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Rory Gallagher - A Million Miles Away

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Rory Gallagher - A Million Miles Away

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Rory Gallagher - A Million Miles Away
  • Black 47 Rory
    "Hey Rory, you're off to London Playin' the blues with a band called Taste Gonna hit the big time? You better - you're the best On your night you could even leave Hendrix in the dust I want to thank you"
  • Rory Gallagher A Million Miles Away
    "This hotel bar is full of people, the piano man is really laying it down The old bartender is a high as a steeple, so why tonight should I wear a frown? (Yes, I'm a...) Million miles away, I'm a million"
  • The Goo Goo Dolls Million Miles Away
    "Friday night, I'd just got back I had my eyes shut, was dreaming about the past I thought about you while the radio played Should have got loaded but for some reason I stayed I started drifting to"
  • Goo Goo Dolls Million miles away
    "Friday night, I'd just got backI had my eyes shut, was dreaming about the pastI thought about you while the radio playedShould have got loaded but ofr some reason I stayedI started drifting to a different"
  • Venus Million Miles Away
    "I want you to know I won't come back Oceans and roads took me Miles away from home A million miles away from home So far away from home So far away from home So far away from home I want you yo know What"
  • The Offspring Million Miles Away
    "There was a time, looking through myself Wanting to pretend If I escaped, I could fill myself I don't think you can Been far and wide But that hole inside Never really leaves When I went away, what I really"
  • Amity Lane Million Miles Away
    "She's waking up Alone in bed She smokes a cigarette and bows her pretty head There's no one on the telephone Your voice is always gone You know she aint sleeping alone And everyday And far away"
  • Kim Wilde Million Miles Away
    "Written by Ricki & Kim Wilde A while ago you looked at me And said there'd come a time You'd have to go away You put it on the line And told me we should only Take each moment day by day Well I know that"
  • Rihanna Million Miles Away
    "Here we lay face to face once again Silence cuts like a knife as we pretend. and Im wondering who will be to first to say what we both know We're just holding on to could have beens and we should be letting"
  • Hanoi Rocks Million Miles Away
    "Took too much of this, had too much of that But with you I never got enough I thought there'd never be love in my life And that's sad 'cos when I think what I could've had It makes me feel so bad I smoked"
  • Kylie Minogue Million Miles
    "Right in front of your eyes Why can't you see me Can't you read all the signs Why can't you feel it Give me love, just a little bit harder Mine's beating to this drum It hasn't even started But I know"
  • Klaatu A Million Miles Away
    "'''A Million Miles Away''' (John Woloschuk) They used to tell me that I was just a fool Dreaming away my time But they soon found the more they put me down The more I blocked them from my mind I used"
  • Sweetbox Million Miles
    "A million miles past who I am A million miles past who I was A million miles away from home And everywhere that I belong A million thoughts away from you A million roads left to rebuild Just to burn over"
  • Pendragon A Million Miles Away
    "When she speaks to you in a soft voice Makes you feel secure Makes you feel good at things you do When they speak to you in a loud voice They just don't understand And although you're there you're a million"
  • Pennywise Million Miles
    "I'm walkin' I'm talkin' I'm feelin' I am reelin' I'm hopin' that you're joking My bones are bruised and broken They tell me they're going to sell me 'Cause I'm addicted to the things around me Been cheated"
  • CeCe Winans Million Miles
    "crown to the floor, my face to the ground, love to the core, and i cant make no sound time just fades and I'm lost in your stare. I'm so amazed. why would i go anywhere, go anywhere. better is one day"
  • Reamonn Million Miles
    "To walk this streets without you I hate being on my own So many souls around you But it never feels like home Home is where my heart is aching Home Home is where there's no mistaking All this space"
  • The Methadones Million Miles
    "Someday when I look back I'd like to say I tried But I know there's something vital missing in my life It feels like a million miles away I've searched around but have only found that my work isn't done I"
  • Neil Diamond A Million Miles Away
    "Every time that we're together, I'm alone When you're by my side, You're far away And you treat me like Someone that you've never known You seem to be a million miles away Our love's become a one way"
  • Lenny Kravitz A Million Miles Away
    "You think I'm cool But I am not You think that I am Nonchalant You think I'm hard That I lay the part Don't be fooled You are my heart Oh Babe i'm just so tired of being on the run Babe when I can't feel"

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