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Run the dog

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Run the dog

  • Dog - Jhene
    "whoa Platinum Status whoa Bringin you the heat You were playin games on me I'm your new enemy No,no Now cause we'll never be Jhene your a dog Why'd you go and do that Know it didn't work You were playin"
  • Dog - B2K
    "verse 1 You thought I was In the dark ( no no never me) Baby boy From the start (you was trippin) I was asking questions to see If you was creepin For no reason (at all) I am acusing you of cheatin"
  • Hot diggity dog run run run - Solex
    "Look for some place where we can stay the nightWhy did you have to get into a fightThats just what I was going to ask youI just thought that would put new life in youHot diggity dog run run runHave some"
  • Dog Baby - Tim Dog
    "Huh...yeah... Comin back with that East Coast flavor... 1994...yeah... Mista Busta, where you at? Can't scrap a lick, hey yo those rhymes is whack You need to keep yo corny ass at makin beef You be soundin"
  • Run - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. Jadakiss) Pss.. yo, yo, yo (yo son roll!) Oh shit, yo, yo, run! Aiyo, I jumped from the 8th floor step, hit the ground The pound fell, cops is coming Runnin' through the pissy stairwells,"
  • Dog Eat Dog - Holy Moses
    "Hear their crys in the light of the sun Dying children have nowhere to run Living here for many a year Ask for help, we don't hear Blood runs red on a perfect face Dog eat dog, alone in this race Only"
  • Eat Dinner, Bury The Dog, And Run - Polar Bear Club
    "200 gallons ago, I buttoned up my jacket I said goodnight to my supervisor, walked to my car, and unlocked it The inside's so cold, at least the shit's still running Picked up my cell phone; the roof of"
  • Dog Eat Dog (The Sewers) - Les Miserables
    "(Thenardier is picking through the corpses in the sewers.) Thenardier Here's a hint of gold Stuck into a tooth Pardon me M'sieur You won't be needing this no more. Shouldn't be too hard to sell. Add"
  • Good Dog - The Incredible String Band
    "This dog is no puppy dog she's strange as the trees she's brown as the mountain and white as the breeze she walks on the water without any boots her eyes arc as fine as the music of flutes but she will"
  • Dog Society - Peter And The Test Tube Babies
    "The baby crawls, the baby growls, to all concerned in fits and snarls. The baby burns, unbridled thoughts, to rise again above it all. Yeah bow down to the dog society. Bow wow to the dog society."
  • Dog Eat Dog - Dog Eat Dog
    "The rush I get when I'm makin' a break yeah It's that cracked out, whacked out look on your face man. Nothing like a ragamuffin making a handplant While I'm pushing all the buttons of a ruthless villian..."
  • Good Dog Bad Dog - Mandaryna
    "I ain't afraid of you Or what you wanna do You wanna make me pay In every single way and every one of you Do what you gotta do You had to take me up So you could shoot me down Who the lover What the lover What"
  • Salty Dog - Flatt And Scruggs
    "Standing on the corner with the lowdown blues A great big hole in the bottom of my shoes Honey let me be your salty dog Let me be your salty dog Or I won't be your man at all Honey let me be your salty"
  • Black Dog - Chris Rea
    "Black dog barking in the cold grey light He pulls the chain and he pulls it tight This ain't no lonesome wail that boy ain't faking He bites the steel and he claws the ground He pulls again and he spins"
  • Take The Money And Run - RUN-DMC
    "(feat. Everlast) Let me tell you about what I love with Gina Lover like no other couldn't get in between her Always stayed fly man, I'm wishing to seen her Said they had a scheme, but nobody believed"
  • Mad Dog - John Entwistle
    "You're in trouble Big trouble Judy's boyfriend got out today When he was in jail you took his girl away When he gets back you're gonna have to pay him double You'd better worry Or you'll be sorry He's"
  • Green Dog - Ry Cooder
    "Walkin' cross the desert, it ain't no fun Too hot in the daytime, too much sun Lefty says we'll cross at nighttime Like my people always have done Keep moving, quit nagging Walk, don't run I ask Lefty,"
  • Civilized Dog - Jack Foster III
    "He has the best of manners polite bark and no bite he wags his tail when spoken to he never picks a fight he waits to have his feet wiped when he comes in from the rain he loves to have his belly scratched he"
  • Dog match - Eve
    "Ugh! (Whoa) Ugh!(Woo!) Ugh! Ugh! (Arf! Arf! Arf!) Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Now for every real dog There's that bitch that's behind him That bitch that when that nigga get to missin' She gon' find him Old girl"
  • Dog Love - DMX
    "(feat. Amerie, Janice) Uh (Owww) uh oh It's for the ladies (Ha ha) Strickly for the ladies (One more time) Hey, that's all this is Uh uh (Uh uh) She was five seven one twenty-five Man, loose lips"

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