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Rooney Got away

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Rooney Got away

  • Popstars Rooney - Rooney
    "Hey baby You've hit me again one more time You said bye bye bye bye bye good bye Well I don't want to be with you tonight forever Do you understand my monologue *Chorus* These are the words of the"
  • Got away - Rooney
    "This is all we do And I'm not supposed to say a word I'm feeling so abused Feeling like no one's in my shoes I gotta get away I gotta get away I got no more to lose I got no more to pay I gotta"
  • Stay Away - Rooney
    "Stay away from my friends They're smooth operators Looking for a way in Stay away from me tonight I've made other plans And you'll just be distracting me In a good way She doesn't know That I love her Yes,"
  • I Got Away - The Flying Tigers
    "Don't wanna hear it Don't wanna care Don't wanna fear it Don't wanna share Don't wanna fake it Don't wanna need Don't wanna make it Don't wanna bleed You might mean everything to me But I got away I"
  • You've got away - DJ Encore
    "feat. Engelina You can get me right there where I want to be Feeling it all over deep inside of me Every time I think Im close you take me closer Even now when youre away I feel you near Youve got a way"
  • She Got Away - Say Anything
    "I feel so stupid now that we are apart You've got a boyfriend I've got a broken heart I'm glad you're happy I know he plays on varsity but Do you still miss me when everything is quiet in your room f"
  • Turn Away - Rooney
    "Well, I get down only on certain days From the littlest things they do Well, I don't know whether I've done something wrong Or said something wrong Well, I try and act the same day by day But"
  • Don't Come Around Again - Rooney
    "You say it's hard to read me I make it hard for you I'm not that easy It's a strength you can't undo Your mind ain't playing tricks And neither am I Well, this ain't more than kicks I like your kind Ooooo,"
  • She's got everything - Rooney
    "I was working, late at nightI was pumping slurpees and nothing was rightThat's when I saw her, and I staredShe looked my way but she just didn't careShe's got everythingBut she don't got meShe's got the"
  • Got To Get Away - Alice Deejay
    "Alice Deejay Miscellaneous Got To Get Away ive got to get away Ive got to move away Ive got to get away Ive got to move away Ive got to get away Ive got to move away Ive got to get away Ive got to move"
  • One That Got Away - Brooke Hogan
    "What I gotta do to get it through to you That I'm the only one who can love you like I do Seems like I try to get away Trying almost every day To find a way to you But you walk away You turn your face It's"
  • Away - Enrique Iglesias
    "Intro: Away aways, oh yea away away this feels like the coldest day in a hurricane looking through a glass window and ya screaming to the top of yours lungs, and the bells done rung and the crowd"
  • Away - Leroy Williams
    "I was thinkin bout it just the other day My friends Ive lost along the way How sometimes Life can be so unpredictable And if they had to do it all again Would they do it the same way? I think my friends"
  • Away - Enrique Iglesias feat Sean Garrett
    "this feels like the coldest day in a hurricane looking though a glass window and ya screaming to the top of yours lungs, and the bells done rung and the crowed can't hear you and all that i can see is"
  • Away - Faydee
    "I am on my way to go I am on my way to go hi, baby I’ve been thinking you can change your life tonight oh, honey you’ve got me thinking you need someone to love you right take me away take me away show"
  • Away - Athenaeum
    "He's got a really bad sense of time He only listens when she's about to break down and cry But she's got a lot to learn about herself She's always blaming her sorrow on someone else He's not a really good"
  • Away - Meat Puppets
    "It's righteousness is shining It walks on ruby shoes There's not too much of nothing You cannot make it do I cross the muddy river To dig a diamond mine I got a good thing working On diamond mining time I"
  • The One That Got Away (Got Away With My Heart) - Allison Moorer
    "(Allison Moorer/Kostas) Oh, the one that got away, got away with my heart Broke into my world and tore it apart I should pick up the pieces, but I don't know where to start Oh, the one that got away, got"
  • The one that got away - Alice Cooper
    "You look like you'd fit in the trunk of my carI might let you live, I might go too farI could wrap you up and take you homeWe'd be all aloneOr should I let you be the one that got awayKnew it would happen"
  • The One That Got Away - Pink (P!nk)
    "Mmmm mm yeah Oh oh I stood by the exit door of the hotel cafe He was playing with his band I've always been a sucker had a weakness for a boy with a guitar and a drink in his hand His words were like heaven"

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