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Rolling Stones Sparks Will Fly

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Rolling Stones Sparks Will Fly

  • Sparks Will Fly - Rolling Stones
    "(M. Jagger/K. Richards) You'd better grease up I'm coming back You're going to catch fire Pyromaniac You'd better shape up You'd better get set I'm gonna burn up In the smoke of a jet Sparks will fly When"
  • Sparks will fly - The Rolling Stones
    "You'd better grease up I'm coming back You're going to catch fire Pyromaniac You'd better shape up You'd better get set I'm gonna burn up In the smoke of a jet Sparks will fly When I finally get myself"
  • Sparks - Kim Wilde
    "Written by Ricky & Marty Wilde Caught in the times we live in Caught in the times we know It's taking a real hard line You feel you're becoming a number Nobody needs your trouble Gives you the time of"
  • Sparks Fly - Widespread Panic
    "Waits all day for the Sun to dim his brights Face shinin' amber in the radio lights It's all that he needs to see Fire ignites when he turns the key Wonder what it could be like Just look then he's gone Pay"
  • Sparks Fly - Taylor Swift
    "The way you move is like a full-on rainstorm And I'm a house of cards You're the kind of reckless that should Send me running but I kinda know that I won't get far And you stood there in front of me Just"
  • Sparks Fly - Tiffany Giardina
    "I know we're worlds apart That's what you keep saying But I listen to my heart That's why I keep staying What is this game that we're playing? Where the rules are constantly changing It's so dangerous But"
  • Sparks - Coldplay
    "Did I drive you away? I know what youll say, You say, Oh, sing one we know, But I promise you this, Ill always look out for you, Thats what Ill do. I say oh,, I say oh. My heart is yours, Its you that"
  • Sparks - Cover Drive
    "Happy to see you setting me off like sparks You ignite all the colours inside my heart On the doorstep like we'd never been apart Hope you know that I'm happy to see you It's just another night The boys"
  • Sparks - Royksopp
    "No much I gained or break, it's those tiny little spotsDaily life that makes me forget my wounded heartIt doesn't matter when, it may rain or it may shineGlow and reason months come back from time to time(repeat)No"
  • Like a Rolling Stones - The Rolling Stones
    "Yeah, Once upon a time, you dressed so fine, you threw the bumps a dime in your prime, didn't you? Yeah, People'd call, say "Beware doll, you're bound to fall", they thought they were just-a kiddin'"
  • Master Of Sparks - ZZ Top
    "High class Slim came floatin' in Down from the county line. Just gettin' right on Saturday night, Ridin' With Some Friends Of Mine. They invited me just to come and see Just what was on their minds And"
  • Paint It Black (Rolling Stones Cover) - Rage
    "see a red door and I want it painted black No colors anymore I want them to turn black I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes I have to turn my head until my darkness goes I see a"
  • Sparks Are Gonna Fly - Catherine Wheel
    "Recent years were unsung I light 'em up Burning my horoscope Recent fears I've undone I give 'em up Sick of my bogus ghost Rising up it reached my highest line C'mon Daisy don't drown me this time I'm"
  • Stones - Addict
    "It's just like you to cause a scene It's just like me to tell tales I know it weighs heavy But it doesn't have to be this way Just let the stones fall from their slings You know you can throw sharper"
  • Fly - Danny
    "(feat. Peace) So I've been through these hard times, mentally scarred Almost lost my sanity but got no sympathy cards And there's been, a couple times when my knees buckled I'd be in a heap of trouble"
  • Rocks From Rolling Stones - Waylon Jennings
    "There's a road runs clear to the sky Calls to my spirit calls to my heart She's been a harbor a port in a storm She's got one more sundown and one more dawn Fiddles don't make violins Motel rooms don't"
  • Bitch (Rolling Stones cover) - Exodus
    "I'm feeling so tired can't understand it Just had a fortnight sleep I'm feeling so tired, oh, so distracted Ain't touched a thing all week I'm feeling drunk juiced up and sloppy Ain't touched a drink all"
  • Rolling - Elysian Fields
    "I wanna steam you open Wanna swim your ocean We would fly I wanna suck your motions Exorcise devotions Never die And growing you inside the star's eye You fascinate the loops with open belt If dreams were"
  • All Sparks - Editors
    "You're answering questions That have not yet been asked All sparks will burn out in the end You burn like you're bouncing Cigarettes on the road All sparks will burn out in the end All sparks will burn"
  • Rolling - Boondox
    "(Verse 1:) In my hands I hold the key to who I wanna be Solutions to my problems are just sitting right in front of me I crush them up with a little bit of gun powder I should be where i want to be in"

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