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Room For Two

  • Room For 2 - Dua Lipa
    "Up and down, it all comes back around Push and shove, do you feel better now? Knock, knock, knock You'll come tumbling down Karma's got a kiss for you Why are you blaming me for all your insecurities? I"
  • Table For Two - Joe
    "I know you like that. Girl, tonight is all for you, a special rendezvous, a table for two. A table for two, dinner room with a view. Your body's on my menu. Let me eat it up Gonna start at your toes"
  • Two For Joy - Electrelane
    "I''ve no sorrow If I''m glad Oh! Let me show it! Did you see those birds take flight? She opened her hand And they flew across the room How the morning skies are high I watch them as they turn from"
  • Room For The Life - Kate Bush
    "Hey there, you lady in tears, Do you think that they care if they're real, woman? They just take it as part of the deal. Lost in your men and the games you play. Trying to prove that you're better, woman. But"
  • Two Figures In Your Room Means Business - Four Letter Lie
    "i wish i had that clever line. the one that begs you to hang on. slightly out of tune, but anything will do. something that makes me feel alive again. we move as one, i gotta admit i live for this. hold"
  • Blue Room - Ella Fitzgerald
    "We'll have a blue room A new room for two room Where ev'ry day's a holiday Because you're married to me. Not like a ballroom A small room, A hall room Where I can smoke my pipe away With your wee head"
  • Blue Room - Ray Charles
    "We'll have a blue room A new room for two room Where ev'ry day's a holiday Because you're married to me. Not like a ballroom A small room, A hall room Where I can smoke my pipe away With your wee head"
  • Crowded Room - Adelayda
    "Two heads on a pillow sharing the night there's nothing i can do or say now nothing's gonna make this right God knows I wanna hold you until night turns into day I could lean over and touch you but your"
  • Black Room - Krux
    "Eleven days and seven hours I'm counting the flow the loss The time that flies the death the flowers Dreams that become my own cross Two steps behind me the dyer maker Walking around in my room A breath"
  • Crowded Room - Conor Maynard
    "I still remember that perfect smile That you gave me The first time taht i saw you I knew it then And i still know now That my darling I’ll always adore you Promise me that you’ll always be The same"
  • My Room - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion Incognito My Room La vie vient du palier Le vent vient de la cour Ma chambre est habite Par des secrets d'amour la tte du lit Deux tables de chevet Une avec un cahier L'autre avec un carnet"
  • Make Room - Tha Alkaholiks
    "I knock em knock em out the park when other rappers are hitting bunts I'm a togger not a fogger step on hunts and don't do stunts I got SOUL POWER never took a cold shower Never had a girlfriend the color"
  • Room For One More Heartache - Jack Greene
    "They say I'm a fool to forgive you that true is a word you don't know But all this fool knows is he's lonesome and prays every night you'll come home Cause I still got room for one more heartache I could"
  • Room - Simple Minds
    "In your room In your room Silent man Once again The razor's song The razor's song Wear the mask Another fave In your room In your room City red City red Wear the mask Wear the mask A private hell A secret"
  • Room - Rachael Lampa
  • Two People In A Room - Wire
    "Two people in a room Facial movements betray A private display Of nervous disorder And mutual torture Two people in a room Bloody image is conjured But no one is injured The weapons are chosen But the"
  • Two Hearts - Cliff Richard
    "The same heart-the same love On the night you began Meant everything-the closest thing That your heart ever had But dreams change-change your heart And interfere with your plans The same heart-the same"
  • Two skaters - Nits
    "Two skaters on an icecream floor And one of them fell on the ground This is what she has been waiting for Till one of them fell down Your sister in Canada Is sending a gun and one pair of skates The gun"
  • Two Heads - Jefferson Airplane
    "You want two heads on you body And you've got two mirrors in your hand. Priests are made of brick with gold crosses on a stick and your nose is too small for this land. Inside your head is your town inside"
  • The Blue Room - Perry Como
    "We'll have a blue room, A new room, for two room. Where every day's a holiday, Because you're married to me . . . Not like a ball room, A small room, a hall room, Where I can smoke my pipe away,"

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