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Roksana wengiel ane one to be

  • Wy***ane cały czas - Arczista
    "Sety dziś nie piję, bo trzeba tu niestety być. Nie wiem, czy stety, czy niestety, jestem ścięty, plis. Ewi-widentnie 6 z plusem z te-techniki 1 z plusem za sens, bo nie wiem w sumie co pieprzysz, jeez. (Check"
  • Mam obsesję (gość. Roksana Węgiel) - Rompey
    "Hej czy Ty wiesz… Hej czy Ty wiesz, że ja już mam obsesję Wiedzą już o tym, chyba w całym mieście Hej czy Ty wiesz, że ja Ci nie odpuszczę Do serca pukam, a Ty proszę wpuść mnie Hej czy Ty wiesz, że ja"
  • La Familia Parentes (feat. Roksana Grobelna) - Gieras
    "Mam ciary na ciele całym jak to pisze Zawsze tak wiele La Familia Te klisze Moja mama, powiedz na nią złe słowo to przyjebie jak Osama Pożegnasz się z głową Ona się modliła żebym się urodził żywy Dzisiaj"
  • Live it up (feat. Roksana Węgiel - Roxie, Kristian Kostov) - B-OK
    "we keep our eyes on the headlights got your hand and it feels right to drive sway in a runaway car like a ride on the wild side you’re the fuel when I am run down don’t be scared you just let then talk and"
  • To Let Myself Go (ft. Ane Brun) - The Avener
    "To let myself go To let myself flow Is the only way of being There's no use telling me There's no use taking a step back A step back for me A step back for me A step back for me To let myself go To"
  • To Be One - Kouda Kumi
    "ikite ireba iroiro aru kedo omoi doori ni yuku wake ga nai wakaru ki mo shinaku nai keredo sore ijou nani mo kawaranai hitori de ireba dare demo warui hou bakari kangaeru kara sore yori heya wo tobidashi sugu"
  • To Be One - Koda Kumi
    "Ikite ireba iroiro aru kedo Omoidoori ni yuku wake ga nai Wakaru ki mo shinakunai keredo Sore ijou na ni mo kawaranai Hitori de ireba dare demo Warui hou bakari kangaeru kara Sore yori heya wo tobidashi Sugu"
  • Be One - Killswitch Engage
    "With conviction You must stand your ground Don't be deceived Strength is salvation It is so easy to live the life of a follower We must kill the idols Don't fall prey to seduction With single-mindedness"
  • Be One - Greg Hartwell & Marc Lane
    "Duru duru duru duruuuuu I like the way you smile And let me watch a while I love the way you make me feel I'd give the world away to spend each waking day Alone with you, my love 'Cause you make me Duru"
  • Be one - Nami Uehara
    "Warai tobashite ita joudan ya namida wo RIARU na hi ga oikoshite yuku yo Zawameki wo nokoshi Kimi ga katatte ita yume no sono mata yume no Hanashi tachi wa totemo mabushikatta Mujaki na ano hibi Dakara"
  • To Be Number One - Giorgio Moroder
    "This is what we've worked for all our lives Reaching for the highest goal we can We choose to give it all When competition calls Time records the victory in our hearts To win or lose is not the"
  • To Be The One - Ryan Adams
    "Well the pills I got they ask me lets go out for a while And the knives up in the kitchen are all too dull to smile Yeah and the sun it tries to warn me Boy those wings are made of wax While the things"
  • To Be The One - Idaho
    "oh life when are you truly there do you think about the world how far this time to be yourself must you go down a stream floating on the top is better and you feel just what you are what you are talking"
  • To Be The One - Acid Drinkers
    ".....Everybody listen to me You better stop, don't start me up To battle 2000 years many pretext to fight 2000 years when one came to unite We always fight over what we should say Why can't we see that"
  • Let Me Be The One - Plus One
    "Under the silver stars Anywhere you are Near or far you are close to me When you don't understand And when you think nobody cares I'll be the friend and the hope you need :: Chorus :: Let me be the one"
  • Let me be to one - Brenda Lee
    "Let me be the one to walk with you Oh, oh when you want somebody to talk with you Anything that makes you happy I wanna do Oh darling let me be the one Let me be the one who means the most The one"
  • Used To Be The One - Ginuwine
    "This is dedicated Ye yeah run it back (run it back) I need her (to her)(shout out) This song is dedicated to her Ye yeah run it back (run it back) I need her (shout out) This song is dedicated to her Yeahhhh"
  • Too Young To Be One - The Turtles
    "There's something that I just can't seem to Get off my mind and it's this, girl: We've let it go too far. We're too young to have tied ourselves to Each others' arms. We've forgotten who we are. I loved"
  • Anyone I Want To Be (piosenka na Eurowizja Junior 2018) - Roksana Węgiel
    "used to live in the shadow now I am not afraid to risk at all I can talk a bit louder Be the power of the thunderstorm mam niepokorny stan czuje coraz mocniej dzień po dni kiedy moje serce złapie rytm nie"
  • One To One - Buju Banton
    "What are you doing tonight? Are you alone? Thoughts of you come over my mind I miss you to the bone I'd like to come on over Be in exile and discover a Girrrll We need to have a one to one Me an you,"

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