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Rubberband man

  • Rubberband - Tesla
    "(Keith, Hannon, Wheat) You should never take more than you can lend Unless you wanna break you're gonna have to bend Keep your mind at ease, your heart close at hand The more you realize and the more"
  • Rubberband Man - David Banner
    "(David Banner) Chorus] yo Ay, who I'm is? Rubber band man Wild as the Taliban 9 in my right, 45 in my other hand Ay, Who I'm is? Call me trouble man, always in trouble, man I-I-I Worth a couple"
  • Rubberband - Feeder
    "Jumping into streams of nectar Falling through these clouds of silver Reaching for these angels faces Waking up in fields of feathers Its tied me up inside its tied me up inside You spin me around you"
  • Rubberband Girl - Kate Bush
    "See those trees Bend in the wind I feel they've got a lot more sense than me You see I try to resist A rubberband bouncing back to life A rubberband bend the beat If I could learn to give like a rubberband I'd"
  • China Man - Ryan Shupe & The RubberBand
    "He's a china man in the wrong part of town And he's unaware of what's gonna go down Better run, better run Cause there's a man with an evil eye And when he nods his head he's gonna die Better run, better"
  • Last Man Standing - Ryan Shupe & The RubberBand
    "He's got a need for speed You better believe He was born to achieve A spot at the top He'll Never Stop He's got a single eyed vision like a Cyclops He's gonna set the new world record Don't underestimate"
  • Money Man - Gorilla Zoe
    "(feat. Block) Hummm... Tuh Tuh Tuh... Haha It's Ya Nigga Big Block Homie The East Side Chevy Rida Niggas Fifteen Million To Count We got bricks of da flavor, Justin Timberlake Last year was 24 dis"
  • Money Man - Gorilla Zoe ft. Block
    "Hummm... Tuh Tuh Tuh... Haha It's Ya Nigga Big Block Homie The East Side Chevy Rida Niggas Fifteen Million To Count We got bricks of da flavor, Justin Timberlake Last year was 24 dis year is 28 (eight) Ice"
  • Blind Man - Man
    "Blind man, try to save your sight Blind man, walk out of your night You're afraid of the darkness, But afraid to turn on the light Blind man, locked in shades of gray Blind man, look for words to say It"
  • Rubber Band Man (Remix) - T.I.
    "(feat. Twista, Trick Daddy & Mack 10) Is that T.I. over there? is that him? Is that you? Rubber Band Man Boyyyyyy..... is that T.I.? Whoooo.. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Remix"
  • Bad Man - Elephant Man
    "Yeah, I dedicate this one to all my dogs n all thugs across da globe (all over). My big bulla my jackass corn I cant believe my black brother dead ah gone yuh miss a friend turn yuh lighter in da air"
  • Bad Man - Beenie Man
    "Intro (1) Oh, a dat a oonu a gwan wid Oonu a bawl, caan oonu claim mi come pon t.v wid rupaul No man caan jump bad man wall No naah stall alright first Intro (2) Dong dong, dong dong, dogger diggy"
  • Man Royal - Beenie Man
    "Intro: Yeh man, mi know she mek yu sick man Yu see how she a mek yu a vomit, laugh... Yu see it a das why mi tell yu nuh Brethren Yu see me Beenie Man mi a go tell yu something Hear mi Chorus: Mi"
  • Method Man - Method Man
    "Chorus: M-e-t, h-o-d, man M-e-t, h-o-d, man M-e-t, h-o-d, man M-e-t, h-o-d, man Hey you get off my clooud Let me get raw with my southpaw style Mover, puffin' on a fat blunt from cuba It's the meth-tical"
  • Mellow Man - Pooh-Man
    "(Pooh-Man) Yeah lets make this kind of mellow Ant slow it up for me We going to do this kind of cool (Verse 1) Always on a mellow man Kicking rhymes that last Grab the microphone and I clock straight"
  • Innocent Man - Rag'n'Bone Man
    "I've been a victim of some sorry circumstance That was committed by somebody else's hand And only heaven knows how Il've ended up so broke I ain't guilty but I'm left fearing the stand It’s not my"
  • Man - The Presidents of the United States of America
    "'m being hassled by the man The man The man The man Man Crush a killer with a thigh bone Man You call the cable, make a cozy home Man You need a rock 'n' roll singer Man You gotta thumb and a finger..... You"
  • Man - Elton John
    "Man stands in all his glory Sitting at the crossroads of the same old story Man got his make-up, wears it like a mask Hides inside a child, lives inside a glass Man breathes his own deceit Man worships"
  • Man - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    "I got a man who makes me wanna kill I got a man who makes me wanna kill I got a man he makes me wanna uh I got a man who makes me wanna Kill babies babies babies I got a man who makes me wanna die I"
  • Man - Common Children
    "Someone better tell his mother Someone better tell his sister That her little brother Blew his mind out in the gutter You can't take this You won't break this Try and erase this It's such a stressed out"

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