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Roxette Dance Away

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Roxette Dance Away

  • Roxette - Dr. Feelgood
    "(Wilko Johnson) I saw you out the other night I saw somebody hold you tight Roxette, I wonder who it could be It was so dark I couldn't see But I know it wasn't me When I tell you it ain't right I know"
  • Dance Away - Roxette
    "There's a hidden meaning in everything he says, every close encounter, every kiss, every caress. Even the truth has got that bitter taste of a lie. Well, I can read his lips but I can't read his mind. I"
  • Fading Like a Flower (Roxette cover) - Volturian
    "In a time when the sun descends alone I ran a long long way from home To find a heart that's made of stone I will try, I just need a little time To get your face right out of my mind To see the world through"
  • Dance Away - Barry Manilow
    "Dance away Dance away I saw you in the shadows You were actin' so free I knew the last thing on your mind was me I could hear the laughter And from that moment after Girl, you had my pride down on its"
  • Dance Away - Roxy Music
    "(Ferry) Yesterday - well it seemed so cool When I walked you home, kissed goodnight I said "it's love" you said "all right" It's funny how I could never cry Until tonight and you pass by Hand in hand"
  • Dance Away Lover - Head East
    "Day and night, sittin' alone Wonderin' where you've been goin' In my mind I can see your face And the love that I thought it was showin' Didn't know it was all a mask And my love wasted devotion Now I'm"
  • Dance It Away - Pete Townshend
    "They say we've got nothing left, (Nothing on the ground) They say we used it all up (in the desert ground) Got to be so careful with the rest (we'll break it down) Or else the nukes are gonna play it tough Well,"
  • Dance - Giuffria
    "Hey Mac, pour me a jack, it's been a long, long day. Lady Luck dealt me some bucks. I'm gonna drink the night away. Say bye bye, no more nine to five, I did my time. So turn me loose, I got the juice. I'm"
  • Dance Dance Dance - Mary Mary
    "Chorus: Maybe you don't understand Why I gotta dance There was something had me down But it's over now I'm gonna throw my hands up Wave 'em all in the air 'Cause all I wanna do is Dance dance dance They"
  • Dance - Leon Else
    "Dance /4x Running in the rain again Got the backup chasing me He follows everywhere I go I won’t he let me be Fire in my brain again I’ma get them over me Voices whisper in my ear And no, you’ll never"
  • Dance - Chris Rea
    "Sometimes I think I go insane So what's a boy supposed to do Working just to pay my way But baby when the day is through Just wanna have a good time Hey! I've got my shoe, shoes shined I'm gonna dance,"
  • Dance - Michael Nesmith
    "Here comes another blow You take it on the chin But oh no mama You just don't understand I said all I wanna do Is dance & have a good time I said all I wanna do Is dance a dance or two And have a good"
  • Dance - Caedmon's Call
    "My name is Mary and I'm from Greenville, Mississippi But this is where I live here in this old folks' dormitory Every Sunday night Sarah comes to see us And she plays that old upright But Sarah always"
  • Dance - James Taylor
    "Come on, baby, while the moon is high, kick up your heels and dance. Don't be nervous, don't be shy and give yourself a chance. You can dance. Kick off your shoes and lose your blues. Pick em up, Lord,"
  • Dance - Artrosis
    "This ruthless dance keeps going on and on Ballet of hearts But only this make sense It feels like dying when you go away The moment you return I feel I live again In the mirror of my deepest derams I"
  • Dance - Lifehouse
    "I want to sing until I lose my voice and shout as loud as I can release my soul bring life back to these bones and let me fly away with you to be closer to you is all that I ask to touch the face of whom"
  • Dance Dance Dance - Steve Miller
    "(E.Anderl) A week's too long not to ring re colours her hair and waits for him no cat against dog just head over heals sex twice a date best time in years oh no why hasn't he phoned she has to wait until"
  • Dance - Gary Numan
    "No more than chance, I'm told it's quite surprising I could walk out and just impress myself I need to hurt, I need to crash for my sake You are something that I could do without And I could always take"
  • Dance dance - Thalia
    "Something's got control of me Feels like I'm in a trance Electricity runs through me Makes me wanna dance Take me in your arms 'Cause I wanna dance all night with you When you move I feel your magic running"
  • Dance your life away - UFO
    "In a dance band competition fox-trotting with my girl Dance, dance, dance all night Dance your life away High geared razzle dazzle, recession is the trouble Dance, dance, dance all night Dance your life"

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