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Rosey Love

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Rosey Love

  • Rosey Lee - Bromheads Jacket
    "It all started when she was 15 She met a young boy who introduced her to alcohol and nicotine She turned into a creature of the night With her short short skirts and her big big heels Off into the big"
  • Almost Rosey - Tori Amos
    "Just a minute of your time, Yes I've been known to delude myself So let me put those rose Colored glasses to the test Now is this real enough for you 'cause blondes here don't jump out of cakes If that"
  • Hey Rosey - The National
    "i am your Angel when it's rain, dear heaven it's the place please do it again I will love you like there's razors in it And she'll love you like a radiant flame"
  • Ro Ro Rosey - Van Morrison
    "Ro ro ro ro ro ro ro rosey, Ro ro ro ro ro ro ro rosey. You're the apple of my eye, Ice cream in my cherry pie, pie. She's just sixteen and she's not yet grown, She never goes out on her own. She lives"
  • Letter To Rosey - Yellowman
    "Take a letter to Rosey address it to my wife tell her that I am coming home on a saturday night I don't want she worry I don't want she cry tell her that I love her until the day I day. (Me just)"
  • Rosey & Mick - Jewel
    "Mick came home late last night He drank enough beer to take the edge off a knife And she opened the door, looking older than before He said, "Rosey, you're too good a girl" She let him in, he lifted"
  • Love - Rosey
    "Love, I am so different Love, I am so different Love, I am so different than before Love, can I be loved Love, could I ever really be loved Love, if you ever find me I wonder Will you try me I'm so different"
  • Love(True Version) - Rosey
    "love i am so different (2x) love i am so different than before love, can i be love love, could i ever really be loved love, if you ever find me i wonder will you try me im so different than before love,"
  • Rosey and Mick - Jewel
    "Mick came home late last nightHe drank enough beer to take the edge off a knifeAnd she opened the door, looking older than beforeHe said, "Rosey, you're too good a girl"She let him in, he lifted up her"
  • My Baby - Rosey
    "I love, I love, I love my baby you know he is the only one for me my baby he's the cutest little baby yeah, uh-huh, ooh ooh baby... I love, I love, I love my baby you know he would do anything for me my"
  • One - Rosey
    "one for my love, one for my gun and one who'll bring out that heavy part of me one because I am alone one for my love, one who'll bring me joy and one who'll bring out that heavy part of me one because"
  • Desperate - Rosey
    "it took a long time, but I'm still not over it so many things in this life, I'm just starting to understand I look in the mirror, and I am talking back to you and I know you have to get better, for me"
  • Heaven - Rosey
    "send me, send me a memory I want it to come back to me sing me, sing me a melody I want it to come back, back to me send me to heaven where you are it could be beautiful, like it was, it was before send"
  • Afterlife - Rosey
    "What I've seen, you might find it hard to believe It left feeling like, no one had ever made me I want something, unsurpassed in its pleasures Because even the truest love, still can't last forever I"
  • The Time - Rosey
    "I talked to gramma just the other day she said girlchild time you get things straight and with the time, get with the time do what you want girl, and do it all the time she said when I was a girl no"
  • Cozy - Rosey
    "cozy is a woman now, but she wants to be a girl again she don't care for all the people who tell her, she should be the way that they think it is she don't see them, she got better things to do with"
    "Baby we've been through a lot And times sure have changed Everybody's leaving town Looking for better things But I found what I want And I got no problem working I wish to god That my heart would stop"
  • Love - G. Love And Special Sauce
    "Baby we've been through a lotAnd times sure have changedEverybodys leaving townLooking for better thingsBut I found what I wantAnd I got no problem workingI wish to godThat my heart would stop hurtingShops"
  • Everlasting Love - Spoken Love
    "I’ve been wait for so long This is the time I come home Just been around Lost folk Hurt, where I should been? So This is the time I can hold till the end Everlasting Love Everlasting Love Everlasting"
  • Someone To Love - Ricky Nelson
    "Let me tell you about Rosey, she was a friend of mine She wore a Batman t-shirt, she always dressed so fine One day she went walking. It was about midnight. When the police inspector, he took her for a"

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