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Ronnie Wood on the Rolling Stones Hyde Park concert

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Ronnie Wood on the Rolling Stones Hyde Park concert

  • Like a Rolling Stones - The Rolling Stones
    "Yeah, Once upon a time, you dressed so fine, you threw the bumps a dime in your prime, didn't you? Yeah, People'd call, say "Beware doll, you're bound to fall", they thought they were just-a kiddin'"
  • Ronnie - Frankie Valli
    "I'll go on living and keep on forgiving Because you were my first love So very warm and tender the way you loved me Hey girl can't you remember and want more of me Ronnie Ronnie Ronnie why did you go Ronnie"
  • Concert - Git Fresh
    "How Ya'll Feelin Out There Tonight Ya'll Enjoyin The ShowWe Gon Give Somethin A Little DifferentOoooh Woah Oh Oh Yeah 4 The LadiesLike This Just Finished The Show About (12:00)My Girls Comin Over (Body"
  • Hyde - Savatage
    "A solitude of horror in his hours off guard Nature took her hideous revenge Out of the black abyss came the creeping madness that was his other self Hyde, Hyde A good man to evil From the potion on the"
  • Bitch (Rolling Stones cover) - Exodus
    "I'm feeling so tired can't understand it Just had a fortnight sleep I'm feeling so tired, oh, so distracted Ain't touched a thing all week I'm feeling drunk juiced up and sloppy Ain't touched a drink all"
  • Rolling Stones (ft. Frank McComb) - Ania Szarmach
    "Who are you Crossing my own pathway? When I fall asleep Drifting of on my deep believes Quietly Suddenly Someone itches frozen Surprisingly I would know we’re looking for the same place Reality I‘ve"
  • Wood - Aereogramme
    "Made out of wood Made out of wood Thrown us in highlights Made out of wood Devince promises Taking over my life Think in ways To make you whole again Think in ways To evolve back into themselves Into"
  • Ronnie Raygun - The Dingees
    "They don't call me this for nothing Clueless to the fact I know something Clueless are the masses they better off staying paranoid They don't know how true this really is Pull my string but no I'm not"
  • Trolley Wood - Eisley
    "Out one day Walking one day Out one day, with you hallelujah We found a wood with Trolly's on wheels Rolling all around the hills Hallelujah And just as soon it had slipped into The sleepy dusk and it's"
  • Stones - Tracy Lawrence
    "Barely old enough, to call it love, Showin off, skippin rocks across, the water, Stones, I handed one to you, You put it in your pocket, Said you loved it, said you'd keep it Forever, Stones One by"
  • Stones - Neil Diamond
    "Stones would play inside her head And where she slept, They made her bed And she would ache for love And get but stones La la la la la la la la la Lordy, child A good day's comin' And I'll be there to"
  • Stones - Sonic Youth
    "Lights on the stones on backed-up drain What lovers list on languid stain We've come together to gather star Shooting up stones a pallored heart Dead or alive There's danger The dead are alright"
  • Stones - Pete Francis
    "you knock it you say you know you drag your soul it's all dirt and coal these days you like it quick and clean the good old machine what's a scream mean in all this noise? it's all fine for me oh if"
  • In Concert - The Faint
    "You sit outside in the dark And get nicked by the strobe light While we're playing indoors We play in a bar We play in a basement We play in a room where the mix isn't right The help at the door The age"
  • Ronnie I - Chaos UK
    "Ronnie was a rebel, he also was a thief He'd take your granny's pension and kick her false teeth Stole his uncle's motor, drove it into town Ronnie was a hard man, they'd never put him down Ronnie"
  • Stones - A.M.Drive
    "could it be that you and me were made to breathe and show our love could it be we only bleed when someone cuts to draw our blood they say it's in love but fear is what they seek and jealousy sits on their"
  • Stones - Wolftron
    "Somewhere in the distant past I saw a latch And in your soul It flickered on And now it's off again I've memorized the day When you were Skipping stones across the sea And you carried me back home again (Oh,"
  • Ronnie Spector - Deacon Blue
    "I take off my glasses and I pull on my shirt I call up my friends on my long ,long list I said I've got a reason just to get to the coast I'll stand on the streets where all the books were wrote I remember"
  • Just One Kiss (ft. Ronnie Wood) - Imelda May, Noel Gallagher
    "Wanna fool around? What you said A simple little phrase Can oly go to my head Bad side, Good side Upside down You were foolin’ no-one When you said let’s fool around Just one kiss But what could come"
  • Rocks From Rolling Stones - Waylon Jennings
    "There's a road runs clear to the sky Calls to my spirit calls to my heart She's been a harbor a port in a storm She's got one more sundown and one more dawn Fiddles don't make violins Motel rooms don't"

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