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Rotting in vain


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Rotting in vain

  • Rotting in vain - Korn
    "I wouldn't be angry if you just fuck*cried Your tears would arouse me, refreshing my supply The suffering is fading, I scream into the sky Revulsion invades me, I say goodbye Deep inside of me Getting"
  • Rotting - American Steel
    "well we've been fucking hibernating, all these years, just stagnant, waiting I watched you sleeping, wondering are you dreaming like me? we can be safe from reality if we haint it while it sleeps We can"
  • Rotting - Green Day
    "I'm rotting inside My flesh turns to dust Whisper, are you dying? in my ear I'm so sick to death Tumors in my head Whisper, are you dying? in my ear Black rose of death In my fist I clutch Thorns shred"
  • Vain - Norther
    "You have told a thousand lies Told then a thousand times Your words just create lies No one will symphathize Recognize that trust in you has died You just don't realize 'cause you're dead inside Maliciously"
  • Vain - Moi Dix Mois
    "Meltdown in the furnace Crumble down You don't need eyeballs that see everything distorted Beautifully transparent glass spheres could suit you well Dig them out Tear it out Rumble down You should split"
  • Rotting Hill - Vomitory
    "Music: T Gustafsson Lyrics: Dalegren Disposal of the sick Execution of the wicked A soil filled with centuries of remains Absurd ways of death Die, die by the sword Die, die by the rope This hearse"
  • Rotting Garden - Grendel
    "Cot deaths emerging Accidents and catastrophes Houses are burning Those loaded guns These playful hands Their wrists are bleeding Onto kitchen floors So bring forth all your dying daughters So bring forth"
  • Rotting Minds - Lucifer
    "rotting minds of the weak,continued to spread their disease i've done my masters bidding,summon lucifer from the east ending their plight,taking there life,taking their lives ending their lie's,rape and"
  • Rotting Head - Cannibal Corpse
    "A quivering pile of useless flesh, locked in a padded cell Hidden of the prying eyes' curiosity experimental surgery made him what he is today His head is rotting but his body lives on as a worthless vegetable Unknown"
  • In Vain - Within Temptation
    "Within Temptation - In Vain (Official Lyric Video)"
  • Rotting In Hell - Thy Infernal
    "A time of war ' a fight for hell Screams of the fallen abound Swords clash and bodies flail As bones are crushed with our steel Battle axes, impaling spears In a whirlwind of impending doom A mortal wound,"
  • In Vain - Mad At Gravity
    "Minds, it's cold outside Will go unbroken, close the door Thoughts, once complete Will fade away, never more I'm reaching to find The words to define The meaning entwined In every aching line In vain I'm"
  • In Vain - Soul Demise
    "You feel the power in your limbs Feel the power in your veins Heading for some other luxuries Something you do again and again Haven't you been told for ages Haven't you been told long ago That the treasures"
  • In Vain - Butler Bernard
    "I sit on life's window. I'm not afraid to slip off the ledge. Don't dry the tears from my pillow, they don't slip easy from my face. Goodbye brothers and sisters, my spirit will fly in your face. I'm not"
  • In vain - Kim Lian
    "Im waking up alone again skies are turning grey morning paper lemon tea just another day hear me please emptiness wont you go away Im trying so hard to survive the rain I'm constantly fighting my fears"
  • In Vain - INXS
    "Well just the other day While alone in my room I said to myself I need something new I've cut a new life slice And feed the lions twice And they'll shake their mains In confusion My love, my love's in"
  • In Vain - Sylvan
    "You smile, you charm, you hold his sense Bewilder everything So hard to see you can hardly keep back your tears So innocent, you enchant the world But dont care at all, seek something else Youre blinding,"
  • In Vain - Biohazard
    "Feel the warmth of the flame as it burns inside, Burning high and higher pressure starts to climb, Turning passion into sweat, Jekyll into Hyde, Glossy eyed, unsatisfied, I can't help but deny, As my love"
  • In vain - J Church
    "Carolina and Nicole are two of the best of friends, Walking home at 7:30 past five drunk Hispanic men, No sense even in listening when you've heard it all before, There's no sense in convincing when to"
  • In Vain - D'espairs Ray
    "Love and hate myself. there're perfect senses Love and hate myself. an overflowing avarice Although it is not perfect... ore wo karakara warau1 I envy your perfection... just let me be... no dirty tricks Xxxx"

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