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Run away together

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Run away together

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Run away together
  • Anouk Run Away Together
    "Don't you ever try to leave me! I wouldn't know what to do And I know this life ain't easy But we will make it through Stop for a minute, baby I will go anywhere Take all the time you need As long as"
  • Jameson Run Away
    "we used to be so good everthing was as it should i love you you love me and that would forever be but im bored i wanna run away now i think im gonna fly away from here i dont know wata say now i dont"
  • Keenan & Anderson Feat Tiff Lacey Run away
    "Tell me from heart Tell me all about you How I really feel Nothing you can't hide, nothing you can't tell me I believe it's real Just say the way ? to side of view Don't hide away And tell me the truth When"
  • Mb Riders Run Away
    "i would give my life for you, you mean the world to me, baby,baby,baby,baby,ohh you know i love you, and i wanna get together so we can run away, just me and you ,you and me will you run away with"
  • Nasty Boy Klique Run Away
    "I would give my life for you You mean the world to me baby baby baby babe You know I love you and i wanna be together, we can run away just me & you, just you and me will you run away with me? the day"
  • 10CC Run Away
    "Remember I'm the one who didn't have a lot to say I was trying to find the courage, but I let you walk away And I can't forget your face, y'know it haunts me all the time And it seems to me you're living"
  • The Kin Together
    "All it takes is an honest mistake Now I find you here You've been here before Tripped up over your shadow Why did you run Why did you run When Im right here? Its all gonna be the same When you get there Now"
  • Spiritfall Together
    "What is this? I'm blind walking through this desert I'm blowing in the wind And i'm lost I can't find my way I'm incapable of holding onto the day Stand past Well it's too late to grasp my mind And see"
  • Bitch Brigade Run
    "Youve been keeping all your secrets in the dark. Ive been waiting for a chance and now the time has come to see just what you are youre all alone. And it kills but you know you have to pick your"
  • Rex Goudie Run
    "1.We're just two people Riding in circle That's spinning around Just everyday people Searching for something We've Already Found And I'm just a guy Who's in love with a girl Not in front of me Now you're"
  • Sash Run
    "I don't know where I don't know how But I only know that one day we'll be together again And I don't know where I don't know how But I only know that one day we'll be together again It's been a long long"
  • The Beach Boys We'll Run Away
    "Brian Wilson I looked at you baby And what did I see I saw love in your eyes Made me feel so warm inside Now look at me baby And what do you see You see love in my eyes Gleaming just for you And now we"
  • Criteria Run Together
    "We must all consider what it takes to bring all sides to see deep feelings Hope and pray, peace one day There is a way to make it work so it dont have to hurt All the condescending eyes begin to run together Youre"
  • TOMORROW X TOGETHER '9 9와 4분의 3 승강장에서 너를 기다려 (Run Away)
    "zwrotki po koreański forever together run away babe zwrotki po koreański forever together run away babe"
  • Paul Young You'd better run away
    "If you won't change If you won't change you'd better run away My so called sense of humour You say it's just a rumour You'd never see me laugh When you two walk away Why do you stick together The coward"
  • The Monkees Run Away From Life
    "(Peter Tork) Peter Tork Music (BMI) Lead Vocal: Davy Jones Let's run away from life together Let me run away from life with you Let's run away from life together Leave behind the stormy weather Let's"
  • Bosson Run Away With You
    "I wake up in the morning while you're still asleep I wipe away another tear from your cheek This is not the first time you've been crying in your sleep I know that you're affected by what people say But"
  • Lil Rob Run Away -Nb Riderz
    "I would give my life for you You mean the world to me Baby baby baby babe You know I love you (uh huh Come on yea yea) And I wanna be together when you runaway (It's Nb Ridaz) Just me and you (Same Klick"
  • Slade Run Run Away
    "Hold on! I like black and white (dreaming of black and white) You like black and white Run run away See chameleon Lying there in the sun All things to everyone Run run away If you're in the swing"
  • Kristy Thirsk Run Away
    "(Rosse/Thirsk) you don't know yourself you are living in someone else's world if you let go of yourself you are tripping as someone else in someone else's, someone else's world you run away from the sun,"

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