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Rose gold

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Rose gold

  • Gold - Chet Faker
    "You gotta know, I'm feeling love Made of gold, I never loved a Another one, another you It's gotta be love I said it You gotta know, I'm feeling love You gotta know, I'm feeling love You gotta know,"
  • Rose - Kashmir
    "Rose, don't pull your needles out of me close your yellow leaves around me don't drink all the water from the ground I've got inside my wicked soul don't push the time shorter, let us grow old Rose, stay"
  • Dig Gold - O'SULLIVAN
    "I don’t want to be a traveller All my life I don’t want a rose circles in a line I don’t want to be a traveller on my own Take a ride with another self I don’t want to ghost alone Just fade into the dying"
  • Silver $ Gold - Sway fest. Akon
    "ohhh yeahh Akon and Sway that girl aint no joke i love the way she roll especially when she working going up and down that pole cos she's a professional and she'll stick you up without a weapon, oh she's"
  • Diamonds & Gold - Tom Waits
    "Broken glass, rusty nails where the wild violets grow Say goodbye to the railroad, the mad dogs of summer And everything that I know What some men will do here for diamonds What some men will do here"
  • The Gold - DJ Clue
    "Shimmering Glimmering glistening that's the gold Shimmering Glimmering glistening that's the gold Shimmering Glimmering glistening that's the gold Dudes come in heavy but they leave out light homey Married"
  • Witches Gold - Mephisto Walz
    "Her house is empty and her heart is old And filled with shades and echoes that deceive With blind bent fingers, nets that cannot hold No one save her for still she tries to weave Once all men's arms"
  • Mother Rose - Patti Smith
    "(Smith/Shanahan) Mother rose Every little morn' To tend to me There she stood Waiting by the door Selflessly Took my hand Took it with a smile tenderly Mother rose Every little morn' To tend to me Now's"
  • Tennessee Rose - Emmylou Harris
    "(Karen Brooks/Hank DeVito) Well it's a sweet dream That keeps me close to you dear And it's a sad thing That we're apart I'm blue dear And there are times now I thank the heavens up above When I'm with"
  • Red Rose - Alphaville
    "(Gold-Lloyd-Echolette) Little girl, do you know what you are, do you know This baby's gonna be a star, do you know A teenangel empress from hollywood highs With wonderful eyes Your beautiful, put on your"
  • Melancholy Rose - Marc Almond
    "Remember when we were back in school Two young kids with wild ideas Years gone by we sweated and saved For a cupboard with a view Now too old for work they say What's the point in biding time Living out"
  • Rose - Rose
    "Au beau milieu de tout ce moche Je fais des voeux, des voeux de mioche J'prends des clics, j'ai pris trop d'claques Fini le chic de s'mettre en vrac J'veux un amoureux transi...toire Beau comme un Dieu"
  • Silver And Gold - Akon
    "Feat. Sway That girl ain't no joke I love the way she roll Especially when she working going up and down that pole Cause she's a professional and she'll stick you up without a weapon, oh she's so cold If"
  • Turn To Gold - Audioslave
    "SHINE! I don't know why all the fiction of your sleeping doesn't visit you awake I don't know how to get your storybook sunrise to follow you above your cloudy day all these gifts you left on you"
  • Solid Country Gold - Shooter Jennings
    "I been sinkin like a rock in this high society Cause all that means so much to them, dont mean shit to me If I were into money, fame and power, Id be sold But I know I tried , and I just cant find that"
  • There Rose A Lamb - Gold City Quartet
    "There rose a lamb It was the third day since he diedAnd it was said he would ariseThen from the grave his plan came forthOh I have reason to rejoyce He chose the place, he chose the hourThat he would rise"
  • Pretty Pink Rose - Adrian Belew
    "She's just been to Russia and they're dying their faces They're dying over there A pretty pink rose That r'n'r lady takes a space-ship ride she's out of this world A pretty pink rose And we're living"
  • Rose Hip November - Vashti Bunyan
    "Rose hip November - autumn I'll remember Gold landing at our door Catch one leaf and fortune will surround you evermore Pine tree very tall, waiting for snow to fall Mist hangs very still Caught by dawn"
  • The Climbing Rose - Mercury Rev
    "Lover lift me up, high enough, To see the star of gold in the heart of the climbing rose, An how she knows, what to hold, An what to leave behind, but close And how come I don't How come I don't Lover"
  • Little Georgia Rose - Bill Monroe
    "Now come and listen to my story A story that I know is true A little rose that bloomed in Georgia With hair of gold and a heart so true Way down in the blue ridge mountains Way down where the tall pines"

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