want To Be (piosenka na Eurowizja Junior 2018)
    "used to live in the shadow now I am not afraid to risk at all I can talk a bit louder Be the power of the thunderstorm mam niepokorny stan czuje coraz mocniej dzień po dni kiedy moje serce złapie rytm nie"
  • Cranes To Be
    "Time again There's time my friend ... And time will never end You'll be free my love You'll be free my love Do you see our love? Do you see our love? Oh, honey ... honey Honey ... honey Can you see"
  • Mustard Plug To Be
    "I tied on my boots and strapped on my bracelet to go out and meet some new faces. Went to the store to buy some dark gin, and now I know my night's ready to begin. A dozen friends in my big 'ol car, my"
  • Virgo To Be
    "I never thought i'd rest my life Like dreams don't dare to pretend But a single day can change All the future that you've planned To go and see what's there for me To be... or not to be? You're laying"
  • Cadaverous Condition To Be
    ""tears run from my feline eyes" did you ever know you, so far away waiting for an answer waiting for another time some kind of heaven let your depths shine the heartland may be flooded the spire never"
  • Ayumi Hamasaki To be
    "Daremo ga toorisugiteku ki ni mo tomenai dou shiyou mo nai sonna GARAKUTA wo taisetsusou ni kakaeteita mawari wa fushigina kao de sukoshi hanareta basho kara miteta sore demo waratte itte kureta "takaramono""
  • Roksana Węgiel Że To Nie To
    "nie szukasz przygód nie gonisz za tym co spędza z powiek sen to tak naprawdę wytarte karty co wróżą dobry dzień jest coraz cieplej coraz goręcej na twarzy rześki wiatr lecz jednak czujesz to prześladuje,"
  • Letters To Cleo Cruel To Be Kind
    "Oh I can't take another heartache Though you say you're my friend I'm at my wits end You say your love is bona fide But that don't coincide With the things that you do And when I ask you to be nice You"
  • Face To Face Waiting To Be Saved
    "I heard about this story in the news today, About a man who lost his senses, lost his way, About a man who had his will taken away. He took his life but not before he made them pay. So go on ask yourself"
  • Roxie (Roksana Węgiel) Lay Low
    "Boy you got to hold on me gotta say, gotta say it out loud novacaning on my brain though I like it yeah, I like it I like it I like it I ain’t never been here before so used to boys always chasing me"
  • Slade Be
    "(Noddy Holder & Jimmy Lea) Be helpful to the shyman, But be wary of the slyman oh baby, Be guidance to the blindman, And be thankful to the kind man oh baby, Be scintillating, aggravating, penetrating,"
  • Brettell Be
    "Come and hold my hand I want to ask you a question Not sure you'll understand The things I am thinkin I sit and write some songs And people laugh at my ways There is somethin missin I just don't understand I"
  • Plus One Be
    "If the tears should ever cloud your eyes, if the rain should ever darken the skies above you, you'll be alright 'Cause I'm here, I'm here. And I'll turn your gray skies back to blue 'Cause there's nothing"
  • Kevin Max Be
    "All in all we're fading Like a soul lost in the wilderness We're cold and we're cut off from it Not knowing where it's gonna end There's a star in Bethlehem, it's calling you It's a memory of One who"
  • Icarus Be
    "If the TearsShould Ever Cloud Your EyesIf the RainShould Ever DarkenThe Skies Above YouYou'll Be Alright'cause I'm Here, I'm HereAnd I'll Turn YourGrey Skies Back to Blue'cause There's NothingI Won't Do"
  • Crushead Be
    "the problems seem to break your heart, you feel empty and powerless youre completely beside yourself, suicidal thoughts inside you would like to get some fresh air, but your troubles keep you in chains. after"

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