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Royal pirates

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Royal pirates

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Royal pirates
  • Amos Tori Pirates
    "Amos Tori Y Kant Tori Read Pirates Words and Music By: Tori And Kim Bullard Traveled Far From My Home Foreign Streets Paved With Stone Deep In My Dreams Moroccan Sand Now I Sail My Ship On Dry Land CHORUS: There"
  • Tori Amos Pirates
    "traveled far from my home foreign streets paved with stone deep in my dreams moroccan sand now i sail my ship on dry land there is a light that shines on the frontier pirates yeah pirates and on a dark"
  • Y Kant Tori Read Pirates
    "Traveled far from my home foreign streets paved with stone deep in my dreams Moroccan sand now I sail my ship on dry land There is a light that shines on the frontier Pirates, yeah Pirates and on a dark"
  • David Byrne Pirates
    "(David Byrne) A distant car, a quiet night Like starin' at the ceiling My sleepy eyes, you smell so nice It's such a funny feeling Got no idea, what time it is Delightfully confusing The trees outside,"
  • Krux Pirates
    "We come from the sewers to pirate this fat land this hour We march in the streets of skulls to take back what ours White thrash of the south We shake the foundations of power with lead and with force Burn"
  • Rickie Lee Jones Pirates
    "Come on - Joey get out of school We got places to go A '57 Lincoln you got a radio that hurts And the girls like to touch it Just to find out if it works But don't look at me It wasn't me Joey live on"
  • Bloem De Ligny Pirates
    "All night, All night I've been shaking around like a leaflet Oh my God, oh my God What's so cruisn' And so these adventures I'm lame and you're Disgusting around Spoon my eyes Spoon my mouth Spoon my"
  • Emerson, Lake & Palmer Pirates
    "Who'll make his mark The Captain cried To the Devil drink a toast We'll glut the hold With cups of gold And we'll feed the sea with ghosts I see your hunger for a fortune Could be better Served"
  • Bullets And Octane Pirates
    "La da da da di da da da la da da di da di da la di da da da la di da da da la da da di da di da downtown where we walk the streets so beautiful and fly such a scenestress but such a glow gonna"
  • Warcloud Ghost Pirates (Old Los Angeles)
    "(Intro: Holocaust) You find yourself devoured by woodland creatures Lighting matches under my hat, 'Ghost Pirates' Frosty mug of rum (Holocaust) Old Los Angeles, heroin epidemics I bust slugs that love"
  • Chris Garneau Pirates Reprise
    "We don't want you pirates anymore We don't want you pirates anymore We don't want these "to do's", what are they for? We don't want you pirates anymore We want to let them outside The cats we let outside We"
  • Norah Jones Chasing Pirates
    "In your message you said, you were goin' to bed, but I'm not done with the night. So I stayed up and read, but your words in my head, got me mixed up so I turned out the light. And I, don't know how,"
  • Nina Hagen Pollution Pirates
    "Pollution Pirates are sailing the 7 seas Pollution Pirates are sailing the 7 seas Long John Silver is dumping his chemical waste The sea is turning gray with a slick once more All the animals are lying"
  • Aikaryu Susume! Pirates!
    "jibun ni uso wo tsuki kudaranai hibi sugoshiteta mada ano yume wo sute kirezu me wo tojite omoi daseba ima mo yakitsuita aoi umi kake meguru boku no sugata ga mieru Sugar Taste Nee mou konna nichijou wo"
  • Ocean Colour Scene Policemen & Pirates
    "The house caught on fire in the winter the bosses lay slain and each of the workers decided to ten-fold their pay and they saw in the mirror the sun had been shot down in flames and nobody minded"
  • Timedivers Plainly Pirates
    "We are Plainly Pirates 'cos we're all wearing beards Scary pirate hats and earrings in our ears We sail our ships and plunder everywhere we go Drinking rum and singing Drinking rum and singing Drinking"
  • 8 Foot Sativa Pirates & Capitalists
    "like a drunken crew on a sinking ship we are ill fated and at fault trampling our brethren in a self induced stupor of selfishness panicked and narcissistic plump faces stricken with terror regrets bite"
  • D.O.A. Royal Police
    "1-2-3-4 we're down at the station royal police they're bloody fools royal police with their stupid rules royal police kick'em out royal police beat'em about i don't know why i say it today, if i don't,"
  • Manic Street Preachers Royal Correspondent
    "You've been this way since school Dysfunctional, translucent Royalty on your wall So desperately mundane They're inbred baby just like you But you'd love the chance to eat their food Even though"
  • Eurythmics Royal Infirmary
    "I have a dream about a lazy river after a drink or two I see myself in the water like a mirror but I don't see you so I'll meet you at the royal infirmary we can be together have some fun at the royal"

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