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Rufus Wainwright The Tower Of Learning

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Rufus Wainwright The Tower Of Learning

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Rufus Wainwright The Tower Of Learning
  • Rufus Wainwright The Tower Of Learning
    "I'm looking for the tower of learning I'm looking for the copious prize I saw it in your eyes what I'm looking for I saw it in your eyes what I'm looking for I really do fear that I'm dying I really"
  • Eddy Antonini Rufus
    "(Musica: Eddy Antonini e Roberto Potenti) (Testi: Eddy Antonini) You are fighting, memories in my brain. You are crying, while I'm going insane. Justify, for the fault of my soul. In your eyes, I can"
  • Big Head Todd And The Monsters Tower
    "I want to be your Saturday, your sunrise, in an empty space Keep you to your lazy ways, dream late A love affair, an end too soon, swept away, and left unused I want to see, if you're amused Or alive Walkin'"
  • Angel Tower
    "Wind is raw, the air is stale On this cold winter's night Sent alone to tell a tale From the land of Delmite Journey starts at the edge of town With the stars as my guide There's no one here but my empty"
  • Anita Lipnicka Learning
    "In your world of admirers, lovers, hangers on, Bathroom mirrors, ghosts and fleeting friends Your SOSs, your emotional messes And your daily dramas without end You're victories, wardrobe full of clothes"
  • An Pierl Tower
    "High on the tower I freak on heights With a tear in every corner of my eyes Desert storm is over now Nothing to fear With the sailor near... High on the tower I have seen second sights To discover my saviour"
  • My Insanity Tower
    "Neverending times, I wait for a cleansing rain The sun is burning on my head - in myself Endless days, I'm dreaming of a calming water I'll be drowned in the blessed aquavine Flight on a summer day A"
  • Michael Schenker Group Tower
    "(Music: M. Schenker: Lyrics & Melodies: K. Keeling) The ocean She is raging No land is in sight for miles Sails in the sunset From the wind May be torn They must come down Our compass directing to the"
  • The Legendary Pink Dots Tower One
    "Faces at a window, fingers clutching at the bars. A fly skips from an eyebrow to an elbow, across a scar. And stars are laughing as the wind bites - doesn't leave a mark... because the Tower stands impregnable"
  • Martha Wainwright Tower Song
    "We had visions in the night I was scared and you held me tight It was like we were in black and white As clear as day, as dark as night And the truth became a lie There was no longer peace of mind Just"
  • Skylark Rufus (Part 1)
    "You are fighting, memories in my brain; you are crying, while I'm going insane... Justify, for the fault of my soul; in your eyes, I can lose my control. I want to search for my sign together, I don't"
  • Rufus King Rufus King
    "Yeah you got me feeling those butterflies inside In your locker I would hide The truth, it's only you I see And you're just what I need I'll bring you flowers every day Just to roll you in the hay Well"
  • Fields Of The Nephilim The Tower
    "She lifts the flowers from the window box Summer's fouled now winter flocks She lifts her veil to the morning rain Wipes her eyes to the summer again Pearls of dew shimmer on her face Cut inside she would"
  • Equinox Ov The Gods The Tower
    "Behind the walls I hide where the sun cannot reach me Within the tower where you can't see my face Through dust I slowly stride where the night is forever Within the tower where you can't see my face One"
  • Bruce Dickinson The tower
    "There are twelve commandments There are twelve divisions Twelve are the pagans who have mapped the sky In the outer circle To the inner sanctum From the octave at the end of time The fountain, the trinity"
  • Kid Dynamite Rufus Wants A Hug
    "we're part of a profit plan. we're all caught up in a scam to make companies money to bite the feeding hand. i know that i'm not perfect. i never said i was the best. if i support the product then"
  • Voivod The Tower
    "he is anark can you hear the sound of the phantom bell people gather around burn in his half-world hell proto-overman user of the dead hand to the tower he is anark screams that calm the wind hear the"
  • NoMeansNo The Tower
    "The sword of thruth is just another weapon Let me live for one more second I see a woman she's holding flowers A bouquet of roses that are blood red From a burning building, a man leaps to his death"
  • Ancient Empire The Tower
    "After the flood Humanity with one voice A tower built for the heavens In homage to a god Stone forever climbing A monolith to to forever Words are but sounds Lost in the air Will we not ever understand? I-low"
  • Insane Clown Posse The Tower
    "I'm dizzy walkin outta larry's army wear used With some black leather shoes and desert BDU's Many boxes of ammo, i got the camo face paint Barricaded the tower doors, safe this place ain't Up to the top,"

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