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Roxette Small Talk

  • Small Talk - Roxette
    "It's not the chapters he reads when you're feeling low down It's not the touch of his skin when you kiss him goodnight It's not the money he spends when you want to buy a daydream And not that miracle"
  • Small Talk - Scritti Politti
    "Small talk Small talk Small talk Ooh we're tired of prophesying We heard the word was good but it's stupefying Small talk get up and do some death defying small talk I heard a whisper that careless"
  • Small talk - Dave Clark Five
    "Don't you give me a-none of your small talk, Whoa-oh! Don't you give me a-none of your small talk Well I saw this girl and she looked so fine I said to my friend "Boy, she's gonna be mine" He just laughed"
  • Small Talk - Genesis
    "Don't talk back to me, don't talk back to me Don't talk back to me, don't talk Going round in circles, hearing too many points of view Just words to tire me out, small talk I could do without I would"
  • Small Talk - Niall Horan
    "She's been lookin' at me all night I'm terrified, I know why, baby She's got the wrong crazy Oh, I see the moon in her eyes I'm paralyzed, she's not my baby She's got the wrong crazy Like wolves, we"
  • Small talk - Ian Thomas
    "Huddled in a hallway making secret mindless chatterA finger that points at you and the giggles that come afterSpreading all the latest news, those LilliputiansFind their strength in numberWalk towards"
  • Small talk - Saving Aimee
    "So yeah you're into taking all the credit in your preppy clothes We don't get a single word you bought us out that's how it goes Would you like a ticket to our next support show? I'll throw in this song"
  • Small Talk - Bracket
    "Why don't you give it to his face No one cares where you have been Shove my hand and turn away I hope I won't see you again I forget your name You don't look the same I'm so glad you came I got nothing"
  • Small Talk - The Story So Far
    "Of all the roads I took the wounded way Of all the words that you chose to say There was only three that held any weight The rest was all just small talk Lust, I hate it I guess it’s what you make it Now"
  • Small Talk - Citizen Fish
    "Vacancy- room to let/any dumb ideas in to this empty head/"gospel, man!"- don't quote me please/it was the first thing I thought/but now it's been said/ and you'll lead the conversations that lie ahead/by"
  • Small Talk - Katy Perry
    "isn’t it wild that I know your weakness and everybody at the pretty things that you’re the best since sliced bread isn’t it weird that you’re seen me naked we have conversations about forever now it’s"
  • Roxette - Dr. Feelgood
    "(Wilko Johnson) I saw you out the other night I saw somebody hold you tight Roxette, I wonder who it could be It was so dark I couldn't see But I know it wasn't me When I tell you it ain't right I know"
  • Small Talk Stinks - Bauhaus
    "Small talk stinks Small talk stinks Small talk stinks Small talk stinks See the young man In his new gown Talking up To his bouffant drag He say he loves you with flowers Something that he's never had A"
  • Small Town Talk - Band, The
    "Band, The Miscellaneous Small Town Talk It's all small town talk, you know how people are They can't stand to see, someone else Doing what they want to And it's small town talk, they tell alot of lies Make"
  • Small town talk - The Band
    "It's all small town talk, you know how people areThey can't stand to see, someone elseDoing what they want toAnd it's small town talk, they tell alot of liesMake some people crazyNever realize that they're"
  • Small Talk And Pride - Olivia Newton-John
    "(John Farrar) We never really had the chance to let each other know We never really had the time to let our feelings show Small talk kept us going When the only words to say Were how I long to hold"
  • Small talk and pride - Olivia Newton John
    "We never really had the chance to let each other knowWe never really had the time to let our feelings showSmall talk kept us goin', when the only words to sayWere "how I long to hold you", pride locked"
  • Talk Talk Talk - The Ordinary Boys
    "A healthy argument to start the day, What better way? We chew the fat of life, We're moved to tears, Lend me your ears. But you spend all your time, Waiting in static shopping lines, And all your troublesome"
  • Small Town - Anderson John
    "Anderson John Takin' The Country Back Small Town You can talk about the weather Or the mayor's sister You can talk about small talk You can walk the city limits In a matter of minutes Talk about taking"
  • Small Town - The Rasmus
    "You get no kick out of champagne Things make you sick by staying the same So lame And if you think that you know everybody And if it seems inspiration is gone Days when it feels like nothing can turn you"

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