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Roni ferari haji

  • Haji - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    "well he was just about the baddest cat in Bagdad I mean to tell you that this cat was so bad he was as big as a tiger, mean as a snake and when haji got angry, the walls would shake Haji I'm the king of"
  • Roni - New Edition
    "The truth about a Roni, she's a sweet little girl. You can treat her right, real nice, and hold her tight. Only tender Ronies can give a special love A special kind of love that makes you feel good inside. If"
  • Roni - Babyface
    "Written by babyface (1988) Performed by bobby brown The truth about roni, she's a sweet little girl You can treat her right, feel nice and hold her tight Only tender ronis can give you special love A"
  • Roni - Bobby Brown
    "The Truth About Roni She's A Sweet Little Girl U Can Treat Her Right Feel Nice N Hold Her Tight Only Tenderonis Can Give U Special Love The Special Kinda Love That Makes U Feel Good Inside And If U"
  • Roni - Usher
    "The truth about Roni, she a sweet little girl You could treat her nice real and hold her tight Only tenderonis can give special love A special kind of love that makes you feel good inside If you believe"
  • Roni - Bruce Springsteen
    "She took off her stockings I held 'em to my face She had your ankles I felt filled with grace "Two hundred dollars straight in Two-fifty up the ass" she smiled and said She unbuckled my belt, pulled back"
  • My Main Roni - Field Mob
    "My main girl, aint that some shit I aint with it Niggas aint shit, bitches aint either All that fallin in love and all that It don't work, it aint never work Adam and Eve couldn't even true to each other So"
  • My Main Roni - Alicia Keys
    "(talking) My main gul ain't that some shit. i ain't wit it Niggas ain't shit bitches ain't either all that falling in love and all that it don't work it ain't never work Adam and Eve couldn't even be"
  • My Life (Haji & Emanuel Remix) - Chanel
    "I want you in my life Got me hurting cos I'm wanting you And you're leaving me Said you need more space If it makes your life much easier Well I must stray Just tell me that you'll stay Cos you can't"
  • How's your canolli sarah Roni - I Voted For Kodos
    "I went to Gino's just the other day I asked the lady for some SoBe She looked at me, and she said okay Then she said.... We have Canolli today Sarah Roni I went to Gino's just the other day I asked the"
  • I Wanna Know (The Roni Remix) - Joe
    "It's amazing how you knock me off my feet Every time you come around me I get weak Nobody ever made me feel this way You kiss my lips and then you take my breath away (Chorus 1) If you believe in love"
    "wychodzę z pracy sam wiatr ciągle wieje w oczy wypłatę w łapie mam prywaciarz mnie zaskoczył monopol to mój plan do szwagra trzeba skoczyć i dzwoni Grażyna że z okna che wyskoczyć i wracam /3x se passatem miałem"
    "Budzę się rano, nie wiem, co się dzieje, Chyba ze szczęścia dzisiaj oszaleje, Leżysz koło mnie, piękna jak marzenie, Miałem cię w klubie, będę miał u siebie. Wiem, wiem, jak poznałem ciebie całą, Wiem,"
  • Brown paper bag - Roni Size
    "Step to the rhythm made out of brown paper, sounds entering of a different nature,Rhythms get greater, And the rhythms they get greater, Yes another rough-a-toughFour for the chaser, New configuration,"
  • Dirty beats - Roni Size
    "Chorus:Coming down new soundyou should be thankfulDirty riffs Dirty beats Dirty samplessell out show take the moneythen we cancelfrontrows-backrows getting trampledWhat, before we just left the scene aloneGot"
  • Heroes - Roni Size
    "Shidoobeedoo, beda, bedaiiShidoobeedoo, da, down da downI dont know no heroesThey can tell the storyI dont know no heroesThey can get the gloryAnd when ya dancin with yourself and ya know that its so riiight,"
  • Lucky pressure - Roni Size
    "Get what you want.I feel so tiredLucky the pressureSee a little owe that you can buyLucky PressureI'll race with you but i'm tiredLucky PressureThey were ahead but they got lost.Lucky PressureGive what"
  • Railing pt.1 - Roni Size
    "Yes, something of a different pace.Fresh, Hits from 97' make haste.Now, I believe the time is right.How, stepping from the left to the right.So get, ready for the rhythm in check.Direct, believe me you"
  • Share the fall - Roni Size
    "(Full vocal mix) Can you see what I can see, the future?Do you feel the way I feel in this life?Do you believe in what I believe in?Time of change to set the new feel soCome to me, and take my handCome"
  • Snapshot - Roni Size
    "You think this is as good as it gets, It gets better.Think this is as high as it gets, It gets redder.Think this is as good as it gets, It gets better.Think this is as high as it gets.Thats right basically"

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