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Rolling Stones Im Moving On

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Rolling Stones Im Moving On

  • I'm moving on - The Rolling Stones
    "I warned you baby from time to time You don't listen so pay me no mind About movin' on Yeah Im a moving on I'm through with you Too bad you're blue Ill move on Mister Engineer with your throttle in hand"
  • Like a Rolling Stones - The Rolling Stones
    "Yeah, Once upon a time, you dressed so fine, you threw the bumps a dime in your prime, didn't you? Yeah, People'd call, say "Beware doll, you're bound to fall", they thought they were just-a kiddin'"
  • I'm Moving On - Rolling Stones
    "(Snow) I warned you baby from time to time You don't listen so pay me no mind About movin' on Yeah I'm a moving on I'm through with you Too bad you're blue I'll move on Mister Engineer with your throttle"
  • Stones - Pete Francis
    "you knock it you say you know you drag your soul it's all dirt and coal these days you like it quick and clean the good old machine what's a scream mean in all this noise? it's all fine for me oh if"
  • Bitch (Rolling Stones cover) - Exodus
    "I'm feeling so tired can't understand it Just had a fortnight sleep I'm feeling so tired, oh, so distracted Ain't touched a thing all week I'm feeling drunk juiced up and sloppy Ain't touched a drink all"
  • Rolling - Boondox
    "(Verse 1:) In my hands I hold the key to who I wanna be Solutions to my problems are just sitting right in front of me I crush them up with a little bit of gun powder I should be where i want to be in"
  • Rolling Stones (ft. Frank McComb) - Ania Szarmach
    "Who are you Crossing my own pathway? When I fall asleep Drifting of on my deep believes Quietly Suddenly Someone itches frozen Surprisingly I would know we’re looking for the same place Reality I‘ve"
  • Moving - Suede
    "shame on me well I had the beast you see and if he can take it I can take him home with me shame on her she's a lovely little number and when we go lassoing you get lassoed, all of you If you can take"
  • Moving On - King Diamond
    "Oh You gotta move on now I can see I can feel The tears in your eyes The tears that you cry you gotta move on now Let me wipe those tears from your eyes If I could only take his place On the other side I"
  • Moving On - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 Times have been so hard Eyes began to cry My past is still within in me Won't forget it The time I spent Holding my head It's my time to shine I'm feeling fine Im moving on in life Chorus Moving"
  • Moving On - Jane
    "All I can see are lonely faces Looking for ways to fill their empty spaces Seems to me time doesn't matter round this place So Im getting out before it's too late CHORUS I gotta keep Moving on Moving"
  • Moving On - Taio Cruz
    "Taio Cruz Lyrics Moving On Lyrics (Chorus:) I Cant Wait Til You're Gone Away Cuz Then I Can Move On I Cant Wait Til You're Gone Away Cuz Then I Can Move On Then I Can Say Im Finally Over You Im, Im"
  • Moving On - Nothing To Lose
    "I Know Before It Happens, i'll be more prepared for whats in store, it's just so far away I admit.. I ignored that when the time came I wanted you, but you wanted nothing to do with me You wanna stay Away"
  • Moving on - NEEDTOBREATHE
    "Can we put back all the pieces to the puzzles left behind? We will soon be back together just before the stars align. When the curtain falls for one last time and closes out the show. Marching left, right,"
  • Moving On Faith - Jadon Lavik
    "Ive been here before waiting in the mystery Ive knocked on this door enough times to know That youre there for me My knees on the floor hoping for some clarity Knowing on things for sure his grace Has"
  • I'm Moving On - Scott Cain
    "Hey! Oh yeah.... feels good I've had it with your lies I've always had to hear That I'm not good enough for you to be near I've given all my heart, you only give me tears So I aint givin you the best"
  • Rolling Home - Tyler Hilton
    "Music & Lyrics by Tyler Hilton Traveling Sunday Is fine west of here Most folks are staying at home If you want to come on You better meet me there Cause I've got some country to own With the short"
  • Rolling Im My Sweet Baby's Arms - Tears For Beers
    "Ain't gonna work on the railroad Ain't gonna work on the farm, Gonna lay 'round the track till the mail train comes back Then I'll roll in my sweet baby's arms. cho: Roll in my swwet baby's arms,"
  • Rolling Stone - Donnie Klang
    "Ohh yea (Seven singing there) Ohhhhh (seven) Donnie starts) If I had a dime Every girl I thought was fine I would be a millionaire But I really don't care What good is it if I'm alone? If I'm alone... Guess"
  • Stones - Tracy Lawrence
    "Barely old enough, to call it love, Showin off, skippin rocks across, the water, Stones, I handed one to you, You put it in your pocket, Said you loved it, said you'd keep it Forever, Stones One by"

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