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Run away home

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Run away home

  • Run away - Oingo Boingo
    "Run away--run away from here Run away--run away from here Run away all alone--run away from fear Run away from sadness--run away from tears Run away from home--from the wife & kids From the cats & the"
  • Run Away - Rhoda Morgan
    "VERSE I just can't take no more, everytime I close the door. Everytime I think you're gone (I just can't take no more) I don't wanna hear from you again, don't even want to hear them say your name because"
  • Run Run Run - Bonnie Tyler
    "(Karen Drotar - Bonnie Tyler/Serge Haouzi - John Stage) Watched you when you were walking away I've got so many things I could say I have my mind running wild You'd better run like a child I remember"
  • Run - Emma Bale
    "Run to the water and see no one knows except from me and i know time has come so run to the water baby run Take my hand i'll give you strenght Guide your home trough forgotten lands See the world it set"
  • Can't Run Away - Kelly Price
    "No, no, no, no Can not run away baby, oh I can't run away boy I can't run away I'm telling you I can't run away From what I am feeling Feeling baby I can't run away I think I'm gonna stay and I'm gonna"
  • Run - Twista
    "(feat. Lo) C'mon, c'mon, RUN Vice pull up, what you gon' do - RUN When blue and white's come, what you gon' do - RUN If you can't get away then stash the gun Before you get popped off, have some fun "
  • Run - Wordsworth
    "(Intro: Wordsworth) How long you plan to run When the road ends, you can't turn back and go the other way That's not a solution, that's only refusin' Now you trapped yourself in more sides in everyway (Chorus:"
  • Run - Lustra
    "C'mon, c'mon, RUN Vice pull up, what you gon' do - RUNWhen blue and white's come, what you gon' do - RUNIf you can't get away then stash the gunBefore you get popped off, have some fun 9 times outta 10,"
  • Run Away From Everything - My Former Self
    "Run away from everything Catch me if you can I never thought I'd live in a world That fell to disarray But I saw that day A shattered sanctuary Spilled quickly through my fingertips Like million drops"
  • We could run away - NEEDTOBREATHE
    "Everything stops as we look towards the clock It feels like were moving backwards Its easy to find potential in before But we look the same in the afters Could we wait long enough to bide my time Could"
  • Home And Away - Home And Away Theme Song
    "Home and Away theme song- 'Home and Away.' you know we belong together, you and I forever and ever. No matter where you are, you're my guiding star. And from the very first moment I saw you there was"
  • Run Run Away - Slade
    "Hold on! I like black and white (dreaming of black and white) You like black and white Run run away See chameleon Lying there in the sun All things to everyone Run run away If you're in the swing"
  • Run, Woman, Run - Tammy Wynette
    "Today's the day You're telling him That he's got to set you free And that being One man's woman Brngs you down But before You throw away What you think you don't want today Don't give it up Fopr the new"
  • Run Home - Priestess
    "I fell for the company girl And it leaves me in charge She don't pay what the salary will And no company car And it hurts when it pounds along with this heartbeat. Well it's taking its toll, but"
  • Home Run - Geoff Moore And The Distance
    "Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the Dan Brock Memorial Stadium Are you ready for an afternoon of baseball? I hope you are Because it's Geoff Moore and The Distance, Going up against"
  • Home Run - Misha B
    "Look at what you done then Baby you hit me so hard Don’t know, how you did it Loco, is how I’m feeling Don’t go, you’re so addictive I cannot resist it Let’s dance, let’s take it to the next level No"
  • Run Away - Kristy Thirsk
    "(Rosse/Thirsk) you don't know yourself you are living in someone else's world if you let go of yourself you are tripping as someone else in someone else's, someone else's world you run away from the sun,"
  • Run away - Yana Kay
    "You better run away, run away. You better run away, run away. You better run away, run away. You better run away, run away. You know and I know the rules of this cruel game. Nothing we can do if"
  • Run away - Blutengel
    "Du sprst die AngstIn dieser dunklen NachtDu willst nur weg von hierDoch Du bist zu schwachDein Krper zittertDein Blut gefriertDie Schatten holen Dich einKeine Zeit zu verlierenRun away, run, run away!Dein"
  • Run Away - Chicago
    "(Written by: James Pankow) Run away Leave all your worries behind you Run away Run for your life never turn back Run away Run from the wrong that surrounds you Run away Run like a fool and you just might"

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