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Ron Pope - Reason To Hope

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Ron Pope - Reason To Hope

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Ron Pope - Reason To Hope
  • Hillsong United You Are - Duet With Ron Kenoly
    "Chorus: You are the love of my life You are the hope that I cling to You mean, more than this world to me I wouldn't trade You for silver or gold I wouldn't trade You for riches untold You are, You are"
  • Europe Reason
    "And everybody will get to play The hand they're given And everybody will deserve The space they live in And everybody will get to feel Some peace within And everybody will get Someone to talk with Cause"
  • Ian Van Dahl Reason
    "I think it's time to talk with you Think it's time to realize Where is the love Are we gonna stay together Or is it time to say goodbye Where is the love Give me a reason To hold on to what we've got"
  • No Angels Reason
    "I'm going through good and bad times Working hard to live my dreams and I Know now that I chose the right way I'll never forget the last three years, but Sometimes - I wonder If I had - made it without... The"
  • 4 Strings Reason
    "I think it's time to talk with you I think it's time to realize where is the love? are we gonna stay together or is it time to say goodbyee where is the love? Ref.Give me a hold on to "
  • The Kelly Family We love the Pope
    "There's a man who preaches understanding There's a man who wants us to be fair There's a man whose heart is never ending There's a man who teaches us to care There's a man whose heart keeps on forgivingBR>"
  • America Hope
    "Theres a clock timing the world as it turnsTheres a man marking the candle as it burnsKeeping track of every minute that remainsStill we hope somehowIts gonna be alrightIts gonna turn out fineTheres a"
  • Abby Travis Hope
    "Bring me the poison that rots in the vein I've tied off my arm, where's the dope? I already know the first one is free So bring me the drug that they call hope Bring me the burglar who deals in my dreams I"
  • Bigwig Hope
    "I wrote you a letter saying that I'm never coming back. Now I can be here by myself without you and no one else. Your such a waste of time but I'll be just fine. I saw a picture of you today I can't believe"
  • David Fly Hope
    "Sometimes it's hard sometimes I fall sometimes I lose my reason to live So many things are on my back It's hard to walk I lose my breath Ref.: Maybe I'll lose, lose all my battles but I'll never lose"
  • Sevendust Hope
    "I woke today To the strangest thing I have to say Reminded me of just the the other day Not today You herd me say the same thing Again I say No excuses for the other day Sorry always seems so hard to say I"
  • Nas Hope
    "(feat. Chrisette Michele) Hip-Hop - it will never die Hip-Hop - Hip-Hop will never, never die Ghetto niggaz struttin' with nothin' but dreams and Queens broke Mack-10's, you can smell the PCP smoke Mele"
  • Denis Leary F**k The Pope
    "We're making the key decision now for our kids. It's religion decision time, you know, and I'm not bringing em up Catholic, I've made that decision, cause I was raised Catholic and NO WAY! Eh-eh. Nope."
  • Cadell Meryn The Pope
    "It began as a regular day in my room, with a cup of hot black coffee Sure, I was depressed but I always am Some people love life, well not me. But then the choppers came, two by two by ten announcing apocalypse"
  • De Heideroosjes Da Doo Ron Ron
    "I met her on a Monday and my heart stood still Da doo ron ron ron, da doo ron ron Somebody told me that her name was Jill Da doo ron ron ron, da doo ron ron Yes, my heart stood still Yes, her name"
  • Wu-Tang Clan Ron O’Neal
    "No matter what the weather, we be getting our cheddar So we can have a better tomorrow Oh, money, cars, superstars, getting ours, working hard For a better tomorrow Coach, put me in the game I'm for real,"
  • From Autumn To Ashes Every Reason To
    "I thought about the end today The final chapter The last scene Ending what is here and what is now And all there is to come. No hope for tomorrow, for today. Through all this talk, on how numb. There's"
  • Agoraphobic Nosebleed Hang The Pope
    "Hang the pope, hang the pope, hang the pope (repeat) Let's go to the Vatican get him out of bed put the noose around his neck and hang him 'till he's dead! Hang the pope, hang the pope, hang the pope"
  • Nuclear Assault Hang The Pope
    "Hang the Pope, hang the Pope, hang the Pope! Hang the Pope, hang the Pope, hang the Pope! Hang him with a fucking rope! Let's go to the Vatican, get him out of bed Put the noose around his neck And hang"
  • Melvins The Bloated Pope
    "Are you of got to ree Got force to ready Drop dead more Struck blind cause you're making me sick Back dud lee Insect for the crawling mother I know who which one of you Outside and I got no clue All"

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